Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 192: Meeting Another Strong Enemy

It was only when Jian Chen arrived at a Class 1 Magical Beast mount that he stopped. Taking out a few purple coins, he handed it to the owner and spoke coldly, “Sell me your mount.” Without even waiting for a response, he immediately jumped onto the magical beast and pulled at the reins, heading full speed toward the city gates.

The owner of the Class 1 Magical Beast mount was only a Saint Master, but he had witnessed Jian Chen killing the twenty Great Saint Masters. So when Jian Chen spoke rudely to him, he didnt dare speak arrogantly back.

Even if Jian Chen hadnt paid him the amount a Class 1 Magical Beast was worth, the man wouldnt have dared to complain.

Sitting on top of the mount, Jian Chen flew over the roads with a blinding speed that quickly took him to the base of the city gates.

Jian Chen fortunately hadnt come across any obstructions along the way. Although there were many powerful clans within Phoenix City, there were also many strong mercenary groups and solo mercenaries that would want in on the items that Jian Chen possessed. A Class 5 Monster Core and a battle skill were treasures that were far too tempting to be ignored. However, after realizing that thirty Great Saint Masters had met their deaths at the hands of this person, they felt as if a bucket of cold water had been dumped on their heads, and they immediately renounced their plans to fight him.

In the distance, one of the guards on top of the city gates saw a bloody figure riding a Class 1 Magical Beast, and immediately cried out to his fellow guards. The city gates began to creak open to allow Jian Chen to exit, as they had already received orders from the city lord to do so.

Within the heart of the city, the lord of Phoenix City hoped that Jian Chen would be able to safely depart from the city. If Jian Chen were to stay here, he would ultimately attract the attention of many powerful clans that the city lord desperately didnt wish to offend.

Seeing the city gates open, Jian Chen continued at his usual speed before finally rushing through the gates to the shock of everyone watching.

The moment he left the city gates, Jian Chen let out a breath of air in relief. To him, the countryside was much safer, as he wouldnt come across a near infinite amount of harassment. Excluding the powers from Phoenix City, who knew how strong those from the countryside would be? Whether or not there was a high leveled Earth Saint Master hiding in wait, after killing all those Great Saint Masters, the powers he had offended would definitely not take this lying down. To stay in Phoenix City would mean to face off against a multitude of troubles.

“Hehe, sire Wu Yun has an amazing talent, and youre strong despite being so young. This must be the power of that battle skill.” Despite Jian Chens fast movements, an elderly voice could be heard speaking to Jian Chen from close by.

Hearing that, Jian Chens face paled as he turned his head to look behind. A figure was rapidly approaching him from five kilometers away at a speed much faster than Jian Chens.

“Damn it!” Jian Chens face grew even paler as he realized that judging from the mans speed, his strength was probably much stronger than that of a Great Saint Master.

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