Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 270: Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannons

Chapter 269: Poisoned?!

“So you werent Si Qiafu after all. It seems that Si Qiafu was killed by you, and then you pretended to be him in order to poison our water.”

“Who are you and why did you poison our water? Have we done anything to warrant such hatred?”

The commanders immediately tried to stall for time in order to purify the venom within them.

Jian Chen chuckled as he let out a huge breath of air in relief. At this, his plan was completed. Walking to where the four men were sitting twenty meters away, he smiled, “Fellow soldiers, how are you feeling right about now?”

Seeing how Jian Chen hadnt moved to fight them just yet, the four commanders all were temporarily relieved. Since they were all poisoned, in order for them to flush out the poison, they would have to avoid battle. In the case that they fought, then the venom within would be harder to suppress and would be spread throughout the body at a faster rate, making it fatal.

“Who are you and why did you poison us? Are you an enemy of the Blue Wind Kingdom?” One of the commanders growled.

Jian Chen gave a small laugh casually, “Being an enemy of your Blue Wind Kingdom is an issue for later. The vast amount of monster cores youre supplying, is to supply the war effort on the Gesun Kingdom, correct?”

“So youre a spy from the Gesun Kingdom who infiltrated our kingdom?” A commander glared at Jian Chen with a look that made him resemble that of a blood thirsty wolf ready to bite at him.

“Haha, this soldier is quite smart. From this piece of information alone he has figured out that I am from the Gesun Kingdom. However, there is a critical flaw in your words. While I am a native of the Gesun Kingdom, I did not intentionally move into your Blue Wind Kingdom to be a spy. This matter today was nothing more than a coincidence.” Jian Chen laughed happily. Now that the stronger commanders were all poisoned, the pressure on him had been lifted.

“Hmph, what a nice coincidence. Sire, why dont you take off the mask and let us see your true identity. Or are you a coward who refuses to show us?” A commander sneered.

“Im quite happy with this situation. Seeing how you are men who are about to die, why do you have so many demands. Seeing my face or not will not change a thing.” Jian Chen laughed.

“So the men of the Gesun Kingdom are apparently cowardly folks who dont dare to reveal who they are. Ive seen it all today.” A commander grunted.

“Pch!” Suddenly, a commander coughed out a mouthful of blood, causing his previously white face to be stained with some of his blood. His face was now as pale as paper as he cried out in shock, “What kind of poison is this to be so strong?!”

After that, the remaining three commanders all gave a small groan as their faces grew darker as well, blood slowly began making its way down from their lips.

“Whats wrong? Could it be that youre feeling the poison is growing stronger the longer time goes on? No matter how you try to move your Saint Force, the poison will not be suppressed by it.” Seeing the miserable state the four commanders were in, Jian Chens eyes couldnt but light up before courageously walking ten meters within the four.

“Just who are you to have a poison this strong?” A commander roared.

“Theres no harm in telling you I suppose. Have you heard of the Silver Striped Golden Snake before?” Jian Chen asked.

“What?! Silver Striped Golden Snake…..”

“Weve been poisoned with the venom from that snake?!”

“Impossible! Silver Striped Golden Snakes are already exceedingly rare and priceless within the Tian Yuan Continent! Just how would you be able to obtain its venom?!”

The moment the commanders heard the name of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, they couldnt keep their calm composure any more. Each one had a terrified look on their faces before giving into their despair.

The poison of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was one of the most poisonous things on the continent. Its poison was so fierce that even Saint Force wouldnt be able to suppress it. Medicinal drugs or herbs would be useless as well. It was only under the control of a Radiant Saint Master that the poison of a Silver Striped Golden Snake would be able to be controlled and hopefully cured.

Just as these commanders lost hope, Jian Chen shot forward with his Light Wind Sword ready to stab. Immediately, the sword found a home within one of the commanders throat, killing him. Without hesitating, Jian Chen pulled out his sword and dashed toward another.

“Be careful everyone!”

The remaining three commanders immediately shook themselves back to consciousness as the commander who had been stabbed by Jian Chen fell to the floor. One of the commanders immediately swung his broadsword at Jian Chen while the other two brought out their Saint Weapons before following suit.

Jian Chen gave a cold smile, he was not afraid of the three Earth Saint Masters any longer. His Light Wind Sword flashed three times, striking against the others sword simultaneously.

The sounds of three metallic clangs could be heard as Jian Chens sword slapped against the three commanders. Immediately, the three Saint Weapons of the Earth Saint Masters had a finger sized nick in them.

The three Earth Saint Masters all spat out blood as their faces scrunched up in pain. With their Saint Weapons damaged, they too felt the damage.

“How is this possible? We can sense that your strength isnt that of an Earth Saint Master, so how can you even damage our Saint Weapons?!” A commander cried out in terror. The other two commanders by his side all looked thunderstruck at this situation.

“How strange, be careful of his Saint Weapon, it somehow has some sort of different power within it!” One of the commanders could detect the faint glow of the azure and violet light within the sword.

“Careful now, dont let his Saint Weapon hit yours or you will be forced into a terrible state!” The commanders were stronger than the patriarch of the Xia clan. Quickly, they could deduce what had just happened and quickly flew at Jian Chen once more.

Jian Chens attacks covered a larger area than before. Each strike was either aimed at the Saint Weapons in the three commanders hands or at their throats. Without a doubt, the three commanders were afraid of the azure and violet Sword Qi, so they were quite restricted in their movements which limited their full potential.

The two sides continued to fight each other at lightning quick speeds for a moment when a large splurt of blood abruptly flowed out from the neck of one of the commanders. Jian chens sword had cut into the neck of one of the commanders and severed his head, causing everyone to be absolutely horrified.

“Duo Ji!”

The remaining two commanders eyes nearly burst out of their heads as they howled in anguish. Jian Chen didnt allow them to rest and immediately flew at them before stabbing at one of the commanders.

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