Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 248: Heavily Injuring the Ape

Chapter 247: Punishing the Bladed Crocodile

The Golden Fur Tiger Kings head spun through the air, raining blood down from the sky while the body below slowly crashed to the ground. The neck of the tiger began to pour blood in such large quantities that it filled the area around it.

Katata and Katafei stared at the spinning head of the tiger in such shock that they had forgotten that they were in the midst of battle. All they could do was stare in absolute disbelief as their eyes continued to widen.

The Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger King was something that neither of the two brothers would be able to kill by themselves. To think that Jian Chen had simply cut off its head with ease, this was too much of a shock for their hearts to handle.

Even the Green Scaled Ape and the Bladed Crocodile stopped their actions mid flight and turned to look at the severed head of the Golden Fur Tiger King with eyes that betrayed their shock.

Not even waiting for the head of the Golden Fur Tiger King to fall to the ground, Jian Chen immediately landed near the Bladed Crocodile. While the magical beast was still stunned, the enhanced Light Wind Sword immediately flew toward its skull.

Sensing the incoming danger, the Bladed Crocodile immediately snapped out of its confusion and swung its seven bladed spine at Jian Chen. A large ear piercing sound could be heard as the spine whistled toward Jian Chens sword while simultaneously tilting its head to the side faster than Jian Chens movement. A layer of earth began to cover its head, resembling the color and sheen of steel armor, protecting its head.


A single blade on the spine struck against the Light Wind Sword with a crisp sound as a jolting shock was transmitted up into Jian Chens arm. The Light Wind Sword had almost been knocked out of Jian Chens arm but he managed to keep hold. The bladed spine on the other hand, even though it was a brief moment of contact between the blade and the azure and violet light on the sword, the sword managed to leave a small crack on one of the blades.


A few of the blades flew past Jian Chens sword; one of them had even managed to burrow its way into Jian Chens chest before protruding out of his back.

In an instant, Jian Chens face had became deathly pale as blood splurted out from his mouth. The blade had carried about a tremendous amount of power and so when it had stabbed into him, the force was almost as if a wild horse had rammed against him, causing significant damage to his body.

Because of Jian Chens cultivation method, his inner organs were stronger than usual. Trying his best to ignore the blossoming pain in his chest, he bit his lip and slammed down into the Bladed Crocodile with his sword.

The Bladed Crocodile flew back and spat out a large ball of energy at Jian Chen. Thanks to the innate knowledge it had, it immediately sensed that Jian Chens sword was not to be met head on with after seeing what had happened with the Golden Fur Tiger King.

“Help me distract it!” Seeing the Bladed Crocodile retreat, Jian Chen cried out loudly. At the same time, he moved to dodge the ball of energy before flying at the Bladed Crocodile.

A figure came into view as Katafei flew into Jian Chens line of sight. Enwrapping his Saint Weapon with the fire-like essence that was his Saint Force, he sliced down into the ball of energy.


The ball of energy that had been spat out from the Bladed Crocodile had been cut in half by Katafeis sword. The massive amount of energy from the ball immediately dispersed into the air before kicking up the dust from the ground and obscuring Katafei, Jian Chen and the Bladed Crocodile from view.

Katafei filled the air around him with the light from his fire like essence as he moved forward at an extremely fast pace. Despite the dust completely obstructing his visibility, it did not restrict his movements.

The flame like light would flicker brightly at times. When Katafei swung his sword with his entire might, the dust around his sword seemed to have evaporated because of his fire Saint Force.

As the dust cleared away, Jian Chen could only see Katafei send the Bladed Crocodiles body into the air. Its body was so big that it managed to cover a large part of the sky while its bodily defenses had been split in two with blood pouring out.

Flickering away from sight, Jian Chen quickly soared into the air. Before the Bladed Crocodile could even fall back down to the ground, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword gleamed with an azure and violet light as he stabbed at its skull at an incredibly fast rate.

The audience could only see the Bladed Crocodile fly through the air with its blood spilling in the air, and then Jian Chen came out of nowhere and rendered its head into ground meat. With the azure and violet glows, the Bladed Crocodiles defenses had been nothing more than tofu and it had instantly folded against the Light Wind Sword.

The gigantic body of the Bladed Crocodile finally fell to the ground without moving. Its own head had been split apart into multiple pieces as blood and brain matter began to spill out from the various sword wounds on its head.

“Bang!” Not too far away, Katata had been hit by the Green Scaled Ape, causing him to be sent flying backward like a speeding bullet through the air while spitting out blood.

The Green Scaled Ape turned to look at the splattered Bladed Crocodile with an ominous glint in its eyes. Turning its head to the sky, it let out a roar of sorrow before grabbing a thirty meter long tree to swing at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen didnt bother to move, instead, the Light Wind Sword enshrouded the area with a bright glow of light before instantly shaving away the tree into wood shavings. Immediately, Jian Chen flew at the Green Scaled Ape with his Light Wind Sword aimed at its throat.

Howling angrily, the Green Scaled Ape lashed out with its foot to kick Jian Chen away.

“Ugh!” Jian Chen spat out another mouthful of blood as he was sent flying back due to the kick. His face paled in color as he got up from the ground thirty meters away from his initial position. His chest had sunken in on itself in a terrifying way thanks to the absolutely inconceivably strong amount of force behind the apes kick. Even the bones within his body had been crushed and his inner organs had suffered significant damage as well.

The Green Scaled Ape stared at Jian Chen with a death glare before charging straight for him. With each step, the floor trembled with shock to signify just how strong this beast was.

At this moment, an intense amount of Sword Qi with a flame like essence flew at the Green Scaled Ape. Right behind the Sword Qi was Katafei with his sword.

Without even looking at the red Sword Qi, the Green Scaled Ape swatted away the flame like Sword Qi and forced it to dissipate into nothingness. Because of how Jian Chen had killed two Class 5 Magical Beasts almost by himself, the Green Scaled Ape was forced to focus on him the most.

Katafeis face hardened as he looked on from far away. Seeing how Jian Chen was struggling to get up, his face paled as he realized the Green Scaled Ape would reach him in no time.

“Katafei, the strength of the Green Scaled Ape should be that of a Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master! Its strength is too massive to go head to head, so just try to stall for time!” Katatas weak sounding voice called out.

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