Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 254: Provoking the Xia Clan

hens face. When it came to those who wronged him first, Jian Chen had no mercy. If he hadnt shown up at the time he did, then the five Great Saint Masters would had suffered from even more serious wounds. Even then, in front of all the Flame Mercenaries, he had to be unyielding to everyone else. If he were not, then it would affect his leadership. That was because while his Flame Mercenaries were not considered weak, there were still people who were hell bent on overtaking him.

“Jian Chen, you are courting death!” Both the middle aged man and the young lord cried out in anger. Their faces grew ugly to look at as they looked at Jian Chen with a killing intent.

Jian Chens words made it seem as if the Xia clan were of no importance to him. Something like this was unbearable to endure by the young lord.

At that moment, every single member of the Flame Mercenaries looked at Jian Chen. Many of them had secretly approving of this manner and had been moved by his words as well. Many of the mercenaries had been under Duo Kangs group previously, so while on the surface there had been some ups and downs between the group and Duo Kang, they were still best friends until the ends of their time. They were brothers between brothers, otherwise, they would not have followed him into the Flame Mercenaries. With Duo Kang injured, they couldnt help but feel indignation within their hearts, but with the enemy being so strong, they werent able to do anything. Thus all of their hopes to fight back had been placed on Jian Chens shoulders.

The middle aged man laughed angrily before placing his hands across his chest. “Good! Very good, Jian Chen! You truly do have a courageous spirit that should be praised. But your words are something that are quite difficult to say. Careful you dont bring disgrace upon yourself now. So if you wish to kill me, then make your move, let me see just how true those rumors truly are.”

“Hmph, uncle Liu, it would appear that we no longer need to buy those Class 5 Monster Cores from Jian Chen.”

“That is true, young lord. This means we can save a good amount of money now.” The one named uncle Liu began to laugh. The blue colored whip appeared in his right hand once more before snapping in midair with a single snap of his wrist, letting out a fierce cracking sound.

Jian Chens lips curled into a cold smile. Despite going up against a water Saint Force expert, he still didnt see such a person as his opponent. With a swaying motion, Jian Chens figure immediately disappeared and left behind a faint phantom image of himself. Quickly he flew toward the middle aged man while simultaneously bringing out his Light Wind Sword to stab at the middle aged mans throat.

The Light Wind Sword became a streak of silver light that flew at the middle aged man so fast that by the time the man could react, it had already reached within a foot of his throat.

For the sake of his brothers within the Flame Mercenaries, this victory had to be a clear cut one, so Jian Chen didnt hesitate to use more power than before.

“How quick he is!” The middle aged man grew startled as his mocking expression quickly became a serious one. Quickly, he had realized that Jian Chen wouldnt be as easy to deal with as he thought.

The middle aged man burst backward and brandished his whip so that it flew at Jian Chen like a viper. In mid air, it began to coil around the Light Wind Sword as it flew to stab at him.

He had underestimated the Light Wind Swords speed; just as the whip was about to coil around the sword, the Light Wind Swords speed instantly increased several times over and instantly flew faster.

Against such a fast sword, the middle aged man wasnt able to dodge or defend himself in time. So in the end, the Light Wind Sword had pierced into the mans throat with a terrifying amount of speed.

Despite the man having water Saint Force which granted him a superiority in some areas, but to Jian Chen, this advantage was no advantage at all. Even though the man had a battle skill, there was no time to use it .

The middle aged man stared rigidly at Jian Chen in utter disbelief. Even with his entire strength, he had been completely unable to dodge the sword.

“Uncle Liu…” The young lords face slackened as he looked on in disbelief. He had a good understanding of his uncles strength, and within the clan, uncle Liu was ranked third. Aside from an Earth Saint Master, there was not a single person that could fight and win against his uncle Liu. Even with that, Jian Chen had been able to kill him in a single stroke. This type of result was simply not one he could take.

“Protect the young lord!”

With the middle aged man killed, every single guard of the Xia clan immediately grew vigilant. They quickly grabbed the young lord and retreated from the Kai clan with a hard look at Jian Chen and took precautions in case Jian Chen wanted to strike to kill again.

“Ive said it before, this area is not the courtyard of the Xia clan. In here, you simply cannot come as you want and leave as you wish. Men, surround them!” Jian Chen commanded.

“Yes, captain!”

The brothers of the Flame Mercenaries immediately obeyed the command instantly barricading the gate to prevent the Xia clan from leaving.

“Jian Chen, what are you doing?” The young lord of the Xia clan went white as he roared in false bravado. Jian Chens reveal of strength had made the young lord feel an intense amount of fear in his heart.

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