Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 256: Heavenly Flower Sect

Chapter 255: Power

“Lord Xia, how brazen you are. After hurting my brothers, did you really think you could leave this area safely?” Jian Chen had a smile that didnt quite reach his eyes as his voice grew colder.

“Youve already killed uncle Liu, what more do you want?” The young lord looked at the hundred men surrounding him with a look of fear on his face. “My father is the representative of the Xia clan, Jian Chen, if you kill me, then my Xia clan will definitely do their best to kill you!”

“Do you really think I am afraid? You should have already known; If I am willing to kill a Xia clansmen, then I am not afraid of offending your Xia clan.” Jian Chen was not afraid of the Xia clans might at all and so his words were spoken with ease.

“You…” The young lord was deathly pale and had a great amount of remorse in his heart. If he had known that Jian Chen would be this difficult to deal with, then he wouldnt have dared come in the first place.

At this moment, Kai Er walked up to where Jian Chen was. “Captain, the Xia clan is very strong and this is the son of the leader of the clan. If he were to die here, then the Xia clan would go berserk.”

“Is the Xia clan truly so strong?” Jian Chen asked, this was the only question that mattered to him.

Kai Er spoke once more, “There are ten Great Saint Masters within the Xia clan, and the leader of the clan himself is rumored to have made a breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master. Not only that, but he also has mastery over his water Saint Force as well as some strong Battle Skills.

Jian Chen nodded his head. From the young lords arrogant air and words, he had already guessed that the Xia clan had the backing of an Earth Saint Master, but what was more important was just how many Earth Saint Masters there were.

Jian Chen looked at the young lord, “Young lord, do you truly wish to leave from this place safely?” Although Jian Chens words suggested that he was willing to let the Xia clan go, his attitude was still an unyielding one, causing the young lord to be confused. If he were to have another stroke of bad luck, then he would definitely not be able to leave the area alive.

After uncle Liu had been killed in a single blow, the young lord of the Xia clan understood that Jian Chens strength was enough for him to not fear the Xia clan.

“Jian Chen, our Xia clan no longer wishes for the Class 5 Monster Core, only that I may leave this place safely! We will even offer you a large sum of money for this.” The young lords eyes had a look of hope in them. Although he was a noble, he had lived a sheltered life and was constantly protected by everyone. He didnt have the heroic spirit that mercenaries had after experiencing life and death situations again and again. So in such a situation like this, it wasnt easy for him to maintain a calm composure.

Revealing an evil smile, Jian Chen stared at the Space Belt on the waist of the young lord, “Young lord, if you truly wish to leave from this courtyard safely, then hand over your Space Belt.”

The young lords face changed greatly from that demand. All of the items in his Space Belt were of his personal property and so he was reluctant to part with it.

Struggling to keep a calm composure, the young lord bit his lips and said, “Fine, Jian Chen, I will hand over my Space Belt to you. I hope you will stay true to your word and let me leave peacefully.”

“Naturally!” Jian Chen laughed.

Afterward, the young lord parted with his Space Belt reluctantly before demanding, “I will be taking the corpse of uncle Liu with me!”

Jian Chen didnt say another word and flicked the Space Belt around uncle Lius waist into his hand and threw the body to the Xia clansmen.

Immediately two of the guards caught the body carefully before slowly retreating back out of the courtyard.

When the Xia clan retreated, there was no hesitation at all.

In the courtyard, every member of the Flame Mercenaries looked at Jian Chen with a huge smile on their faces. This action of Jian Chen had won over everyones hearts.

Kai Er and the other five Great Saint Masters came around to where Jian Chen was and spoke seriously, “Captain, it can be said now that we have offended the Xia clan. This isnt a matter that they will take lying down, it would appear that we will need to prepare to fight against them in the future.”

Jian Chen nodded his head.

“Captain, since we have offended the Xia clan, why couldnt we force them to stay behind? Now that weve offended them, we should have killed them all, lowering the number of Great Saint Masters in their clan weakening their overall strength.” Charcas asked with confusion.

“Absolutely not!” Jian Chen shook his head. “Although Ive killed one of their experts, the Xia clan will definitely be mindful of my strength now. If they were to come for my life, then the Xia clan would suffer a huge lose as well. I believe the Xia clan will try to send some expendable person to test me so that they wont lose much if that person dies and will also give them more time to prepare. This son is quite different however, as the son of the leader, his position within the clan is quite unique. If I were to kill him, then Im afraid that the Xia clan would be the second coming of the Tianxiong clan and immediately mobilize their entire clan to deal with us. Although I dont fear them, but our brothers are injured so it is in our best interest to avoid a clash.”

“The captain is quite wise!” The six Great Saint Masters all nodded their head in approval.

Jian Chen took out some money from his Space Belt, “There are 5000 purple coins in here, Kai Er, take this money and go heal yourselves. We must make sure that everyone is fully healed, and if theres any money left over, share it with everyone else.”


Outside the gates, twenty blue robed men riding on top of Class 2 Magical Beasts quickly rode into Wake City in a fierce rush. The one leading them was sitting on top of an expensive looking Class 3 Magical Beast and did not look to be lacking in strength.

This type of formation had plenty of people as well as having magical beasts that neither caravans or mercenaries could afford to have.

Just as they entered the entrance to Wake City, the grandiose looking carriage of the Xia clan simultaneously came charging out. Each one of the guards were looking down, and on top of one of the Class 2 Magical Beasts, there was a body that continued to leak blood.

At the sight of the Xia clans chariot, the blue robed men couldnt help but stop.

“I didnt think that the Xia clan would beat us here first, it looks like we came too late.” The leader on top of the Class 3 Magical Beast muttered to himself. Soon after, his eyes widened as he saw an inconceivable sight.

“How could this be, could Wake City have a high level expert strong enough to kill Liu Zheng?” The man couldnt help but gasp in shock.

“Master, thats the chariot of the Xia clan, I didnt think theyd come here so fast. I can only assume that the Class 5 Monster Cores have been purchased by them already.” A skinny man said from the side.

The middle aged shook his head as he looked at the dead body on the magical beast without saying a single word.

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