Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 233: The Number One Power in Wake City

Chapter 232: Unsatisfied? Then Challenge Me!

Jian Chen and Kai Er walked to the front gates of the courtyard where the both of them could see the five captains standing with a large group behind them. Not a single guard by the gates had a happy expression while staring at them.

The moment Jian Chen and Kai Er walked out to the gates, every single person standing behind Seths mercenary group suddenly began to emit a faint aura of blood lust. This was something only those truly baptized in the waters of death could prepare themselves for. In front of this amassed group of blood lust, only those with a strong will would be able to approach.




Upon seeing Jian Chen, Seth, Duo Kang, Charcas, Mo Tian and Qingfeng cried out to him.

Straight after the five called out Jian Chens name, the hundred men immediately focused their glares onto Jian Chen with cold stares like ice and their blood lust matching those of a beast. However, after seeing how young Jian Chen was, a few of them couldnt help but look on in shock.

Before they came, their captains hadnt disclosed the matter at all to them. So they knew quite clearly that they were to follow their captains to join an even stronger mercenary group with greater potential. Switching mercenary groups wasnt an unacceptable task to them and so they tagged along with their captains to see this group. However, they didnt imagine that their new captain would be this young.

five mercenary groups. The men behind us are our good brothers and the cream of the crop who are willing to join the Flame Mercenaries.” Charcas pointed at the group behind him as he spoke to Jian Chen.

“Theres a total of 121 men with us here. The Hot Blooded Mercenaries have 32 men, the Gold Dragon Mercenaries have 25, the Charcas Mercenaries has 17, the Mercenaries of Slaughter have 28, and the Zephyr Mercenaries have 19 men.” Mo Tian spoke loudly.

Jian Chen looked at the hundred and a few men with a small smile and nodded. “Not bad, not bad at all. Lets talk more inside.”

Afterward, Seth and the other four led the group past the gates of the Kai clan, the wide eyes of the guards and into the courtyards.

In the middle of the four sided courtyard, 170 men stood and stared evenly toward Jian Chen with expectant postures.

Staring at the men in front of him with an observant eye, he spoke out loud, “Fellow brothers, I do not care what faction or mercenary group you used to be a part of. Right now, I want to make this clear. You are all now a part of the Flame Mercenaries, a family within a family. We must work hard for the benefit of our Flame Mercenaries, but I believe that with everyone working together, our strength will grow to where we will shock the entire Tian Yuan Continent and become the number one mercenary group on the continent. This, is I, Jian Chens goal.”

After Jian Chen finished speaking, the crowd went silent for a moment before someone finally broke the silence.

“Then who is the captain of our Flame Mercenaries?” A person within the crowd asked.

Jian Chen smiled as he heard the question before answering, “From today onward, I am the captain of the Flame Mercenaries!”

“And why are you our captain?” Another unsatisfied person exclaimed.

“Thats right, just what reason do you have to be our captain?”

“Kid, your hair hasnt even grown long and yet you want to be our captain, thats not an easy role to fill…”

“Thats right….”

“His words are right…”

Slowly, the sounds of opposition grew louder and louder as many people began to voice their complaints. From the group Seth had brought, the vast majority of them were unhappy to hear that Jian Chen would be their captain. Although they all heard that their new captain was incredibly strong, with Jian Chens age, how could they believe that? Jian Chen was only twenty years old at the most, just how strong could he possibly be?

In regards to the noise of the opposition, Seth and the other four chose to go silent and watch. If Jian Chen wasnt even able to resolve such a small issue like this, then how would he lead the mercenaries onto the world stage?

Jian Chen continued to smile despite the voices of resentment, he had expected this to happen. “My strength of course; is far stronger than yours. In this continent where power reigns supreme, strength is what decides everything. If you do not accept me as your leader, then come up and challenge me. Whoever can dodge my sword will be the captain that I will follow.

Jian Chens sword in its regular speed could make a Great Saint Master flustered in three moves, and then bring them to a standstill in five moves. If he were to go all out, then even a Great Saint Master would be killed. Right in front of him were only men at the Saint Master level, there would be no way for them to dodge or even defend against his sword.

“How arrogant of you. Then allow me to come and test just how much power a wimpy kid like you has.” A burly dark skinned man suddenly leapt from within the crowd and brandished his newly formed Saint Weapon in the shape of a large axe.

“Make your move then!” Jian Chen exclaimed with a smile at the man. At the same time, the silver Light Wind Sword appeared in his hand. Although the man in front of him was only a Peak Saint Master and didnt require using his sword, he had decided that for the sake of displaying his superiority, he would need to use the Light Wind Sword.

Seeing the thin sword in Jian Chens hand, the man didnt feel threatened at all. Taking a deep breath, he began to shout before charging at Jian Chen to chop him down.

Against the incoming axe, Jian Chen didnt bother to dodge or defend at all. Suddenly, just in the moment before the axe could make contact with him, a silver flash of light came into view of the mans eye while the axe simultaneously pierced through Jian Chens chest.


From far away, the group of people gasped in surprise. They didnt think that such an arrogant person like Jian Chen was nothing more than a thin stick in the wind and had lost his life that easily.

However, the guards who had joined the Flame Mercenaries from the Tianxiong clan didnt have a change in their expression at all. They had clearly seen Jian Chens strength for themselves, there was no way that such a simple attack like this would be able to make a claim on Jian Chens life.

“How queer, that was actually a phantom image.”

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