Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 289: The Summoning of Ming Dong

Ming Dong begin to rise up into the air after them. He felt confusion in his heart as he tried to figure out just what had just happened. A flash of concern came over his face. The elders words were quite clear, after they pass through the World Door, it would be a free for all. With Ming Dong being a Primary Great Saint master, the amount of danger he would have to face would be obscenely absurd. Even if they were together, Jian Chen would be powerless to protect him.

The token in Jian Chens hand brought him through the hole and dropped him in the middle of a thick forest. Everywhere he looked, all he could see were trees.

Suddenly, multiple blurs came flashing down from the sky down next to him.

Seeing just who was right next to him, Jian Chen let out a smile, “Ming Dong, so it is you! How excellent, to think that you would be right besides me!” The person who had fell next to him had been unexpectedly Ming Dong.

As if shocked at the sudden shout, he reflexively brought out his Saint Weapon in preparation to fight. But as soon as he heard the familiar sound, a smile lit up his face as he absorbed his weapon, “Jian Chen, so its you! This is great, with us two combined, well definitely be able to forge ahead.”

“Ah, Ming Dong, werent you against participating in the Gathering of the Mercenaries? Why is it that youve suddenly changed your mind? That strong elder had unexpectedly allowed you to enter as well.” Jian Chens face held some confusion.

Hearing this, Ming Dongs face went blank, “Even I dont know why I suddenly decided to participate. I felt as if someone was calling me here and the feeling was growing stronger and stronger. In the end, I suddenly found myself unable to control myself before coming here.”

“What, you felt someone calling you? Then can you still sense the calling right now?” Jian Chen was shocked at this strange development.

Ming Dong closed his eyes to concentrate before nodding slightly, “I can still feel it, but the call is much weaker than before.”

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes in thought, “Then can you sense where the call is coming from?”

“From the east!” Ming Dong pointed.

Jian Chen looked toward the direction Ming Dong was pointing with a thoughtful glance. “Then lets go there and see just what is calling you.” With that, Jian Chen and Ming Dong began to walk toward the east.

The place Jian Chen and Ming Dong were in was an isolated mountain range with a sinister environment as multiple poisonous insects and vipers could be found.

Suddenly, Ming Dongs body plunged into the earth, he had unexpectedly stepped into a barely visible swampland.

Ming Dong slapped at the swamp in order to fly out, but before he could move, his face suddenly winced. “Something has bitten onto my leg, help me!”

With great shock, Jian Chen immediately grabbed onto Ming Dongs shoulders. Ming Dong immediately flew into the air, and at the same time, a poisonous viper as thick as Jian Chens head followed after him with both of its fangs clamped tightly onto Ming Dongs legs.

Jian Chens eyes flashed as he brought out his Light Wind Sword. With a quick slash, the snake was cut into several pieces, causing blood to rain down below.

Jian Chen caught Ming Dong as he fell from the sky. Although the snake had been cut apart from him, the head of the snake was still attached to Ming Dongs legs.

With another wave of his hand, the sword in his hand flashed once more before splitting the snake head in two. As for the area where the snake had bitten, the venom had already entered Ming Dongs wound, turning the immediate area around it blue while rapidly spreading.

Ming Dong took out a white bottle from his Space Belt and began to sprinkle the area around it while muttering, “Its a good thing I bought some antidote from Walaurent City. This type of antidote is quite famous around the continent that can cure hundreds of poisons. The only bad thing about it is its price.”

Jian Chen looked at the wound on Ming Dongs leg, “Are you able to walk then?”

After treating the poison, Ming Dong began to flex both of his legs before smiling, “Its a good thing the wound isnt too deep. There is no problem, lets keep moving.”

“Be careful then, well keep going, but we dont know whats in this place yet. Theres still plenty of people we have yet to see.” Jian Chen said.

“Wait a moment!” Ming Dong walked up to the carcass of the snake before cutting it open. Extracting a monster core from it, he laughed, “This type of stuff shouldnt be thrown away, or else it would be a waste of money!”

Jian Chen couldnt help but laugh. The snake was only at the Class 3 level, so a Class 3 Monster Core was not something he had thought to be valuable.”

After this harrowing experience, the two continued on their journey with caution. Although they were very cautious, the hidden dangers of the area continued to surprise them as they continued. The areas that seemed to be solid ground turned out to be swamps that acted like quicksand. Even Jian Chen had been victim to this several times, but he had been able to quickly escape.

While in the mountain range, they would come across a few magical beasts. Most of them were Class 3 or Class 4 Magical Beasts, and the majority of them were quite poisonous.

Jian Chen and Ming Dong continued forward for another half day before Jian Chen suddenly halted. His ears began to tremble as he waited for movement.

After a moment, Jian Chen let out a smile, “After half a day of walking, weve finally come across another person. This place is quite large for us to take this long to see a person if there is several hundred thousand people here.”

“Jian Chen, theres someone nearby?” Ming Dong looked at Jian Chen with surprise, but there was a look of joy on his face.

Jian Chen nodded his head, “Correct, theres just one person not too far away from here. From the sounds of things, hes coming toward us.”

“How strong do you think he is? If hes an Earth Saint Master, then well be in trouble.” Ming Dong had a serious look on his face now.

Jian Chen clapped Ming Dongs shoulders casually, “Dont you worry. The amount of Earth Saint Masters under the age of fifty is quite low. How could it be that easy to come across one? Lets go, lets go see just how strong this person is and just how well obtain his token.”

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