Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 288: Arriving at Mercenary City

e only difference between Mercenary City and the other cities was that there was no walls here at all; one could enter the city from any direction. Instead, there was a giant golden barrier that glowed faintly around the city, protecting Mercenary City within.

“I want everyone to remember that no matter what, do not start a fight within Mercenary City or youll risk a severe punishment. There are many powers in the city that we cannot afford to offend; so you would do well to remember this one rule.” The Grand Elder spoke sternly to the group he was leading.

“Yes, Grand Elder!” The men all cried out respectfully.

With that, everyone began to walk into Mercenary City. Although there were no walls, the interior of the city wasnt all that much different from any other city, with various shops and taverns crammed together all over the city.

The Gathering of the Mercenaries would start after another half month, so the Tianqin clan had set up a temporary place of residency in a tavern. The next day, Qin Xiao, Jian Chen, and Ming Dong all left to take a stroll around the city.

The Grand Elder had disappeared by the second day, just like he had when they were back in the imperial palace of the Dazhou Kingdom. No one knew where he went, but he hadnt restricted anyone from going anywhere.

The next few days were rather calm, but more and more people began to flow into Mercenary City. Every single inn was completely filled with men, and there were even many tents set up outside the city.

In a flash, half a month had gone by. Early that morning, the Grand Elder finally appeared in front of the Tianqin clan once more, and led the group to the center of Mercenary City.

“Ming Dong, take the next few days to rest and be careful.” Jian Chen called out to Ming Dong as he left.

Ming Dong nodded his head before clapping him on the shoulders, “I understand, make sure you come back safely. Ill be waiting for you.”

The Grand Elder turned to look at Ming Dong, “Mercenary City is an extremely safe city. You will never find a city safer than this one. Just remember, do not start a fight within Mercenary City no matter what, or else no one will be able to save you.”

“I thank the elder for the warning.” Ming Dong cupped his hands together respectfully.

The group quickly arrived at the center of Mercenary City. It was an extremely large plaza, but it had already been filled to many people to count. Jian Chen could only guess there to be at least a hundred thousand. In the middle, there was a fifty meter tall tower with a single, vivid and life-like sculpture of a middle-aged man. There was a mysterious charm to it that made it seem as if a real person had been petrified. Its finger pointed toward the distant horizon, as if trying to penetrate the heavens.

The entire area around the sculpture quite a few elders, as well as some middle-aged men with extraordinary presence, looking at the sculpture with both great respect and a hint of fear.

“Could it be that this sculpture is of Mercenary Citys founder? Ive heard that the founder was a person of unbelievable strength and has even be said to be a paragon under the heavens. It was said that nobody was able to rival him. Unfortunately he has gone missing for many years…”

“According to the ancient records, when the age of chaos descended upon the Tian Yuan Continent, humanity was on the brink of extinction after being faced off against hundreds of races. But when humanity was at the end of their road, a genius with enough power to shock the world appeared to fight against the experts of each of those races. In the end, the enemies of humanity were chased away and thus the humans of the continent were saved. This savior then established Mercenary City and spurred the development of mercenaries within the continent…”

“The ancient records also said that the founder of Mercenary City was called Mo Yuntian. He was said to be the strongest person to ever exist. There are no later records of him; he probably left this world for another.”

“By now, its been a hundred thousand years since Mo Yuntians era, but no one is capable of living that long. It is a shame that this once-in-a-millennium talent was unable to break away from the predestined end…”

One could see the elders discussing this from anywhere in the plaza. Every one of the elders looked toward the sculpture with reverence, and even the Grand Elder was no exception.

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