Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 303: Uniting

Xiangran and his Seal of Treasure Mountain, you wont be a match for him by yourself. If Im not there with you, then you wont be able to live if Shi Xiangran catches hold of you.”

“Youre the one thats afraid.” Jian Chen said.

The girls eyes narrowed, “Im not afraid of anything, you scoundrel. Dont speak any more lies or Ill smash you into several pieces.”

“If not for that bow, you arent even an opponent for me, and even with that bow, you wont be able to beat me.” Jian Chen almost seemed to forget about his unhappy state and spoke with the emotionless tone he had before all of this had even happened.

“You…” The girl grew quite angry now as her chest constricted with rage; but there was nothing she could say. Even in the injured state Jian Chen had been, he was still able to kill two Earth Saint Masters from the Shi family in record time before fighting against Shi Xiangran himself. His strength was definitely stronger than her own.

In silence, the girl began to calm down before finally speaking out unwillingly, “Shi Xiangrans strength youve seen for yourself. With his defensive barrier, you have no way of harming him. Furthermore, he has the power to use the Seal of Treasure Mountain whenever he wishes. If any one of us two were to come across him by ourselves, then we will surely eat up a heavy loss or even die. My Solunar Bow can impede Shi Xiangran for some time and control the Seal of Treasure Mountain, and you can personally deal with anyone Shi Xiangran will bring. This is the only way well survive against him.”

The girl hadnt lost any face from her words, but the way she had cleverly spoken had emphasized just how much she wanted to join forces with him.

Pausing to think, Jian Chen nodded his head in approval of her plan. After killing two of the Shi family experts, the Shi family would definitely not forgive him for this. Shi Xiangrans defensive barrier was far too strong for the Solunar Bow to break, and if Jian Chens azure and violet Sword Qi werent enough to shatter the barrier, then Jian Chen would have no other option. Shi Xiangran had been completely unrestrainable, hidden behind his barrier, he could use his Seal of Treasure Mountain to attack relentlessly. At that time, if the girl didnt use her Solunar Bow to hold back the Seal of Treasure Mountain, then it would have been truly hard for him to run away. Even if he did run away from it, he would still have to waste the entire day running away from Shi Xiangran.

Shi Xiangrans use of his treasure had rendered Jian Chen helpless, but if the treasure were to fall from Shi Xiangrans hands, then Jian Chen wouldnt see him as anyone strong.

To be chased down and killed by someone that he didnt see as worthy would be an unbearable shame to him. So to unite with this girl would be a good plan.

Jian Chen and the girl continued to travel in silence. Not even idle chatter was heard or even an introduction spoken, so neither person knew the others name. In their hearts, it was as if the other person didnt exist.

On the road, when many competitors saw just how young Jian Chen was and how beautiful the girl next to him was; they were extremely surprised. Previously, there had been two men that were barely Great Saint Masters and even a few Earth Saint Masters that had clearly underestimated Jian Chen. The vast majority of them had been stabbed through the throat by Jian Chens sword while the small minority had been killed by the yellow clothed girl after they spoke out in a rude manner toward her. One Earth Saint Master had even been blown up by her Solunar Bow and died a miserable and violent death.

While she herself looked quite young, she was no stranger to killing. Despite not being at the level of Jian Chen who was always calm, her expression remained the same during each kill and she delivered each blow firmly. This caused Jian Chen to secretly admire her; for a child of a rich family to be able to do this much was a hard task, especially if she was the highly valued young daughter.

Half a month quickly went by as Jian Chen and the girl traveled without seeing Shi Xiangran. By now, they had traveled far away from the sword like mountains and were now at a mountain range with grass everywhere.

In this amount of time, Jian Chen and the girl continued to give each other the cold shoulder. They rarely spoke to each other or even chatted at all. The only thing worth mentioning was that in this half a month of time, the both of them had gained a plethora of profit. Each one of them had now a total of a thousand tokens after killing several Earth Saint Masters. Even some of the Great Saint Masters they had killed had at least fifty tokens.

Only a month and a couple days were left with the time limit for the first round rapidly approaching. In this short amount of time, the tokens would all be congregated among the Earth Saint Masters. Very few Great Saint Masters would be able to keep hold of their tokens.

Just as Jian Chen and the girl were climbing on a huge slope, the sounds of battle could be heard to Jian Chen. Looking toward the source, he could see a man with wind Saint Force surrounding his body fighting against two Earth Saint Masters. Not too far away from them was a blood soaked figure that was laying on the ground.

The wind attributed Earth Saint Master was extremely strong. Just by himself, he could fight against two Earth Saint Masters and slowly win. Both of them had plenty of injuries on their body, causing their clothes to be dyed red with blood. The wind attributed Earth Saint Master however didnt have a single scratch on him.

Subconsciously, Jian Chen looked over to where the battered individual lay. Straight away, he could see a sturdy like build that seemed quite familiar to him. Following a closer inspection, Jian Chens eyes suddenly flew wide open as a dangerous gleam appeared within. As soon as his eyes widened, a feeling of bloodlust could be felt.

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