Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 215: Participation of the Zhou Clan

ity must unite as one. For the sake of unison, please talk it out. After all, this magical beast wave endangers the lives of tens of thousands of ordinary citizens. Fellow brother, please think about it for a moment.” The man tried to soothe Jian Chens fighting spirit.

Jian Chen looked at the armored man with a calm gaze before asking him a simple question, “Who are you?”

Despite the rude way Jian Chen had asked, the armored man was not angry. Instead, he gave a faint smile and said, “I am called Duo Li, I am the commander of Wake Citys defensive soldiers and the one in charge of them.”

“So you are commander Duo Li. Commander Duo Li, please step back, this is a matter between me and them and I do not wish to involve you.” Jian Chen replied.

Commander Duo Li let out a breath of air, “Brother, these are not peaceful times, could you not sit down and talk this out?”

Jian Chen shook his head calmly, “There is nothing to talk about, Commander Duo Li, please step back.”

“Commander Duo Li, this isnt something you should get involved in. This ignorant youth wants to destroy my Zhou clan, then I will let him know the true power of my Zhou clan. Furthermore, the mercenary group my son has shed blood and tears for has been destroyed by this youth. Speak, do you truly think there is room for discussion still?” Zhou Butong spoke as he looked at Jian Chen with the urge to kill.

“Arrogant child, let me test you for myself.” Suddenly, Zhou Butongs figure flew toward Jian Chen with his sword bursting with Saint Force ready to split open Jian Chen as it flew down toward his head.

Jian Chens gaze frosted over as his Light Wind Sword flew out to block the sword.

Seeing that the situation had blown out of control, commander Duo Li narrowed his eyes and muttered to himself, “Wake City is on the verge of being besieged by a magical beast wave, and although this youth is very young, his strength is at the Great Saint Master level. With a strength like this, it is absolutely crucial that these two sides arent harmed. If I want to resolve the grudge between these two, I need the city lord.”

With that, commander Duo Li didnt hesitate any more and left the area headed toward the city lords manor in a desperate rush.

While he ran, Jian Chen was left within the Zhou clans courtyard to fight against the entire Zhou clan. Zhou Butong was a Great Saint Master who had reached the Peak level twenty years ago. The distance left before reaching Earth Saint Master level was merely a step. It was only because of the danger in making the breakthrough to Earth Saint Master that caused him to stay at the Great Saint Master level. So for the past twenty years, he remained at the Peak Great Saint Master level and refined his strength.

The Light Wind Sword in Jian Chens hand danced in the air as it flew at Zhou Butong. Its movements flowed into each other, stroke by stroke, causing Zhou Butong to be shocked by Jian Chens impeccable sword technique. He had to completely devoted himself to his fighting and used the full extent of the power of a Great Saint Master. Despite that, he was still having trouble defending against Jian Chen who seemed to be on an equal level to him.

However, while Jian Chen continued to stab at Zhou Butongs sword, he had also begun to take away the lives of the Zhou clan guards one by one.

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