Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 216: Great War of the Zhou Clan

out!” A middle aged man cried out from behind Zhou Butong.

Zhou Butongs eyes flashed with a cold glint as he said, “With him using his sword so fast, his Saint Force will be used up quickly. Since just earlier he destroyed the Zhou Mercenaries, there is no way for his Saint Force to have recovered that fast. Let him first use up his Saint Force on these guards, I dont believe that his Saint Force will still have such an endless supply after this. Zhou Lianyun, hurry up and bring the King Tiger Squad here. This time the enemy cannot be underestimated, I cannot say for certain, but the life or death of our Zhou clan is on the line; we must act accordingly with all our strength.”

“Yes, clan leader.”

After being commanded, he immediately dashed to the back of the Zhou clan courtyards.

After the brutal massacre of the Zhou clan guards, there was only ten guards remaining and another hundred or so lying on the ground with their blood pouring out all over the place staining the marble floors red.

Jian Chens body flickered as he reappeared behind the ten guards. With the hazy glow of the Light Wind Sword, he slashed through their necks and cleanly destroyed their ability to breathe and live.

At this moment, every single guard from the Zhou clan had been completely wiped out. All that remained within the courtyard was Zhou Butong and a dozen members of the clan.

Just after Jian Chen had slashed through the throats of the ten now dead guards, an ear whistling sound could be heard as a strong gale of wind flew at him from behind.

Before the biting cold gale of wind could press against Jian Chens shoulder, his face grew unnaturally serious before quickly turning around and bringing the Light Wind Sword up to protect himself.


A large sword suddenly fell against Jian Chens sword, transmitting a large amount of power from sword to sword which pushed Jian Chen back a few steps.

Following his backward momentum, Jian Chens feet allowed himself to fly backward as if to get rid of the excess force driving him back.

“Ha!” A thunderous shout exploded outward as Zhou Butong didnt let Jian Chen have a single second to breathe before sending another sword strike at him.

After that, the dozen members from the Zhou clan began to pull out their Saint Weapons before charging at him as well. Among the group was the relieved and recently fresh Great Saint Master Zhou Yun, the captain of the Zhou Mercenaries.

Jian Chen didnt bother to hesitate and brought down his Light Wind Sword onto the sword of Zhou Butong with an extremely large amount of Sword Qi.

As the two Saint Weapons collided in midair, another strong ripple of Saint Force erupted from the epicenter and flew out in every direction, washing over the grass and the other Zhou clan members.

A strike after, the strong amount of Saint Force had forced Jian Chen to retreat another six steps while Zhou Butong flew back three steps.

Before waiting for Jian Chen to stabilize himself, the dozen Zhou clan members rushed at him with powerful Saint Force erupting from their Saint Weapons ready to slash at Jian Chen. Zhou Yun himself dashed behind Jian Chen and with his long spear acting almost as if it was a serpent, striking toward him.

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