Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 322: Intact Heaven Tier Battle Skill (Two)

Chapter 321: Intact Heaven Tier Battle Skill (One)

Jian Chen looked at the floating blood pattern that Dugu Feng had drawn and spoke, “Dugu Feng, you are a true man. I, Jian Chen, admire you. This blood oath is not something I want. I have no desire to control your life, but the things you promised to do I am still waiting on.”

Hearing this, Dugu Feng was stunned. Looking at Jian Chen in disbelief, he said, “Do you really trust me, are you not afraid of me going back on my word?”

“Thats right. I believe in a person of your character. Of course, if you are a person that goes back on your word, then I can only blame myself for being blind.” Jian Chen spoke with no hesitation as if he fully trusted Dugu Fengs words.

Despite the fact Jian Chen could control Dugu Fengs life with the blood oath, Jian Chen didnt need a person of empty strength. He needed a true comrade, someone with flesh and blood with his own spirit and self thought. Self independency was the only way to reveal Dugu Fengs true potential. Although accepting the blood oath would allow Jian Chen to be able to sleep worry free without fear of being betrayed, Dugu Feng would become nothing more than a soulless person. This would bear no major change on Dugu Fengs power, but in the end, Jian Chen would never hold Dugu Fengs true loyalty.

Dugu Feng stared at Jian Chen in a daze, full of disbelief. At this moment, he was looking at Jian Chen in a whole new light from a stranger to a comrade that he had fought and lived through multiple battles with, thus emotions began to fill up in his eyes.

Dugu Fengs fists unconsciously began to tighten as he stared at the handsome and younger Jian Chen before speaking, “You neednt worry then. I, Dugu Feng, am not a person that goes back on his word. When I return the Ruler Armament to my clan, then I will immediately come back to fulfill my promise.”

Jian Chen nodded his head with a smile. The matter between him and Dugu Feng seemed to have been settled in a way that Jian Chen had not expected. He now had Dugu Fengs loyalty, so Jian Chen was happy. Ming Dongs strength had also made leaps and bounds, and with the addition of the equally strong Dugu Feng, it could be said that the Flame Mercenaries made another promotion in strength. With this expansion in strength, the amount of power Jian Chen was controlling now was on a larger scale.

“Dugu Feng, you should continue to participate in the Gathering of the Mercenaries. With you strength, you should be able to make a name for yourself and make it within the top ten. The rewards are extraordinarily rich. This is not an opportunity that should be missed.” Jian Chen spoke.

Dugu Feng nodded his head, “Fine, after the Gathering of the Mercenaries are over, everything I earn will be given to you. I am no longer from the Dugu clan, so my achievements will be unrelated to them.”

Jian Chen shook his head, “That wont be necessary. As long as you make the achievements yourself, then the reward is yours. Dugu Feng, I, Jian Chen, admire you as a true man. In the future, you will be a brother to us all. I hope that everyone can be honest with each other and that we can work together.”

Hearing his words, Dugu Feng began to feel emotional as his voice began to tremble while he spoke, “Fine, I will be your comrade and will not permit anyone to do anything to cause harm to us. Otherwise, anyone that tries will not escape from me.” Dugu Feng spoke heroically. From this moment, the proud heart of Dugu Feng had finally been influenced completely by Jian Chen.

“Haha, I didnt think wed earn one more friend from this. Dugu Feng, I am called Ming Dong, you can just call me by that. The previous offenses I may have spoken, please do not take offense to them. I, Ming Dong, truly wish to apologize for this.” Ming Dong too admired Dugu Fengs character and smiled at him with a refreshed look.

Dugu Feng couldnt help but have a small smile on his face as he clasped a hand on Ming Dongs shoulder, “Then Ill be calling you Ming Dong in the future. Today has been a lucky day for me to be able to come across two outstanding geniuses and become their comrade. You two are even younger than me, but you two are inversely stronger than me. Especially you, Ming Dong; with your own strength, you were able to receive a blow from my Ruler Armament and even caused me to be sent back. Could you be a Heaven Saint Master?”

Ming Dong laughed loudly, “Its not that extreme, I am only at the Peak Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master level. Although there is only one more step until the Heaven Saint Master realm, this step will still take me another three years at the least to cross.”

“What, your strength has already reached the Peak Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master level?” As soon as Ming Dong finished talking, Jian Chen spoke in surprise as his eyes widened in disbelief.

In less than a year, Ming Dong had gone from a Great Saint Master to a Peak Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. This was a frightening pace that even the words, “lightning quick” wouldnt be able to describe. That was because to become an Earth Saint Master, an unbelievable amount of energy was needed to make the breakthrough. The amount of energy however, to become a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master was immeasurable. Yet, Ming Dong had somehow managed to pull off the impossible within the span of a single year. Even Jian Chen at the moment was only a First Cycle Earth Saint Master.

Dugu Feng regarded Ming Dongs strength with astonishment, he didnt think that Ming Dong was anywhere past the age of 28. This was younger than he was by two years, but the gap in strength between the two was vast. For him to be one step away from the Heaven Saint Master level, this type of achievement made the heaven sent genius Dugu Feng feel eclipsed.

Seeing the look on Jian Chens face, Ming Dong laughed as he enjoyed the expression. “Jian Chen, you shouldnt look so surprised. For the sake of improving my strength, uncle Tian expended a lot of his energy and used an unmeasurable amount of heavenly treasures to improve my strength. Originally, uncle Tian had planned on raising my strength to the Heaven Saint Master realm. Unfortunately, with my current foundation, if I were to become a Heaven Saint Master, then my foundation would be shattered. For the sake of my future cultivation path, he forced my strength to hover around the Peak Sixth Cycle. Then, with his absolute strength, he confined my energy within my body and told me to not try and make the breakthrough for three years.

Hearing this, Dugu Feng felt shock in his heart before asking, “Ming Dong, your uncle Tian is quite amazing. He must be a Saint Ruler at the very least.”

Ming Dongs mouth raised up by a small amount as he smiled, “My uncle Tian is extraordinarily strong. However strong he is, I dont know, but I did hear that 5000 years ago, uncle Tian was a Saint Ruler.”

“Wh-what? Five….five thou-thousand years ago he was a Saint Ruler!?” Dugu Fengs face lost color as his eyes grew so wide, they were in danger of falling to the ground. He was that shocked.

“What, Dugu Feng, is there something wrong?” Ming Dong had a crafty smile on his face as he pretended to be confused.

“N-no.. theres nothing.” Dugu Feng spoke out in a rush as his forehead began to collect sweatdrops. His face grew white as he spoke; this was the first time since Jian Chen came by that he had lost his composure.

“It seems Dugu Feng most likely knows something, otherwise, he would not be shocked to such a degree to hear about a 5000 year old Saint Ruler.” Jian Chen thought to himself as he observed him.

“Theres still a few of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill pages I havent yet collected back in the cave. We should hurry on back.” Jian Chen spoke.

After that, the three men quickly dashed toward the cave as Jian Chen began to worry about the few pages left in Qin Ji and Tianmu Lings hands. Thus, their speed wasnt slow at all. Not too long after, the three men quickly came near the area of the cave.

As the three men approached the area where everyone fought the four magical beasts, a loud roar could be heard from farther away before the bloodsoaked and furious Amethyst Thunder Lion came charging at the three.

“What a strong force, Ive finally come across a strong opponent! Let me at him, you two shouldnt take this away from me.” Ming Dong stared at the Amethyst Thunder Lion and charged at it with his own Saint Weapon.”

“Ming Dong, after youre done with the Amethyst Thunder Lion, come meet up with us in the cave, well be heading in first.” Jian Chen spoke to Ming Dong as he charged. Right now Ming Dongs strength was already strong enough to knock back a Ruler Armament user without harm, he would be able to deal with the heavily injured Amethyst Thunder Lion with ease.

“Got it.” Ming Dong replied.

“Ah, thats right, there still might be the Pangolin Emperor hidden below ground, be careful of it.” Jian Chen warned him.

Afterward, Jian Chen and Dugu Feng swiftly arrived nearby the cave where they saw a large amount of men gathered outside who were cursing loudly.

“For what reason are you blocking us from entering, this cave isnt yours!”

“Thats right, you all are too arrogant! This immortals cave isnt yours, just what right do you have to seize it for yourselves?”

“Dont think that just because you have the strength to monopolize the cave that we wont be able to enter. If we all unite, we will be able to make a break into the cave!”

“Hurry up and get out of the way for us! Although our strengths arent equal to yours, we are not afraid of you!”

From far away, Dugu Feng and Jian Chen could hear the sounds of curses as everyone was blocked entry into the cave.

Quickly, Jian Chen and Dugu Feng landed on the ground. Dugu Feng then roared out loud to the crowd, “Whoever blocks our path should move aside!” His voice was so loud that everyones eardrums shook.

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