Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 224: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan (Five)

Chapter 223: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan (Four)

As the cries of battle and death rang out in the courtyard, practically over a hundred people had already gathered there and blockaded the area so tight that even water wouldnt be able to get through.

The white robed Jian Chen clenched his Light Wind Sword as he continued to weave through the group of people. With each movement he made, he killed yet another member of the Tianxiong clan. The silver light of his sword never ceased to stop flashing as each sword stroke he made slammed straight through the throat of each person and claimed their life.

His movements were like water, and even after being surrounded by a group of a hundred people, his face remained as calm as ever.


Suddenly, a loud shout cried out, causing the group of guards to immediately fall back with their eyes still staring at Jian Chen vigilantly.

Tianxiong Lie flew toward the courtyard with a group of men right behind him. These men were the same ones who had just been talking with him in the main hall; each one of them represented a different faction of the variety of power within Wake City.

Tianxiong Lie entered the ring of people within the courtyard with a serious expression. When he noticed several dead members of the guards, his face took on a darker shade of color. In a brief moment, his eyes landed upon Jian Chen and promptly froze.

The moment he had seen Jian Chen, his face began to tremble before emitting a large amount of killing intent from his eyes. He was looking at Jian Chen as if he were a dangerous animal.

“Youre Jian Chen.” Tianxiong Lie spat out each word angrily despite the relatively calm expression on his face. Although in his eyes, the slightest tint of red could be seen.

Jian Chen smiled, “Leader of the Tianxiong clan, I didnt think you would still remember me.”

Tianxiong Lies entire body was shaking now. Right in front of him was the murderer of his son Tianxiong Kang. How could he ever forget about him? Even in his dreams every night, he would constantly be reminded of Jian Chens existence despite seeing him a small number of times a year ago. Yet at the same time, Jian Chens face was forever burned into the very depths of Tianxiong Lies mind so that he would never be able to forget it.

“Jian Chen, this old man was prepared to look for you, but I didnt think that youd take the initiative to come knocking at my door. Since its like this, you should be prepared to never set foot out of this place alive.” Tianxiong Lie spat as his eyes looked at him with a great deal of animosity.

With a smile of disdain, Jian Chen said, “Tianxiong Lie, you couldnt prevent me from escaping a year ago. And here we are one year later with you saying that you will. With just your tiny Tianxiong clan, you dont have the qualifications to do that.”

Tianxiong Lies eyes flashed dangerously at that. When the Saint Master leveled Jian Chen had escaped from him after all he had caused, it had left an unwashable stain on his honor.

However, what Tianxiong Lie didnt know was that at the time, Jian Chen was merely a Peak level Great Saint with a good amount of distance from the Saint Master realm.

“Brat, today I will see just how much youve changed since a year ago! Guards, block off his escape routes!” A yellow glow began to flow down Tianxiong Lies arm as he quickly grasped the newly formed battle axe and flew quickly toward Jian Chen to fight.

“Ha!” With a single roar, Tianxiong Lie raised his battle axe into the air and with a deafening shout, he swung it down toward Jian Chen.

A cold sneer appeared on Jian Chens face. One year ago, this thunderous strike of Tianxiong Lie would have forced Jian Chen to dodge instead of block, but now the situation was different.

A faint glow began to appear around Jian Chens sword as he lifted it up to block against Tianxiong Lies weapon without any fear.

Seeing how Jian Chen wasnt trying to evade his strike, Tianxiong Lies eyes flashed strangely; he thought Jian Chen was stupid to not try to dodge. When he fought against him a year ago, he could clearly tell that Jian Chen was overwhelmed by him. Today, he wouldnt ever have believed that Jian Chens strength had increased to such a devastating degree.

With a screeching sound, the battle axe clashed against the Light Wind Sword in an attempt to shatter it with his Saint Force.


The two weapons clashed against each other with a loud bang as the Saint Force within the weapons repulsed each other and scattered out in massive ripples of energy visible to the naked eye. Upon reaching the stone floors below, they instantly cracked and split as if made of tofu with a series of cobweb like cracks spreading everywhere.

After the weapons had slammed against each other, Tianxiong Lies eyes widened as he looked at Jian Chen in disbelief. Reflected deep within his eyes, fear began to surface.

From that one exchange, Tianxiong Lie had a better understanding of Jian Chens strength. The Jian Chen now had a strength that was completely different compared to a year ago. Back then, if Jian Chen wasnt so fast, he wouldnt have been able to constantly evade him and would have died like an ant underneath Tianxiong Lies foot. But now, the previously weak ant had grown to become a mighty dragon that could fight against him on an equal level. That fact sent Tianxiong Lie reeling with disbelief.

In fact, Tianxiong Lie felt that this Jian Chen in front of him and the Jian Chen from the past were two completely different people. The difference between the two was just too great!

Jian Chen staggered back a few steps. Although he was able to defend himself against Tianxiong Lies strike, he still wasnt completely matched in pure strength. Although Tianxiong Lie was a Middle Great Saint Master and had a strength that was greater than Jian Chens by a certain amount, it was his mastery of the earth-attributed Saint Force that actually granted him an overwhelming superiority. Even Peak Great Saint Masters werent much stronger than him in terms of fighting strength. Jian Chen was clearly the weaker one in this collision of attacks.

In contrast, Tianxiong Lie still stood where he had been before. However, his legs had now sunk deeper into the ground by a single inch.

“Brat, I didnt think that your strength would be so vastly different in the timespan of a single year.” Tianxiong Lie stared darkly at Jian Chen. “However, even with this major change, you will still not make it out alive.” With that, he flew at Jian Chen once more.

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