Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 316: Entering the Immortals Cave (Two)

Chapter 315: Entering the Immortals Cave (One)

On the second day, everyone cleaned up their tents and formed a dense group within the forest. Shi Xiangran was afraid of Jian Chens initial strike that he had delivered, causing him to keep up his barrier without the slightest intention of dropping it.

Standing on the road, Qin Ji spoke to the others, “There are only four magical beasts guarding the immortals cave. The names of each of these strong magical beasts is the Flying Spirit Snake, Amethyst Thunder Lion, Albino Earthworm, and the Pangolin Emperor. After these several days of fighting them, weve already established that their strength is the same as each other. The only difference is their innate skills. The Flying Spirit Snake is capable of flight and spits out an extremely potent poison, if it flies, then it will be extremely hard to deal with. The Amethyst Thunder Lion has a protective layer of amethyst scales that have an extremely high defense. It can also spit out lightning as well as discharge electricity from its body, it would be the best for everyone to stay away from it. The Albino Earthworm is a special variation of an earthworm. It has an equally strong defense to the Amethyst Thunder Lion, but its only weakness is that it is slow. For anyone with an wind attribute Saint Force, they will find the Albino Earthworm easier to manage than the other three.”

“The last one is the Pangolin Emperor and the biggest headache. Its attack strength isnt as strong as the other three, but the most annoying trait about it is that it is especially fast. In a single moment, it can drill deep into the earth to evade our attacks and then strike out from underneath. It is completely silent when it is in the earth and leaves behind no trace. It can attack from underneath ones foot at anytime, and while it is the weakest in terms of attacks, its attacks are generally unblockable.”

At the mention of the Pangolin Emperor, Qin Jis eyes narrowed angrily; clearly, he had eaten up a heavy loss from it already.

“Qin Ji, which magical beast do you think we should take on?” Jian Chen asked from the side.

“Does it need to be said? Of course we want the Flying Spirit Snake. We have three Ruler Armaments, and one of them is a longbow model! If the Flying Spirit Snake were to take to the skies, then we could shoot it down. We also have a whip that can tether and restrict the snakes mobility. At the very least, we could prevent it from taking to the skies. The two weapons are the bane of the Flying Spirit Snake.” Qin Ji spoke with no hesitation.

Jian Chen thought for a moment before nodding his head in agreement, “Yes, then the Flying Spirit Snake poses less of a threat to use than the other magical beasts, lets take it.”

Hearing Qin Ji speak, the seated Dugu Feng spoke up, “The Albinos Earthworm has extremely strong defenses and has a lot of strength as well. The average Earth Saint Master wouldnt be able to do any damage to it, and without a Ruler Armament, its defenses cannot be pierced. My division will take this one, the Amethyst Thunder Lion and Pangolin Emperor will be handled by the other two divisions.”

In a flash, the discussion was over. The most annoying magical beast, the Pangolin Emperor who had an unavoidable and unblockable attack and the strongest magical beast the Amethyst Thunder Lion were given to the last two divisions. Although the men in those two divisions were displeased, they werent able to say anything. The Flying Spirit Snake was capable of flight which would render all those on the ground helpless. It would also be able to strike at the men on the ground with its poison, so this magical beast was best suited for the group with the longbow and whip user.

As for the Albino Earthworm, many men were of the same mind of as well. As were all magical beasts that held the character for “Dragon” in their name, the defenses of the Albino Earthworm were as strong as Dugu Feng had said. The average Earth Saint Master would be incapable of doing harm to its body, and since it also had an extremely high defense, it was only fair that three Ruler Armaments were needed to harm and kill it.

Although the Pangolin Emperor and Amethyst Thunder Lion were both hard to deal with, the remaining two divisions were strong in their own right and had many people. With at least thirty Earth Saint Masters against a single magical beast, the problem shouldnt be that big.

After walking for ten kilometers, everyone came to a stop as they spotted the remains of a battleground.

Suddenly, the loud roar of a magical beast could be heard as it shook both the heavens and the earth with an ear splitting sound. Then, three enormous magical beasts came into view: one massive python of large width with a head bigger than the height of a fully matured man and black wings–this was the Flying Spirit Snake.

Right next to the Flying Spirit Snake was a large lion. Its head was incredibly ferocious looking and had amethyst colored scales layered all over its body. Occasionally, a ripple of electricity would dance across its body– this was the Amethyst Thunder Lion.

To the side of Amethyst Thunder Lion was a gecko like magical beast that was a meter tall and ten meters long. Four stumpy legs held it up from the ground and its body was completely covered by brown colored scales.

As these three magical beasts appeared, a strong presence could suddenly be felt, pressing against everyones chest as if there were a heavy stone there, making it difficult to move.

“Together now, the Pangolin Emperor might still be underground, so be careful!” Dugu Feng said as he held up his flame sword and charged toward the Albino Earthworm. Following straight behind, Shi Xiangran and Jiede Wukang and their group charged with their weapons out.

At that moment, aside from the Pangolin Emperor, the other three magical beasts began to take action.


With a flash of golden light, the yellow clothed girl shot an arrow from her Solunar Bow toward the Flying Spirit Snake.

“Bang!” The arrow collided against the Flying Spirit Snake with an explosive sound. The snakes entire body began to spasm for a moment before settling once more. On its giant body, a single bloody hole could be seen.

With an enormous hissing sound that stung the ears, the snake flew toward the yellow clothed girl.

Qin Ji raised his machete and roared, “Use the whip to bind its body!”

Tianmu Ling flew forward with a serious expression. In an instant, the whip in her hands blurred as it flew toward the snakes body. While in midair, the whip began to extend before becoming a hundred meter long cord that wrapped around the two wings and bound it shut, preventing it from flying.

“Forward!” Qin Ji roared. With his Ruler Armament in the air, he and three other men flew at the Flying Spirit Snake. At the same time, Jian Chens body blurred away as he flew at the Flying Spirit Snake as well with his Light Wind Sword. Senior An and Yun Zheng both followed close behind Jian Chen.

“Bang!” An explosive sound and a billow of energy pulsed out like an ocean of energy. The surrounding area quickly went to ruins as the three other divisions began to fight as well.

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