Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 299: Ruler Armament

Chapter 298: The Yellow Clothed Girl

Seeing the giant fireball flying through the air at him, Jian Chen could only stare in shock, but quickly, he brought himself back to his senses and leaped out of the way.

“Bang!” An ear-deafening sound could be heard as the fireball exploded where Jian Chen used to be standing. The crater left behind was approximately three meters wide and had split the entire ground near it while burning up everything in the impact zone.

Seeing just how large the crater was, Jian Chens eyes widened before muttering with a shocked look, “This… this is what the impact zone of a Magical Crystal Cannon would look like!”

Several seconds later, another boom could be heard as another fireball from a few kilometers away shot toward him from a nearby mountain peak.

Jian Chen locked onto the peak where the fireball was shot from and immediately headed over there. In a flash, Jian Chen had reached the area and began to climb the peak to the top.

The peak wasnt all that large and only had a circumference of ten meters. Mounted on top of one of the five-meter holes was a single pitch-dark Magical Crystal Cannon with a thirty year old youth facing downward. His eyes swept across the ground below for a target, but the manner in which he was doing so made him seem like a thief, making for a comical sight.

When Jian Chen saw the Magical Crystal Cannon, he had to resist the urge to sigh. He didnt think that the fireball shot at him was from a Magical Crystal Cannon.

In this Gathering of the Mercenaries, there had really been someone that brought a Magical Crystal Cannon…

At that moment, the youth had realized something was amiss behind him. Turning violently, he grew startled as he saw just how young Jian Chen was, but what shocked him even more was just how silent he was sneaking up behind him as if he wasnt there in the first place.

Without hesitating, the youth decided to run down the peak of the mountain in an attempt to run away.

Flickering away from sight, Jian Chen instantly appeared by the youths side. Grabbing onto the clothes of the youth, he brought him into the air before throwing him back down to the ground.

“Dont kill me, Ill give you my token!” The youth had lost all hope in running away and began to beg for his life with a frantic voice.

Jian Chen stood by the edge of the hole where he threw the youth and spoke at him from above, “What is your name!”

“I….Im called Jacob.” The youth replied.

Jian Chen looked at the giant cannon still perched on the top before looking at Jacob. “You know how to install a Magical Crystal Cannon?”

“Y-yes. Ive learned how to since I was small. Every single important component of the cannon Im very familiar with. Even with my eyes closed Id be able to assemble a Magical Crystal Cannon straight away.” Jacob stammered out.

A happy smile appeared on Jian Chens face, “Do you wish to live?”

“I do! Great swordsman, please let me go, Ill give up anything on me in exchange!” Jacob pleaded with him almost in tears.

Jian Chen leaped down the hole and brought out a giant steel box from within his Space Ring, causing the hole to feel slightly cramped.

Jian Chen pointed at the box, “If you are able to show me how to assemble the essential parts, then I will let you go. Furthermore, Ill even give you a reward for it.”

At this, the youth had a joyful look that held a small hint of disbelief as he looked at the fantastical steel box.

“This…this is the pedestal of the cannon.” Jacob muttered as he looked at the part.

After hearing Jacobs words of this item, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. The Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon part had only been in his possession for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, he had been unable to figure out how to assemble it and it could only serve as garbage as it was now. This was finally a chance for him to assemble the cannon. Jian Chen could feel excitement at this since this was a powerful weapon of destruction capable of killing an Earth Saint Master.

Although he was already an Earth Saint Master that could fight other ones without any significant trouble, this Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon would still serve some use.

“Open it up and see if it can be assembled. I hope that you wont disappoint me.” Jian Chen spoke up from the side.

“As long as it is a Magical Crystal Cannon, then it will be no problem for me! Whatever defect or problem it has, I can fix!” Jacob spoke with great confidence in himself as he turned to open the steel box and reveal the items within it.

After opening one of the boxes, he could see that the materials used to construct this cannon were quite different. With an astonished cry, he spoke with shock, “This is an Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon! Good heavens, this type of cannon can fire up to twenty kilometers away and kill an Earth Saint Master! Am I going blind? This type of Magical Crystal Cannon is something multiple countries would fight over and would spend a lot of money to buy one for themselves.”

“Hurry up and assemble it for me. The sooner you do so, the sooner you can leave.” Jian Chen spoke impatiently.

“Yes, yes. Ill get on it right away!” It was only now that Jacob remembered that his life was still in danger.

Straight away, Jacob began to move both of his hands as he quickly assembled the pieces. In an hour, he had assembled and disassembled the cannon three times for Jian Chen to take notes and study.

Although a regular cannon had nearly a thousand pieces to it, with Jian Chens intellect and cognitive ability, he was able to remember everything.

An Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon was even larger than the cannon from before. If fastened to the same place, then it would take a whole ten meters. Taking out a Class 5 Monster Core from his Space Belt, he spoke out happily, “Let me test out the strength of this cannon.”

Jacob spoke with a painful look, “An Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon has no room for doubt. Using a single Class 5 Monster Core would be a waste; you should try to save those.”

Afterward, the energy continued to flow from the monster core into the cannon . Slowly, the cannon began to prepare to fire as an explosive amount of energy began to flow out of the cannon, giving everyone a dangerous vibe.

Jacob and Jian Chen stood to the side and watched the cannon suddenly shoot out a single burst of energy without any harm to them.


Once it was done charging, the sounds of cannon fire could be heard as the cannon began to fire. Both people could only see a shining ball of light shoot out of the cannon before flying into the sky before finally landing on top of a nearby mountain peak.


From far away, Jian Chen could feel a disturbance in the air. Smoke filled the air as the peak that had been fired at began to crumble away with large rocks and a crumbling sound. As for the sky above, there was a giant mushroom right above that shocked anyone that saw it.

Half a moment later, Jian Chen slowly set out toward the peak only to discover that the top part of the peak had been obliterated without a single piece left behind.

“This…this is the power of an Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon? How astonishing, it is no wonder that this is a weapon that can kill even Earth Saint masters.” Jacob spoke to Jian Chen with a look of astonishment.

Even Jian Chen had been intimidated by the power of the cannons. With this, not only could he kill an Earth Saint Master, but even Class 5 Magical Beasts. If the power of a cannon was truly as strong as they say, then even an Earth Saint Master would not be as terrifying to deal with if this cannon was used.

Jian Chen took out a few Class 4 Monster Cores and handed them to Jacob, “You may go; these are for you.”

Jacob took the items gratefully before leaving quickly. Seeing how hurriedly he was traveling, it seemed as if he was worried Jian Chen might renege on his promise.

Jian Chen sighed before looking at the cannon with him before finally looking at the useless parts of the cannon.

After Jian Chen had disassembled the cannon and stored it in his Space Ring, he could suddenly detect some movement with his ears.

With the Light Wind Sword appearing in his hands, he instantly stabbed behind him.


A loud explosive sound could be heard the instant Jian Chen had acted. Clenching on to his sword, Jian Chen was sent flying back before coughing up some blood. His entire body felt mushy now. Although he had originally been on a mountain, he had no idea where he was at now.

Jian Chens Light Wind Sword fell down behind him as he let out another hack of blood. His eyes stared wide away only to discover that three kilometers away on another peak, there was a yellow-robed person. Since the distance was too far, he couldnt see his appearance clearly.

Jian Chen could only feel shock in his heart now. The opponent was far too strong; in a single blow, he had suffered a great deal of damage, and that was when attacked from three kilometers away!

Jian Chen immediately leaped down from the peak and began to look for shelter on the ground below.

A large voice could be heard coming toward Jian Chen. Using the terrain to hide himself and his tracks, he could hear just where the other person was at. Then, leaping out from his spot, he began to charge at his target.

However, the man had been anticipating Jian Chens surprise attack. A single sword around four meters long had instantly appeared in his hands with a light blue color. The sword rippled with light that resembled that of a water ripple before surging with Saint Force.

The yellow robed person held his sword perpendicular to Jian Chens. In an instant, the two charged to exchange several blows before retreating.

Despite growing paler with each exchange, he could feel himself standing tall without yielding. His right hand held his weapon, which he pointed toward the yellow-robed figure.

Just as Jian Chen saw the persons appearance, a cold glare returned the strange look on Jian Chens face. The yellow-robed person was actually a twenty-year-old lady with an appearance that could rival the immortals. Her long black hair danced in the wind behind her, but did nothing to hide the amazingly cold glare within her eyes that brimmed with intelligence. Even her eyebrows had a feeling of elegance to them. On the back of the woman was a two-meter longbow made of gold that was giving off a golden shine, making it seem quite unordinary.

Seeing this lady, Jian Chens eyes narrowed as he revealed a thoughtful look. He didnt know why, but he had felt a feeling of familiarity when he saw her. It was almost as if he had seen her before from somewhere, but he didnt know where.

The other woman stared coldly at Jian Chen. Then, in a split second, her pupils suddenly dilated as her face underwent a change. With shock, she looked at Jian Chens face closely before giving off an enraged aura, “So its you! Youre that smelly rogue!”

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