Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 236: The Soaring Sword Qi

Chapter 235: Senior Envoys

In the pitch dark night, a large flying magical beast suddenly descended upon the city lords mansion. Thanks to the bright illuminations by the building, the shape of the flying magical beast could be roughly determined. It looked like an eagle with pitch black feathers and its wings spanning out to around twenty meters. On its back, two figures suddenly dropped down onto ground below with their clothes billowing in the wind.

In the courtyard, Yun Li stood by with a group of soldiers standing behind him nervously. Yet there was also an expectant look on each one of their faces.

As the flying magical beast descended, Yun Li continued to wait, but the moment it drew close, Yun Li called out to the two figures, “This one is honored to greet the envoys!”


“Dong dong dong dong…”

In the early morning of the Kai clans courtyards, the large knocking sounds of the door suddenly broke the early silence.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes as he looked toward the door, “Kai Er, come in.”

With that, the doors began to creak open as the expensively robed leader of the Kai clan came walking in. Welcoming the ever so calm Jian Chen, he greeted, “Captain, lord Yun Li came by just recently and mentioned that he wanted to see you. Hes currently waiting in the main halls.”

Muttering to himself, Jian Chen said, “Just what does he want me now for?”

“That I do not know, but judging by his expression, it must be something serious.” Kai Er replied.

“Well then, let us greet him.” Jian Chen threw the two Class 3 Monster Cores in his hand and followed Kai Er out of the room.

Following Kai Er, they reached the halls of Kai clan only to see the armored Yun Li standing with a middle aged man next to him. Then, right by the middle aged man, a young woman with an appearance revealing her to be around twenty years old stood by his side.

In the last two days, Jian Chen had made sure to pay attention to each important member of the Kai clan. This middle aged man was Kai Ers son, Kai Lakh. He was forty years old this year and the twnety year old woman by his side was Kai Ers grand daughter, Kai Di.

Jian Chen recognized the person Kai Lakh was talking to was commander Duo Li, who was smiling at him.



Seeing Jian Chen, Kai Ers daughter Kai Di immediately rose from her chair to call out to Jian Chen.

After the Flame Mercenaries had entered the Kai clans courtyards, Kai Er had insisted that his son and granddaughter call Jian Chen captain as well.

Although both Kai Lakh and Kai Di had first objected to it, after some words between them and Kai Er, they had finally relented to the matter.

Jian Chen nodded his head at the two as a way of greeting before turning to commander Duo Li, “Commander Duo Li, what matter might you have for me so early in the morning?”

Duo Li turned to Jian Chen with a small smile, “Brother Jian Chen, senior envoys wish to see you. If you could, would you please come with to the lords mansion?”

“Senior envoys?” Jian Chens eyes narrowed as he tried to figure out who exactly this senior envoys was.

Seeing Jian Chens confusion, Duo Li explained to him, “Senior envoys is an expert from Monarch City we hired to help defend Wake City during the wave.” From the wordexpert, commander Duo Li bit his lips as he stared at Jian Chen with a look of reverence.

Hearing that, Jian Chens eyes flashed with hesitation as he spoke, “Commander Duo Li, do you know for what reason this senior envoys wishes to see me?”

“This I am not sure. Senior envoys didnt explain and I didnt dare ask.” Duo Li shook his head.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed once more as he tried to think of many different reasons, but in the end, he could only follow commander Duo Li back to the mansion.

At the lords mansion, commander Duo Li stopped right in front of the garden before turning around to talk to Jian Chen. “Brother Jian Chen, senior envoys is awaiting for you within a pavilion further ahead. I still have some matters to attend to, so I cannot accompany you.”

Nodding his head in understanding, Jian Chen looked ahead to where the garden was. Surrounding the entire place was a multitude of different types of flowers with a sweet fragrance wafting through the air. With one breath of this fragrance, one would feel that their Qi would stabilize since the amount of spiritual essence here was saturated.

Jian Chen finally stopped to look at the pavilion in the center of the garden where two expensively robed figures sat underneath drinking wine. Yun Li stood by their sides and respectfully poured some wine for them every so often with no guards in sight.

Jian Chen stared at the two rich clothed men for a moment. His mind had realized that these two were the ones that Duo Li had referred to assenior envoys, so without hesitation, he began to walk toward the pavilion slowly. On the way, his eyes continued to shift around from spot to spot in the garden.

The moment Jian Chen had reached the pavilion, lord Yun Li hurriedly spoke out to the two envoys, “Senior envoys, this brother here is called Jian Chen.”

The two envoys looked at Jian Chen at the same time as Jian Chen looked at them. He could see that these two were around forty years old and one had a gentle disposition that would make anyone have a good feeling about them at first glance. The others expression was the complete opposite of the other man and he had a cold expression on his face. Despite that, the two had the same type of clothing and accessories. Even more astonishing was that the twos faces were identical.

“So youre Jian Chen!” The gentle looking figured smile as he greeted Jian Chen.

Jian Chen cupped his hands together in greeting, “Correct, I am Jian Chen. Might this one ask what fellow brothers here want?” Jian Chens voice was neither disrespectful or respectful, and was his posture was not improper in etiquette.

After Jian Chen finished speaking, a large amount of Qi filled the air and began to press down onto Jian Chen with a terrifying amount of pressure. Underneath, Jian Chen immediately felt that it was as if he were being weighed down by a heavy stone and found it suddenly hard to breathe.

At this sudden development, Jian Chens face was startled and his originally calm face gained a serious expression. There was a level of coldness as he stared at the gentle looking man who was still beaming at him. Not to be outdone, Jian Chen began to fill the air with his own Qi which immediately made contact with the one pressing against him.


Following a loud bang, the previously quiet garden was suddenly engulfed in a fierce wind as the flower petals began to dance and fly into the air.

“Senior envoys!” Yun Lis face had changed as he cried out to them in a panic.

The kind looking envoy waved his hand at Yun Li as he continued to smile at Jian Chen without speaking another word.

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