Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 317: Fighting Over a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

eath later, the shockwave receded to a calm as the six Ruler Armament users each were dragged back ten meters. The barriers had protected them from any harm while only the yellow clothed girl was quite pale in the face. Upon looking at the stone door, there were several cracks, but it was still not broken.

Everyone let out a shocked gasp, the stone door was far stronger than what anyone had imagined. They didnt think that even six Ruler Armaments wouldnt be enough for them to shatter a stone door.

What everyone could rejoice about was the durability of the immortals cave. Even after such a heavy blow, it still had not collapsed.

“Again!” Jiede Wukang yelled out. Immediately, the six people struck out once more for another terrifying unified attack that was stronger than the one before.

Another explosive sound could be heard as stone pieces could be seen flying about and the cave echoed with the sound. After the second strike, the unbelievably strong stone door had finally been shattered.

Even after the stone doors shattered, Dugu Feng, Jiede Wukang, Shi Xiangran, Qin Ji, and Tianmu Ling didnt care for the aftermath of the explosion and all charged past the gates. Each one of them were protected by their barriers and werent worried about being damaged by anything.

Sensing their movements, Jian Chens eyes flashed in recognition. Immediately charging straight toward the doorway, against the energy wave, Jian Chen twisted and turned in a struggle to get past. Finally, he was able to break free of the energy wave and follow the five through the opening.

Beyond the stone gates was an empty space where none of the energy from the earlier strike could reach. Placed right on top of a high platform was a dark colored wooden box. On the outside, it looked quite ordinary and didnt seem to be anything special.

Seeing this box, Dugu Feng, Shi Xiangran, Jiede Wukang, and Qin Ji all flew toward it without a moment of hesitation.

A cyan colored whip blew past them and in an instant, it had reached the platform and wrapped around the box before pulling it back.

The four men instantly came to a compromise with each other and struck out at the box.


As the box was smashed apart, a white leather book was sent flying into the air. As a result of the blast from the attack, the book continued to flap in the air as the pages.

Four hands simultaneously flew out to grab at the falling book in hopes of snatching it away from everyone else.

Tianmu Ling didnt move a foot and immediately snapped her wrist, causing a part of the whip to fly at the four men. At the same time, the head of the whip flew at the book

At this moment, the four men acted as one and smashed down on the whip with their Ruler Armaments. Although the whip was also a Ruler Armament, it wasnt able to withstand the might of four Ruler Armaments and was forced back down. The four men instantly arrived at the book and lashed out to grab it. Each hand latched onto a part of it and with a violent pull, each one tried to pull the book toward themselves.


The string binding on the book instantly tore, causing several pages of the book to fly through the air. Combined with the energy from the earlier blow on the whip, the book pages all fluttered about through the air.

Four pairs of hand zipped through the air as they collected the scattered pages. At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly appeared in a silver ray of light. Spotting two of the loose pages, he grabbed at them with lightning speed before grabbing onto another one nearby.

Dugu Feng swiftly grabbed onto another two pages as well before spotting another right next to his hand. As he lifted his hand to grab at it, suddenly, a person appeared in his line of sight. This person was Jian Chen who immediately grabbed at the piece of paper right underneath his eyes.

Dugu Feng was immediately stunned before instantly growing angry as his eyes gleamed with a murderous light.

After the small struggle for the pages, the book was quickly divided up by the six people. In the end, Tianmu Ling had two pages, Jian Chen had four, Dugu Feng had four, Jiede Wukang had three, Shi Xiangran had two, and Qin Ji had four for a total of nineteen pages.

At this moment, Shi Xiangran had already flew at Jian Chen with his barrier present while his Seal of Treasure Mountain flew at Jian Chens head.

“To dare kill my men, Ill definitely kill you today!”

“No one has dared steal from me before!”

At that moment, Jiede Wukang and Dugu Feng flew at Jian Chen with their Ruler Armaments out and ready to kill him.

Qin Ji and Tianmu Ling had no plans on helping out either side. Although they had fought alongside Jian Chen, but their relationship with him wasnt anything special. Shi Xiangran was a hated enemy of Jian Chen, Jiede Wukang had his comrade Zhe Gu die by Jian Chens hand, and Dugu Feng had a part of the battle skill taken away from right under his nose. Each person had a reason for fighting Jian Chen.

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