Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 299: Ruler Armament

. In the past, she had desperately wished to turn the one who looked at her naked body into mincemeat, but now, she realized that the scoundrel that had seen and touched her had inexplicably grew to the same level as her. Despite that huge jump however, she still couldnt accept him as someone respectable.

“Hahahaha, Luan Er, its a good thing that you made such a ruckus here or else I never would have been able to find you. Youve made me suffer quite a bit.” Suddenly, five men came out of nowhere and landed nearby.

Upon hearing them, the girls face suddenly grew dark. Immediately halting her attack on Jian Chen, she leaped back and began to shoot her longbow at the five newcomers with no hesitation.

“Whoosh!” The golden arrows flew through the air with a whistling sound as they traveled toward the men.

The men dropped down from the peak they were standing on as the golden arrow flew toward them. Just as an arrow was about to make contact, a transparent barrier appeared and covered them all.

The powerful golden arrow made contact with the barrier, trembling for a moment, but it successfully blocked the arrow, protecting the men inside.

“Luan Er, dont waste your energy. Your Ruler Armament cant hurt me.” One of the youths from the group laughed. His age wasnt all that old and looked to be around Ming Dongs age near 27 or 28.

“Rulers Armament? Could that longbow be a Rulers Armament?” Jian Chen was filled with confusion. A Ruler Armament was something he was unfamiliar with since this was the first time he had heard of it.

“Miss Luan Er, you should hand over your Ruler Armament. There is no one around to protect you and I see no way for you to escape our grasp.” The youth laughed with a casual smile.

The girls face seemed to have frozen over as she looked at the five with a furious look, “Wanting my Ruler Armament is wishful thinking! Wait until we make it out, uncle Feng and uncle Yun will definitely avenge this!”

“Haha, Luan Er, dont even think about the two old men. They will be dealt with as well.” The five men were quickly approaching with the youth still laughing.

Hearing this, the yellow robed girl glared as she shot another three arrows. “So your Shi family has been conspiring for our Huang familys Ruler Armament.

“The Ruler Armament is something our Shi Family wants. Hand it over obediently and dont waste your energy.”

With that, there was less than a kilometer dividing the two.

During their approach, the girl continued to fire off shots one after another at the men. Their barrier continued to shake and tremble under the barrage, but the energy shock waves from the blasts continued to hit the surrounding ground and shock the eardrums of everyone there.

Jian Chen looked on at the longbow in mute silence. The girl was shooting arrows at an incredibly strong rate with an equally strong amount of force but they were unfortunately too weak to break the barrier.

There was not a single amount of damage on any of the five, but now they couldnt move forward either with the increasing amount of arrows coming at them.

“Luan Er, dont bother yourself. Using the Ruler Armament uses a large amount of Saint Force. You cant keep this up for long, the moment your Saint Force is gone, then your fate is in our hands.” The youth holding up the barrier laughed evilly as he stared at the girl with obscene eyes.

The lady continued to shoot arrow after arrow at them. With each shot, the sounds reverberated throughout the mountain range.

The shots were extremely loud and had attracted many men. Every man proceeded to cautiously hide in faraway places, watching from afar

Within the barrier, the four men behind the barrier inched toward the sides. In an instant, they charged from the barrier toward the girl from every direction.

Immediately reassigning her target, the girl shot a single arrow that flew at one of the men with a golden light. Following an explosive bang, the man flew away with blood coming out from his mouth.

Following the violent twang of the bowstring, another arrow was shot forth and pierced through the chest of another. A hole the size of a small fist could be seen after the arrow flew through and had completely obliterated the organs within his body.

Even as the girl killed two of the four in a short amount of time, the other two men had already traveled to the side where the girl was. In an instant, their Saint Weapons appeared in their hands as they slashed down at her.

The longbow was useless in close range so the girl put away her longbow on her back and pulled out her blue sword once more to fight with the two men.

“Luan Er, whos going to save you now?” At that moment, the youth that had been maintaining the barrier immediately charged forth with a bright red spear ready to strike.

While the youth wasnt that old, he along with the other two men were all Earth Saint Masters. With the fight being one versus three, she had quickly lost any advantages she had. Adding onto the other sides battle experience, she couldnt do anything but be slowly forced back.

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