Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 223: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan (Four)

Chapter 222: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan (Three)

While the group of people within the hall conversed with each other, a twenty year old youth wearing a white robe walked to the Tianxiong clans gates. He was rather handsome with a face that could only be described as perfect. Adding his natural charm to his personality, he could definitely not be considered someone of normal status.

This youth was Jian Chen.

Seeing the main halls, Jian Chens eyes sparked with a huge desire to kill. The memory of when he had first been chased by Tianxiong Lie out of Wake City was still quite clear in his mind. Jian Chen was normally not a man who would thought narrow mindedly, but against the Tianxiong clan, he would not let them go.

Return kindness with kindness and return animosity with animosity. If there was a trickle of kindness, return it with a gushing spring of kindness. If the hatred was carved deep within the bones, then return the favor a hundred times back; this was the personal motto that Jian Chen had carried with him from his time as a hermit in his past world. Even today, Jian Chen had not changed his style of thought.

The courtyard of the Tianxiong clan was rather simple with gates that were tall and remained open without a problem. Upon looking in, one could see eight sturdy and resilient men who would return the stares with a bright eye.

Jian Chen slowed down his pace as he calmly walked toward the open courtyard as if he was taking a walk. In fact, just looking at him would seem as if he hadnt a single amount of hostility.

The eight guards at the gates realized Jian Chen was coming toward them, so the moment he approached, two men blocked the path and called out to him. “Halt! What matters might you have here.”

Staring at the two men in front of him, Jian Chen finally revealed a cold smile, “Ive come to kill you all.”

The guards all stared blankly at him as they processed his answer. While thinking about what he had just said with a loosened guard, there was suddenly a bright flash of light as Jian Chens Light Wind Sword suddenly struck out at the guards. Immediately, the tip of the sword had pierced through each one of their throats.

Jian Chens attack had been too sudden, and for these guards who only possessed the strength of a Great Saint, they werent even able to pull out their Saint Weapons. So in a blink of an eye, these eight guards were killed without trouble.

After killing these people, Jian Chen continued forward past the threshold into the courtyards where a group of members were at.

“Who are you?”

“Stop right there!”

The moment Jian Chen entered the courtyard, a large explosion of sounds rang out around him as the shadows of two men suddenly flew at Jian Chen from not too far away.

Jian Chen laughed to himself, “It is no wonder the Tianxiong clan used to be the number one clan. Who would have thought that right next to the courtyard gates there would be two Saint Masters waiting to ambush someone?”

The speed these Saint Masters were traveling at was extremely fast. In the moment Jian Chen was thinking to himself, they had already arrived at Jian Chens side and brought out their swords in preparation to fight against him. A strong amount of Saint Force accompanied their swords as they swung out at Jian Chen.

These two Saint Masters had been guarding the gates from the inside, and the moment they saw Jian Chen cross into the courtyard, they sprung into action. Since they could see the dead bodies of the eight guards, they knew Jian Chen was not a weak foe and spared no words before engagement.

The Saint Weapons flew within half a meter away from Jian Chen when the Light Wind Sword immediately reappeared within Jian Chens hands. With a silver arc of light, the Light Wind Sword flew out at the two swords with an inconceivable speed. Before the two Saint Weapons could even get within three inches of Jian Chen, he had already speared the throats of the two Saint Masters.

After that, Jian Chens body flickered as he reappeared three steps away from his original position to avoid the two Saint Weapons that continued to fall down from inertia.

Because it was currently morning, the Tianxiong clans courtyard had plenty of people doing their morning exercises. Some members were even patrolling around, but the moment they had seen Jian Chen kill the two Saint Masters, they had naturally stopped where they were and cried out a warning.

“An assassin is here!”

“Someones causing a disturbance!”

“An enemy is at our gates, everyone prepare yourself!”

The previously quiet Tianxiong clan had erupted into a cacophony of sounds as the panicked shouts of everyone rang through the air. Practically everyone with confidence flew at Jian Chen while everyone else immediately ran back into the halls to warn the leader of the Tianxiong clan–Tianxiong Lie.

Seeing the group of people instantly break apart, Jian Chens previously impassive face grew colder as he sneered. Soon after the Light Wind Sword swung into motion to meet with his enemies head on.

Following the bright silver glow of light, the men who brandished their Saint Weapons were instantly killed by Jian Chens sword.

Jian Chen had an absolute determination to kill anyone in the Tianxiong clan so he didnt dare let any one of them escape.

As the shouts and cries grew louder, more and more people from the Tianxiong clan were startled awake, and they all began to run toward the origin of the sound. Although the clan had fallen a bit the past year, it had originally been Wake Citys number one clan, so one couldnt underestimate the clans strength. The amount of people in the courtyard alone was quite large. As more and more people rushed over, Jian Chen gradually became surrounded.

Within the main halls of the Tianxiong clan, Tianxiong Lie was consulting with the few captains of the mercenary groups, but the moment he had heard the sounds of battle outside, his eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. Even the mercenary captains all looked at each other with doubt and puzzlement as they tried to think of what could be happening.

“Whats happening outside, why is there so much noise?” Tianxiong Lie cried out in complaint to those around him.

“Clan leader, there is a man whos causing trouble with our Tianxiong clan. Without warning, he has already killed ten of our guards!” A man hurriedly cried out as he came running into the halls.

Tianxiong Lies eyes grew furious as he thundered, “What? So someone dared to cause trouble for our Tianxiong clan?”

“Yes my lord! That man is extremely strong, and even the two Saint Master guards were killed by him!” The man replied.

“Hmph!” Tianxiong Lies eyes radiated a hateful aura as he spat out, “He truly is too impatient for death to cause such a commotion within our Tianxiong clan. Let me see what kind of person he truly is!”

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