Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 224: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan (Five)

Swords blade barely nicked his neck with the sharp layer of Sword Qi that enveloped the sword. Despite the sword nicking Tianxiong Lies neck it only sliced through the top most layer of his skin. If he had reacted just one half-second slower, he would have been struck through the neck and his life would have been claimed by the Light Wind Sword.

Tianxiong Lie flew backward with a cry as his earth Saint Force surged out of his body once more. As it enveloped his body, his hand reached out to touch his neck subconsciously. Looking down, he saw that his hand was already nearly completely wet with blood.

A bone chilling air descended upon Tianxiong Lie as his face paled. Jian Chens strength had already far surpassed what he had initially estimated it to be.

At this moment, Tianxiong Lie couldnt help but be skeptical. With his own strength, would he really be able to avenge the murder of his own son?

“Everyone, please lend me your strength!” Tianxiong Lie barked out without hesitation toward the group of people watching him.

Upon hearing Tianxiong Lies plea, the few people that he had initially invited hesitated for a moment before throwing themselves at Jian Chen to stop him.

“Whoever dares to start trouble with our Tianxiong clan is surely too impatient for death!”

At that moment, another voice called out from behind the Tianxiong clans courtyard. As everyone turned around to look, the shadow of a person quickly flew over and landed right in the midst of Jian Chen and the incoming barrage of people. This man looked to be around forty years old and wore a white robe made of expensive materials while looking very similar to Tianxiong Lie.

His eyes landed upon the miserable looking Tianxiong Lie before narrowing. Quickly stepping to reach his brothers side he asked him, “Big brother, are you hurt?” This was the brother of Tianxiong Lie– Tianxiong Daoyun.

Tianxiong Lie nodded his head slowly, “Im fine.” He whispered.

Tianxiong Daoyun whipped his head up to look at Jian Chen with eyes that could ignite anything caught in his glance on fire. “Big brother, who is he?”

Tianxiong Lie stared darkly at Jian Chen and spat out the words, “Daoyun, he is the murderer who killed my son.”

Tianxiong Daoyuns face hardened as he stared angrily at Jian Chen. “So youre the one that killed my nephew, Tianxiong Kang.”

Jian Chen looked at the two Tianxiong brothers before looking at the other people in front of him. There were a total of seven other men. Aside from two elders, there were also five other middle aged men who all exuded presences that Jian Chen could feel. From their presences he could tell that these men were all at the Great Saint Master level, but the two elders and another black robed middle aged man were at the Peak Great Saint Master level.

“Everybody, this is a personal matter between the Tianxiong clan and I. For those who are not involved, please leave, otherwise, come if you will.” Jian Chen addressed the seven men in front of him.

The seven people looked at each other for a brief moment before shaking their heads. Each one of them had personally seen Jian Chens strength for themselves; this was not the simplistic situation that Tianxiong Lie had said it would be. In their eyes, Tianxiong Lie had nearly died to Jian Chen, and with this, they had started to fear Jian Chen a bit. Even though they were good friends with Tianxiong Lie, when he was on the verge of death, they could only stand by the side and watch.

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