Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 303: Uniting

Chapter 302: Legend of the Ruler Armament

Taking the jade white bottle into his own hands silently, Jian Chen poured the contents into his mouth. Right now he couldnt use the Radiant Saint Force to heal, so he desperately needed to use medicine to heal. Plus, with his Thousand Immunity, he wasnt afraid of the girl handing him any type of poison.

The contents of the bottle werent in pill form and was actually in a liquid form which tasted rather bitter. Jian Chen poured the liquid within his mouth in one go and swallowed. The moment it entered his body, a warm sensation traveled through his body slowly before covering every single part of it.

Feeling a great change happen within his body, Jian Chen closed his eyes to allow the healing process to begin. However, he still maintained a strong vigilance to the outside world. Although he and the girl were now on equal terms, but who could guarantee that nothing would happen. Who knew if this girl from a grand and rich family would suddenly strike at him with her sword.

Looking at Jian Chen close his eyes while he healed with a complicated look, the girl walked over to the campfire silently. Sitting down, she held her knees together with both hands and stared at the dancing fire with her bright and intelligent eyes, her thoughts unknown to the world.

The cave descended into an unnatural quiet; only the sounds of the crackling fire could be heard. With the tree branches feeding the fire, it would occasionally let out a snapping sound.

As Jian Chen continued to heal, the girl never struck out at him once. Instead, she sat by the fire and continued to watch the flames dance absent-mindedly.

Four hours later, Jian Chen opened his eyes and crawled up in a sitting position with some effort as his arms leaned against the cold cliff walls.

After these four hours of treatment, he had completely absorbed the healing properties of the medicine. Although he was still far away from being completely healed, he was at the very least stabilized for now.

Noticing the yellow clothed girl sitting by the fire, his eyes latched onto the golden bow on her back. “Could you tell me, just what type of weapon that bow is on your back? How is it possible for it contain so much strength? And the man that was chasing you with the Seal of Treasure Mountain, just what type of weapon was that? Its plain to see that its not your Saint Weapon but the power was completely terrifying.” Jian Chen asked with curiosity as his heart raced to hear the answer.

Hearing that Jian Chen was awake, the girl tilted her head up to look at Jian Chen before immediately turning back to the dancing flames without a word.

Jian Chen didnt ask again. He knew that this matter was extremely secretive, and if the girl wasnt willing to tell him, then he wouldnt beg.

“Those weapons are Ruler Armaments.” After some time, the girl finally spoke.

“The conditions of making a Ruler Armament are very unkind. There arent many of them within the Tian Yuan Continent, and it is said that Ruler Armaments are the weapons of Saint Rulers. After a Saint Ruler dies, instead of their Saint Weapon decomposing away into the world, they retain their form perfectly.” The girl slowly began to explain as she held her longbow. Then silently, she said, “This longbows name is the Solunar Bow. This is our Huang familys Ruler Armament that has been passed down from generation to generation and has become our ancient family heirloom for the next generation.”

“If this Ruler Armament was formed by a Saint Weapon, then it is no wonder its this strong.” Jian Chen thought to himself.

“The Seal of Treasure Mountain within Shi Xiangrans hand is also a Ruler Armament. Although it isnt as strong as my Solunar Bow, combined with his superior strength, he is already a Second Cycle Earth Saint Master. With the Seal of Treasure Mountain, he is much stronger than me even with my Solunar Bow.” The girl explained.

“What is that barrier he has on him?” Jian Chen continued to ask. If it werent for that barrier, then he would have killed Shi Xiangran already.

“That barrier was something a Saint Ruler put on him. Its defensive ability is remarkably strong so even my Solunar Bow is unable to break it.” The girl narrowed her eyes. Regarding the barrier of Shi Xiangran, she felt like having a headache each time she heard about it.

“Is there any way for us to break it or for it to fade away?” Jian Chen asked.

The girl said, “If there is, then Im unable to do it. If the barrier is attacked with an attack far beyond what it can handle, then itll naturally shatter. Other than that, the barrier will fade away with time, but how long itll take for that to happen, I dont know.” Gnashing her teeth, she spoke angrily, “If it werent for the barrier protecting Shi Xiangran, I would have shot him dead a long time ago. How vile the Shi family is. For them to use the Gathering of the Mercenaries to steal our Huang familys Ruler Armament. Its unfortunate that my fellow family had fallen prey to the evil schemes of the Shi family for the sake of allowing me to run away. Just wait until were out, then Ill have uncle Feng and uncle Yun avenge the death of my family members.” The girl spoke with an angry promise.

Hearing that, Jian Chen laughed , “Im sure that I heard Shi Xiangran say that he will have men deal with your two uncles, leaving you unprotected.”

Clenching her fists tightly, she spat out, “Abominable Shi family! They continue to try to take our Solunar Bow, they must have planned everything out!”

Jian Chen couldnt help but to take in some delight from this, “Shi Xiangran has that barrier protecting him, making him intangible. Along with his Ruler Armament, he has truly come prepared. It would appear that your Huang familys Solunar Bow is destined to fall into their hands.”

The girl snapped as she flew up with her arms raised as she stared vehemently at Jian Chen, “You should learn to be quiet you scoundrel, or else see what happens when Im through with you!”

“Haha, all Im saying is the truth.” Jian Chen had no fear as if he felt secure in his knowledge.

“You…” The girl continued to stare angrily at Jian Chen for a while before finally sighing and walking to the entrance of the cave.

Her departure was what Jian Chen had wanted. Using his hearing to listen to see how far away the girl was, Jian Chen began to use his Radiant Saint Force to heal himself.

The Radiant Saint Force began to gather slowly and illuminated the dark cave in an instant. The Radiant Saint Force began to condense into a milky white light that made the inside of the cave seem as if it was daytime. Within this previously dark cave, the Radiant Saint Force would have caused anyone that noticed it to instantly become awake. The bright light was as fierce as the sun itself, but while it continued to shine brightly, the sight was not intense on the eyes.

Controlling the Radiant Saint Force required the usage of “Spirit”. With Jian Chens spirit increasing in amount and quality after he made the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master, his “Spirit” had become more refined. It could be used to improve his usage of the Radiant Saint Force to an even higher height, and so not only was the Radiant Saint Force even richer in quality, but the time to make it was less now.

Another two hours later, the Radiant Saint Force had completely healed Jian Chen at a rate that could only be described as miraculous.

Now that Jian Chens health was back to normal, he immediately leaped up from the ground and took out a water canteen from his Space Ring. Shedding off his clothes, he began to clean himself.

This source of water was something Jian Chen had planned since the beginning. Since his Space Ring was spacious enough, he had been able to collect plenty of water gourds that weighed at twenty five kilograms each. This was enough for him to last a while even in the most dire of circumstances.

“Hua hua!”

The ice cold water splashed against Jian Chens head as the remaining filth flowed away from his body. When the water hit the ground, it made a splashing sound as it scattered in every direction with a sharp and loud sound.

At this moment, the yellowed clothed girl was sitting on a rock right outside the cave entrance with a look of worry. She was concerned about the words Jian Chen had said to her, the Shi family were definitely prepared this time, and while uncle Feng and Yun were both quite strong, the Shi family had plenty of experts that could fight against those two. If the words of Shi Xiangran could be trusted, then their family had already employed some people to deal with the two. If this was the case, then she would have no one to rely on. In this place, Shi Xiangran still had that defensive barrier so her Solunar Bow wasnt able to do anything against him despite its power. At this moment, the Seal of Treasure Mountain was a Ruler Armament as well, in the case that Shi Xiangran were to use it against her Solunar Bow, then she would have no opportunity to strike at him.

Although it could be said that she could use her Solunar Bow against his barrier, at the very most it would be a stalemate for a small amount of time. She couldnt use the bow forever since it would drain her Saint Force at an incredible rate.

“Hmph, Ill definitely protect the Solunar Bow. If worst comes to worst, Ill have to rely on Mercenary City and wait for the clan to help. I doubt the Shi family would dare to fight against Mercenary City for it.” The girl spoke in an icy tone.

At this moment, a strange sound could be heard inside the cave. Immediately, the girl turned toward the sound confused as she stared within the dark abyss of the cave. “How strange, how could there be any sound? The scoundrel is heavily injured, so he shouldnt be able to move at all.”

With an uneasy heart, she began to quietly move toward the insides of the cave.

At this moment, Jian Chen had just finished bathing himself. Although the girl was walking deeper into the cave, she wasnt leaking any killing intent, imposing aura or any dangerous thoughts. Because of the heavy sounds of the water hitting the ground, Jian Chen had been unable to detect the sounds of her walking in.

Quickly, the girl continued to walk in with a curious expression. Walking in with a cautious attitude, the moment she clearly saw the scene inside, her face immediately froze. In that instant, she could see that Jian Chen had just finished showering and was completely naked.

“Ah! You rotten scoundrel!” The girl was quick to react and shrieked with a loud sound.

“Gua dong!” The gourd that Jian Chen had above his head immediately fell to the floor with a crashing sound as it broke. Quickly, Jian Chen grabbed a set of clothes from within his Space Ring and flew to a dark corner of the cave. Not even caring for the wet droplet on his body, he hurriedly began to dress himself.

By that point, the girl had already covered both her eyes with her hands as she looked elsewhere. Her beautiful face had instantly turned bright as her heart couldnt help but beat wildly.

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