Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 201: The Sword Spirits of the Azure and Violet Swords

Chapter 200: Misfortune

A hundred meters away, every single person within the village looked at Jian Chen with a look of utter shock.

A loud cry rang out and spread a few kilometers in every direction as Jian Chen leaped fifty meters into the air before slamming his fist into the ground, causing a huge shockwave. Dirt flew out into the air as the group of villagers all watched this show with a sluggish expression as they tried to comprehend what was happening.

It could be said without exaggeration that this display of strength was far beyond the knowledge of anyone here. They were after all people of a village that had never traveled the continent or come across any knowledge of how strong a Saint had to be in order to cause such an effect. Even their village elder who was a Great Saint only knew of information from the outside world by word of mouth. To see Jian Chen leap fifty meters into the sky before bringing his fist down to create a hundred meter crater, was definitely a first for him.

At this moment, each villagers face was filled with looks of extreme shock yet also full of worship. There was a large amount of respect within their eyes mixed with their initial disbelief.

Even though they had seen this terrifying event with their own eyes, they still couldnt believe what they were seeing. A single youth not even over the age of 20 had caused such a scene of destruction.

Feeling the surge of Saint Force reverberating through him, Jian Chens heart swelled with a large amount of confidence. With his current strength, although it still wasnt enough to defend himself completely against an Earth Saint Master, but against a group of Great Saint Masters he wouldnt be forced to constantly run away and wouldnt have to use his Spirit Sword as his last resort.

Jian Chen looked at the Light Wind Sword in his right hand. After his ascension from the Saint Master level, he could clearly tell that his Light Wind Sword had also undergone some changes. His current sword looked to be even shinier than before, the blade was almost similar to the speckless reflection of a mirror that distributed a white glow of brilliant light. The sword glow that appeared over his sword didnt seem like anything too remarkable at first, but the glow alone could split stone and smash metal with a power unimaginable to anyone.

Aside from that, the Light Wind Swords hardness had been vastly improved as well. Jian Chen was confident that his strength was utterly different from when he was a Saint Master. Whoever wanted to break the two finger wide sword of his, would find it an extremely daunting task.

Slowly resorbing the sword back into his body, Jian Chen looked around himself only to see the broken room he had left behind. With a bitter look on his face, he slowly walked over to Rosco who was a hundred meters away and spoke with some regret, “Uncle, this one is truly sorry, Ive destroyed the room you lent me.”

Despite Rosco being utterly shocked at Jian Chens strength in his heart, he was an experienced mercenary so he quickly stilled his emotions. Slapping Jian Chen on the shoulder, he laughed, “Dont worry about it. Its nothing more than just a room, all we need is some time and it can be rebuilt. Kid, Ive really made a serious mistake here, I didnt think that you would be so strong since you looked to be so young. I truly am extremely shocked.” Rosco spoke with some excitement in his voice.

“Haha, little brother Jian Chen is too polite. It is merely a small room. In six hours or so a new one can be built. But the power brother Jian Chen has just revealed has truly opened our eyes. Everyone, dont you think so as well?” The village elder laughed with a kind expression.

“Yes, thats right…”

Following the village elders words, every villager behind him began to speak out with adoration and respect.

“Ai!” At that moment, the village elder let out a strange sound before looking closely at Jian Chens face before asking curiously, “Little brother Jian Chen, why is it that your face is white? I remember a few days ago, your face was red.”

Rushing to come up with an answer, Rosco quickly said, “Haha, village elder, brother Jian Chens face had always been pale. A few days ago he had some medicine applied to his body that turned his face red.”

The village elder nodded his head in understanding before laughing. “Thats good, thats good. White is a better color on a face than red. I didnt think that little brother Jian Chen here would be so strong. Not only that, but to be so handsome as well; with an appearance like this, you could cause all of the woman nearby to go crazy over you.”

Everyone burst out into laughter as they all thought about the elders words in approval, there was no doubt to them.

Jian Chen himself had a small smile. The elders words had caused him to be speechless.

All of a sudden at that moment, an unexpected change went through Jian Chens face as his body began to shake violently as a tremendous amount of energy burst out from his body uncontrollably. Staggering back a few steps, he then leaped a few meters away.

At the same time, Jian Chens handsome and pale face began to turn violet and then a shade of azure. Even his eyes had begun to display the two colors behind the thin layer of his cornea.

Rosco had been pushed back around twenty meters away from the energy Jian Chen had unleashed before slowly stabilizing himself. Slowly turning his head to look at Jian Chen, he immediately realized the state he was in. With concern, he asked quickly, “Kid, whats wrong?”

Jian Chens entire body continued to shake and tremble as his eyes continued to flash in between the two colors of violet and azure.

“Ge-get…get ba-back! Ever-everyone…get f-far aw-away from me…Dont get close…!” Jian Chen spat out with some difficulty before sitting down and closing his eyes.

“Whats wrong? Whats wrong with brother Jian Chen? Did something go wrong with his cultivation?”

“What happened to brother Jian Chen?”

The group of villagers scrambled to get away as they noisily clamored, they also looked with confusion at the seated Jian Chen.

Roscos face was full of confusion as well. He had been a Saint Master in his prime before his Saint Weapon broke and turned him into a cripple. So after seeing what state Jian Chen had been in, he came to realize what problem had come across Jian Chens cultivation.

“Get back, we all need to get back for now. Until the kid wakes up, we should all stay quiet for now to avoid disturbing him.” Rosco whispered to the rest before guiding them backward.

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