Chapter 3292: Sword Emperor City

The Primordial realm expert from the Xiong family only saw a blur before his eyes. Then Jian Chen and Xia Jianming reappeared in an extremely eerie manner.

The sudden occurrence made the Primordial realm expert of the Xiong family blank out, but he soon responded. His expression immediately changed drastically as his eyes became filled with deep fear.

With his knowledge and experiences, he could obviously tell with a single glance that this was the Laws of Space. However, even with his cultivation as a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, he had actually been teleported back here without being able to resist at all, even unable to sense anything at all.

What did this mean?

It meant that the persons mastery of the Laws of Space had reached an extremely frightening level, enough to overwhelm him absolutely.

On the other hand, Xia Jianming, who had already pledged his loyalty to Jian Chen, also blanked out when he saw the ancestor of the Xiong family. After all, he had already fled, yet he actually reappeared before him. However, despite his shock, he soon became extremely excited.

This time, the abilities that Jian Chen demonstrated were even more startling than when he killed the ancestor of the Zhan family.

After all, killing the enemy in a direct confrontation and preventing the opponent from escaping was completely different.

“Ill leave his fate to you,” Jian Chen said indifferently. With that, the ancestor of the Xiong family drifted towards Xia Jianming uncontrollably.

He had been restrained by Jian Chens Laws of Space. Even when he possessed the powerful cultivation of a Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, it was useless under such restraints.

Jian Chens overall strength had undergone a complete decline after facing the crisis of being the Anatta Grand Exalts fruit of ways, including the Laws of Space.

However, his mastery over the Laws of Space was still at the First Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime!

With that kind of cultivation, any Third Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime was completely at his whim. There would still be a colossal difference in strength.

The Primordial realm expert from the Xiong family immediately paled. He stared at Jian Chen in fright and despair as he said in a hurry with a trembling voice, “No- you cant do this. I-I belong to one of the nine heavenly kings, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King. Once you kill me, thats opposing the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King.”

“Xia Jianming, no, u-union leader Xia, if you spare me today, our matter today will be a matter of the past. Our organisations will develop independently without getting in each others ways. You wont offend the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King this way either. What do you think?”

Hearing the ancestor of the Xiong familys reasoning, Xia Jianming immediately hesitated. After a slight deliberation, he clasped his fist towards Jian Chen and bowed politely. “Master, why dont you let him go?”

Jian Chen glanced at Xia Jianming deeply. “Have you thought everything through? Are you certain you want to let him go?”

Xia Jianming nodded, clearly possessing qualms. He did not possess the courage to kill the ancestor of the Xiong family.

“Since you insist, then as you wish!” Jian Chen removed the restraints on the ancestor of the Xiong family.

The ancestor of the Xiong family did not remain there for a moment longer after recovering his freedom. He immediately fled as quickly as he could as if he was afraid that Xia Jianming would change his mind.

“Thank you for respecting my wishes, master!” Xia Jianming ingested a few recovery pills and arrived before Jian Chen in a trembling manner. His voice was filled with respect.

“No need to be so polite. Im just upholding my word and doing what I should, as I have a lot of use for you from today onwards.” Jian Chen was amicable, making him seem very approachable.

He glanced past Xia Jianming and said, “You let him go because youre afraid of that so-called Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King, right? Give me a basic introduction of the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King.”

“Yes, master!” Afterwards, Xia Jianming told Jian Chen about some basic matters regarding the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King.

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Of course, Jian Chen did not care about the majority of the information. What he was truly concerned with was these heavenly kings strength.

The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King was one of the nine heavenly kings of the Wood Spirits World, a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime in possession of one ancestral imprint. His battle prowess was extremely great and basically stood at the apex of the world.

“Ancestral imprint? Whats that?” Jian Chens eyes immediately shone when he heard Xia Jianming mention those words.

Xia Jianming subconsciously glanced at the green sun in the sky and said, “Ancestral imprints are said to be a type of imprint created by the ancestral artifact. Once you gain the recognition of the ancestral imprint, you can use a wisp of the ancestral artifacts power.”

“In our Wood Spirits World, the nine heavenly kings all possess ancestral imprints, so their strengths are all extremely terrifying.”

“Then are there any more powerful existences beyond the nine heavenly kings?” Jian Chen continued to ask.

“You dont know, master?” Xia Jianmings gaze immediately became puzzled when he heard that.

Jian Chen frowned slightly and shot a glance at Xia Jianming, frightening him into lowering his head immediately. He said in a hurry, “Above the nine heavenly kings are the three rulers. The three rulers are the greatest experts of our Wood Spirits World. Their strength has surpassed Infinite Prime and reached a higher realm, Chaotic Prime.”

“The three rulers… Chaotic Primes…” Jian Chens gaze grew deeper.

Afterwards, Xia Jianming took out a carriage from his Space Ring and invited Jian Chen to board it.

With a wave of his hand, he removed the ancestor of the Zhan familys Space Ring before rummaging around through it. In the end, he found some pills and heavenly resources, which he tossed over to the mount under him, smiling slightly. “Youve followed me for all these days, so even if you havent done much, youve still put in the effort. This is your reward.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen extended a finger and sent the Saint Emperor-level spiritual beast back to the outskirts of Death Valley with the Laws of Space, sending it back to where it originally lived.

After sending away the spiritual beast, Jian Chen boarded the carriage. Xia Jianming drove the carriage personally. Immediately, it turned into a streak of light, shooting off into the air at extremely great speed.

Sword Emperor city was one of the two largest cities within a range of several million kilometres. Its tall, simple walls were like a coiled dragon with four city gates corresponding to the cardinal directions. Many Wood Spirits moved to and fro. It was a scene of prosperity.

At this moment, a streak of light shot over at an extremely great speed from a distance. It was a carriage. It seemed to be beautifully decorated, radiating with a great pulse of energy as it travelled straight for Sword Emperor city.

At the front sat an old man who controlled it sternly. He seemed like the carriage driver.

Sword Emperor city was one of the nine imperial cities of the Peace region, so there was obviously a rule that forbade flight within it. However, when the carriage approached Sword Emperor city, it did not slow down at all, directly gliding over the walls and entering the city with a great boom. It led to countless envious gazes from the Wood Spirits lining up below to enter the city.

The carriage could travel around so fearlessly because it bore an extremely obvious and special symbol.

It belonged to one of the three great merchant unions of the Peace region, the Xia Merchant union!

In Sword Emperor city, Xia Jianming landed the carriage slowly in a large courtyard before talking to the person inside the carriage politely, “Master, were here!”

“This is one of the properties of our Xia Merchant Union. The environment is very tranquil. Is it to your tastes, master?”

Jian Chen appeared outside the carriage. His legs had completely petrified, so he was immobilised. As such, he remained in a seated posture. He looked around and nodded. “Very good. This is it then. Xia Jianming, go and prepare a document detailing the heavenly resources of the Wood Spirits World. The more detailed and the more complete, the better.”

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