Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 25: Instructing Big Brother

e couldnt believe what Jian Chen had said at all since he had never heard of such a thing since he was born; to him, this was an impossible feat.

Jian Chen smiled from the start to finish of Changyang Hus outburst; he had not expected him to react differently. But Jian Chen didnt bother to explain; when the day came where Changyang Hus strength was strong enough, he would understand.

Jian Chen picked up another tree branch from the ground and said, “Big brother, youre still wondering how I could use a tree branch to cut through a tree right? Take another look, Ill demonstrate one more time.”

Changyang Hu went silent as he became entirely focused on the tree branch in Jian Chens hand. He didnt dare to get distracted now, just in case he missed out on some details.

Waving the tree branch in his hands, Jian Chens eyes flashed once before the tree branch suddenly distorted in his hands, causing the bent parts of the tree branch to slowly straighten. In the way it had been warped, it was almost as if it had a life of its own, since it was moving in the same manner as a snake would. It slowly started to move around in midair–those who saw the sight would only be able to describe it as weird.

Changyang Hus eyes grew wide from this strange display as he couldnt believe what he was seeing. With his eyes so wide, he looked as if hed seen a ghost. He couldnt believe it at all; it was only a tree branch, and yet it had unexpectedly started to move around by itself.

Jian Chens eyes started to emit an amazing light as he cried, “Big brother, please watch carefully.” Jian Chen grabbed onto the perfectly straight tree branch and walked forward with it towards another small tree nearby.

His movements werent fast at all; in actuality, they were very slow. Inching towards the tree, the moment his tree branch touched against the tree, it was as if the tree branch was being absorbed into the tree. Slowly, the tree branch went deeper and deeper into the tree trunk before it finally skewered itself through it.

This act stunned Changyang Hu into silence as he focused onto the impaled tree trunk. His mouth dropped open so much that an egg could fit inside. His eyes were filled with an expression of disbelief.

“Fourth brother, how did you do that?” Changyang Hu shivered in awe. Even his heart was violently pulsing as his eyes were still planted on the tree.

With a faint smile, Jian Chen answered, “Big brother, its actually not that hard to do this. As long as you harmonize your Saint Force with the tree branch, then even though its just a normal tree branch, it will turn into a sharp weapon. If ones strength is strong enough, then the tree branch can cut as easily as an iron sword.”

“To harmonize the Saint Force and the tree branch…” Changyang Hus eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he muttered. Immediately, he grabbed a tree branch on the floor and following Jian Chens instructions, he began to infuse the tree branch slowly with his Saint Force.


At the very moment when his Saint Force made contact with the tree branch, the tree branch violently exploded and sent pieces of it flying throughout the air.

“Big brother, your Saint Force is excessively fierce, so the frail tree branch wasnt able to bear it. Also, youre not proficient enough to control your Saint Force to a fine level yet. Remember, when you harmonize the Saint Force into the tree branch, you must make sure to transform the Saint Force into a soft type of energy, not a violent one.” Jian Chen instructed.

Hearing that, Changyang Hu became puzzled, “Fourth brother, how does one make their Saint Force become a soft type of energy?”

“Turning the Saint Force into a soft type of energy is merely just a different way of using it, thats all. Trying to explain this mystery anymore would be useless since only you can understand yourself. Big brother, starting from today, whenever you have spare time, try to harmonize the tree branch with your Saint Force. This way, itll also strengthen your Saint Force. In the future if you can reach the level I showed you today, itll bring you many good benefits when you cultivate.” Jian Chen explained, almost as if he was a teacher instructing his students.

However, Jian Chen knew that if Changyang Hu wanted to accomplish what he had just demonstrated, trying to make a frail tree branch strong enough to pierce through a small tree in such a small time, it would definitely not be accomplished in such a short amount of time. This required a high mastery of ones Saint Force, and without a sufficient amount of practice, Changyang Hu would definitely not be able to harmonize the two together. Having a wooden tree branch harden into a sharp weapon like an iron sword was not simple at all. Infusing an iron sword with Saint Force would be easier, for example, but while an iron sword could support a larger amount of Saint Force, a tree branch could not, and required a gentle control.

Changyang Hu nodded, and after some contemplation, once again picked up the branch to try again. However, without exception, every single one of his attempts resulted in failure; not a single time did he succeed. He was completely unable to merge the Spirit Force into the tree branch. Every time his inner Spirit Force approached the tree branch, the branch would explode, unable to bear his overly fierce and intense Spirit Force.

Jian Chen stood on a side and watched Changyang Hu practice, and at the same time, he continued to instruct his brother. They continued all the way until the sun had risen above them. Only then did Jian Chen leave the grotto, leaving Changyang Hu alone as he continued to try without stopping; next to him, the ground already had a huge pile of broken tree branches.

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