Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 252: Xia Clan

Chapter 251: A Storm Approaches

The stream of people continued on for three days before slowly weakening in number. By now, Jian Chens name had once more made its rounds around Wake City. Now that he was residing within the Kai clan, they had quickly replaced the Tianxiong clan as the number one clan in Wake City. After all, they had a person with the strength of an Earth Saint Master who had command over a few Great Saint Masters. Without a doubt this person was the patron saint of the Kai clan, and within Wake City, he was an existence without parallel, no one that would dare offend him.

At the same time, after Yun Li had arranged some things, every single street and alleyway was filled with announcements regarding news about Kendall that rewarded information with a prize reward that left everyone speechless. If one had a clue that could be verified, then they would be awarded ten purple coins, and if the right person was found, then a prize of a hundred purple coins would be awarded.

A single gold coin was already enough to feed a family of three for a months worth of time. A purple coin was equal to a hundred gold coins, and if a single verified hint could be offered for ten purple coins, then many of the residents and mercenaries of Wake City would definitely be tempted. Immediately, the entire Wake City went into an uproar because of this prize reward. Ten purple coins was an extravagant sum to many of the ordinary families and weaker mercenaries.

Within a luxurious restaurant of Wake City, a few middle aged men sat together at a table.

“How arrogant is the one called Jian Chen, to refuse to see everyone of us? All he did was pick up the opportunity to kill the Class 5 Magical Beasts by the Earth Saint Masters, just how is that amazing?” One of the men spoke indignantly.

“Thats right. For a twenty year old youth with good fortune, he is very arrogant.” Another man spoke out with disdain in his voice.

After hearing the two men talk, another purple robed man spoke out softly, “Forget it. If a youth that young has a strength on a level like ours, then he has the right to be arrogant. His talent is unordinary; we should just report this to our clan. An individual like this would definitely be a prime person for our clan to rope in, and if he were to join our clan, then we would surely gain huge merits for it.”


Within a mansion in Wake City, a few well dressed mercenaries gathered in one place in a meeting room.

“Ive just heard that two of the Class 5 Monster Cores are in Jian Chens possession. Da Hei, hurry up and report this back to the Xia clan.” A middle aged man commanded.

“Captain, why dont we just purchase the monster core and then hand it over to the Xia clan. That way, we can afford any terrifying matters.” A sturdy man asked.

The captain in front of him shook his head, “That wont do. A Class 5 Monster Core, lets not talk about if we have the funds to buy it, but Jian Chen might not even want to sell it. Furthermore, the strength he has shown has far surpassed ours, meaning he is far out of our control. The best method right now is to send word of such a profit to the Xia Clan since only they would have enough strength to contest the Class 5 Monster Core.”


In a normal looking restaurant, a simple sack clothed man was quickly writing a letter, “Xiao Shan!”

The moment he cried out, a youth around the age of twenty years quickly came and greeted the first man respectfully, “Second uncle, what have you called me here for?”

The man handed over the letter to the youth and spoke seriously, “Xiao Shan, take this letter and the other apprentices back to the inner sect and deliver it to the sect leader.”

“Yes, second uncle!” The youth took the letter and immediately left.

After the youth had left the room, the man let out a breath of air. “A Class 5 Monster Core is certainly too attractive of an object. What a shame that this youth named Jian Chen is too strong and only the sect leader can handle him. Otherwise, my chances of becoming an Earth Saint Master would go up drastically if I obtained that Class 5 Monster Core.”

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. Within the mansion, Jian Chen let out a sigh as he waved his hand in dejection.

Seeing Jian Chens expression, commander Duo Li immediately grew aware of what that meant, “Take them all away.” He commanded.

“Yes!” The soldiers standing by the side replied and immediately took out the men kneeling there.

“Hey hold on, our money, wheres our reward? How could you do this, weve offered you information, and yet you kick us out without rewarding us…”

Their words fell on deaf ears as commander Duo Li tried to reassure Jian Chen. “Brother Jian Chen, dont feel discouraged. The people you wish to find are undoubtedly in Wake City still, stay determined.”

“Id hope so. Commander Duo Li, I will be heading back first then.” With that, Jian Chen immediately left the mansion. For the past few days, many people had entered the mansion with news of the whereabouts of Kendalls family, but everyone had tried to be deceitful and told a bunch of nonsense without a single trace of truth.

For a few days, this pattern continued with Jian Chens mood growing darker and darker. Could Kendalls family have all already left Wake City? Perhaps they moved to another city. Unfortunately, with the Tian Yuan Continent being so vast and only having a tiny amount of information, it was like trying to find a needle within a haystack. There was such a huge ocean of unnamed people, this would be difficult for Jian Chen.

After returning to the Kai clan, Jian Chen immediately walked back to the tiny courtyard.

“Captain, the soldiers from the lords mansion have brought over the Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger Kings corpse. Right now its just right over there, what does the captain wish to do with it?” Kai Er spoke out from the side.

The moment he heard the Golden Fur Tiger King mentioned, Jian Chen stopped where he stood. “Strip the corpse of the skin and clean it before setting it on the meat racks. Today our brothers will all be able to taste what the Class 5 Golden Fur Tiger King tastes like!”

Kai Ers face lit up with joy at Jian Chens words. The meat of a Class 5 Magical Beast was a great boon to those of the Great Saint Master level. Not only would it improve ones Saint Force, it would also strengthen the body to a degree far beyond than that of before. Within the small region that was Wake City, while there were numerous amount of magical beast corpses, a Class 5 Magical Beast corpse was rare and very expensive. Thousands of gold coins wouldnt be enough to buy one in any market, and so very few men were able to enjoy the delicacy that was Magical Beast meat.

“Captain, do you truly wish to do this?” Kai Er asked, unable to believe his ears.

Jian Chen nodded his head and spoke fiercely, “Thats right. Hurry up and have some men prepare it, tonight we shall dine on the meat of the Golden Fur Tiger King.”

“Yes, captain!” Kai Er was barely able to contain his joy. A Class 5 Magical Beast corpse could only be sought after with thousands of purple coins. He hadnt thought that Jian Chen would use something so expensive for everyone to enjoy. Delighted, Kai Er couldnt believe his luck in deciding to follow the right person while at the same time his respect for Jian Chen skyrocketed.

On that night, the entire Kai clans inhabitants celebrated with great joy. In the middle of the courtyard, the burning meat of the Golden Fur Tiger King could be seen as plenty of bandaged men all whisper among each other excitedly. Occasionally, they would burst out into laughter with great big smiles on their faces. Each one of them kept their eyes focused on the slowly spinning body of the Golden Fur Tiger King with drool just about to drop from their mouths.

That night, Yun Li and commander Duo Li had also been personally invited to join the Kai clan in enjoying the meat of the Golden Fur Tiger King.

This night, the Kai clan would not be able to sleep a wink as they feasted on the meat and drank the blood as if it were wine. Under the candle light, around two hundred people were happily cheering and eating with pleasant smiles on their faces.

During that night, most of the men there became drunk and it wasnt until seven or eight in the morning that they finally slunk back to their beds to sleep.

After that night had passed, the Flame Mercenary members now had a new level of respect for Jian Chen.


By early morning, several days had passed since the magical beast wave in Wake City. The entire city was essentially back to normal with people coming in and out of the city in an endless stream. From the looks of everyones faces, each one of them didnt have any sort of worry. The only remnants of the magical beast wave was the bloody ground in the distance, along with the craters left by the Magical Crystal Cannons.

Suddenly, a group of brightly colored men came riding through the gates on horses. Among the group, there was a single carriage being led by four Class 3 Magical Beasts bred for the express purpose of running. As their group made it through the streets, a large banner could be seen drifting in the wind with the “Xia” symbol on it.

When the Wake City guards saw the “Xia” symbol written on the banner, their faces all grew shocked before immediately commanding the soldiers to immediately move out of the way for them.

“Jia!” “Jia!”

The group of riders didnt slow down at all and instead rode on deeper within Wake City, leaving behind a trail of dust. On the road, many people watched them travel with a silent chatter between themselves.

“Who are these people that can be so overbearing? For them to ride into the city while urging their horses to go even faster. The soldiers didnt dare to stop them either…”

“I saw that four Class 3 Magical beasts were pulling their carriage. That isnt something any normal person could afford, I wonder just who those people are.

“Didnt you see the “Xia” symbol? Thats the Xia clansmen. From this, I bet that one of the major figures of the Xia clan has come to Wake City…”

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