Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 226: Deterrence

ing and immediately lifted the sword up. Jian Chens sword was so fast that if Daoyun was given any more time to prepare, he might have been able to defend himself against one or two strokes. However, he only had enough time to bring up his sword, he wasnt able to do anything else but defend.

As Tianxiong Daoyun brought up his sword, the Light Wind Sword was already nearly in front of him. At this, the Light Wind Sword began to emit a violet and azure glow. The two glows were rather faint, but with the way they glowed on the tip of the sword like a candle at night, it was rather eye-catching.

Just as the the tip of the Light Wind Sword made contact with the broad side of Tianxiong Daoyuns sword, so too did the faint azure and violet glows. As soon as the glows touched the thick sword, they slowly began to melt the weapon and cracks formed, instantly the Light Wind Sword pierced through the cracks. In front of the azure and violet glows, Tianxiong Daoyuns sword was like a piece of tofu.


The sharp tip of the Light Wind Sword had smashed through the rest of the sword much to the extreme shock of Tianxiong Daoyun and penetrated through his throat.

Seeing how Jian Chens Light Wind Sword had managed to find its way to Tianxiong Daoyuns throat, the remaining seven people immediately went still with their eyes and jaws wide open. Even more so they stared rigidly at the broken remnants of Tianxiong Daoyuns sword with thunderstruck expressions.

The fact that Jian Chen had enough strength to fight against nine Great Saint Masters had already shocked them majorly, but now that they saw Jian Chen spear through a Great Saint Maters Saint Weapon, they were inconsolable at this point.

In the case that a Saint Weapon was given Saint Force, then it would grow even firmer and improve in strength along with its owner. If a Saint Weapon were used to fight against another person of the same level, then no matter how long or how much the two would fight, neither Saint Weapon would have even a scratch. If one wanted to scratch a Saint Weapon, especially the Saint Weapon of a Great Saint Master, even an Earth Saint Master wouldnt be able to do it with ease. However, Jian Chen had done it with no difficulty, spearing it straight through to kill the Great Saint Master holding it without breaking a sweat. With a feat like this, the seven Great Saint Masters couldnt help, but suspect that Jian Chen was secretly an expert at the Heaven Saint Master level.

Tianxiong Daoyuns face was filled with shock as he looked at the sword in his throat. As his body began to shut down and resign itself to death, Tianxiong Daoyun couldnt help but think to himself one last spiralling question: just how did Jian Chen stab through his Saint Weapon?

Even though the question was on his mind, with a sword through his throat, Tianxiong Daoyun couldnt ask it. In the end he could only think about the question to himself as he slowly fell to the ground with his eyes staring vacantly up toward the sky never to close again.

Afterward, Jian Chen turned to look at the other seven with a strong amount of pure unhidden killing intent. The Light Wind Sword began to glow silver as it pumped out even more Sword Qi as if responding to Jian Chens killing aura.

The other seven men could clearly sense Jian Chens intent on killing them with pale faces. If Jian Chen was only just able to kill Tianxiong Lie, they would be shocked, but the method on how he did it had completely terrified them to a dizzying amount.

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