Chapter 3293: White Emperor City in Chaos

“Yes master!” Xia Jianming answered politely. Through the power of the Xia Merchant Union, he recorded all the heavenly resources within the Wood Spirits World as quickly as possible before handing it over to Jian Chen as a book.

Jian Chen accepted the book and nodded in satisfaction. “Ill be spending some time in secluded cultivation next. If there isnt anything important, dont disturb me. If I need you for anything, Ill let you know.”

“Yes, master!” Xia Jianming answered politely. After witnessing Jian Chens strength, he had completely accepted the reality that he was now his subordinate.

“And, I like peace and quiet, so dismiss all of the servants here.” Jian Chen further instructed.

Xia Jianming accepted the order before hesitating slightly and clasping his fist again. “Master, theres a request I would like to make. I hope master can allow me to leave here for a few days because there are a few matters in the Xia Merchant Union that I need to attend to personally.”

“Go.” Jian Chen waved his hand and said, “However, youre injured, so you cant fight with your full strength. However, thats fine too. Ill leave an imprint on you. If any Primordial realm expert attacks you, I will secretly assist you.”

“As for those beneath the Primordial realm, you can deal with them yourself.” Jian Chen extended his finger, and a soul imprint immediately appeared on Xia Jianming.

The soul imprint did not possess any offensive capabilities, but it would let him immediately sense it once Xia Jianming was in danger.

With his Laws of Space and the strength of his soul at Chaotic Prime, he could directly take action from afar or even arrive in an instant as long as Xia Jianming was not too far away.

“Thank you, master!” Xia Jianming clasped his fist. He immediately became filled with confidence.

Xia Jianming left the courtyard, so only Jian Chen remained in there now. It seemed particularly quiet.

At this moment, in a room that was decorated extremely extravagantly, Jian Chen sat on the soft bed and read through the book compiled by Xia Jianming.

All the heavenly resources of the Wood Spirits World were recorded inside, including the various qualities. The effects of the heavenly resources were all described in detail too.

“The laws lingering in my wounds cannot be cleansed with my current strength. After all, I just dont stand a chance against the entirety of the Wood Spirits World alone. As a result, I can only start with some heavenly resources of the Wood Spirits World if I want to recover.” Jian Chen studied the heavenly resources of this world carefully as he planned inside.

There were three components to his injuries, which were the injuries to his soul, the injuries to his body, and the Dao Union Saints curse.

He was powerless over the curse. After all, that was the power of a Grand Exalt. It was at far too high of a level. It could probably only be erased with the sovereign god artifact of the Wood Spirits.

As for the cracks in his soul, that required a tremendous amount of heavenly resources that could treat the soul. He had some in the space in his soul, but it was completely insufficient.

As such, he needed to gather these heavenly resources from the Wood Spirits World.

Last of all was the wounds of his body. The wounds on his body were all contaminated by fragments from the laws of the Wood Spirits World, so they could not heal by themselves.

If he wanted to treat the wounds on his body, he also needed to use the heavenly resources of the Wood Spirits World.

At this moment, in an extremely spacious courtyard at the centre of Sword Emperor city. In the centre of the courtyard, there was a forbidden region three kilometres across.

The courtyard was the main base of the Sword Emperor clan that ruled over Sword Emperor city.

In an antique study within the Sword Emperor clan, a man in white clothes sat in front of a desk made from exotic wood, reading a book with great intrigue.

He seemed to be in his early forties, delicate and gentle in appearance like a scholar.

He was the ruler of Sword Emperor city, as well as the pillar of support for the Sword Emperor clan—the Sword Emperor!

At this moment, a person dressed like an old servant walked in from outside and bowed politely. “Sword Emperor, Ive just received the news that Xia Jianming of the Xia Merchant Union has returned alive. He has not perished.”

“Hmm? He didnt die?” The Sword Emperor shifted his gaze from the book in surprise. He said in thought, “Logically speaking, its absolutely impossible for Xia Jianming to escape under the pursuit of those two from the Zhan family and the Xiong family. Hes still alive, and hes bold enough to show himself in public with such a high profile. Looks like hes also made some kind of compromise.”

“Or should I say hes sought refuge under a heavenly king?”

The Sword Emperor clearly did not care too much about this. He shook his head gently and said in pity, “The Xia Merchant Union is one of the three major merchant unions in the Peace region. They possess a tremendous amount of wealth and own many businesses and properties in Sword Emperor city. Originally, we thought we could inherit these businesses and properties once Xia Jianming passed away, but it looks like Ive taken everything to be too simple.”

“But thats fine too. The Peace region is about to face an unprecedented upheaval. The age where the nine imperial cities control the Peace region is about to end. Surviving this storm is what matters most.”

The Sword Emperor looked at the old servant and said solemnly, “Pay a close eye to White Emperor city. The White Emperor should be close to his end too. White Emperor city is about to go through an upheaval too.”

The old servants expression immediately changed. He said fearfully, “Its rumoured that the White Emperor has one of the nine heavenly kings, the Mayhemless Heavenly King, behind him. Just who is bold enough to touch the White Emperor with a backing like that?”

“The Mayhemless Heavenly King, is it?” The Sword Emperor sighed like he was touching on a taboo. “This time, even heavenly kings cant change anything in this storm.”

The old servant was shocked. “Even heavenly kings cant change anything? D-d-dont tell me the three rulers…”


White Emperor city, in the White Emperor clan. In a secret room underground, a sagely old man dressed in white robes sat with his eyes shut and his knees crossed, without budging at all like a statue.

At this moment, Bai Yurou secretly appeared there with a flicker. All of her presence was erased while her expression was filled with caution and vigilance. Clearly, she had used some kind of special method to infiltrate this place without letting anyone know.

“Great grandfather!”

Bai Yurous face immediately became filled with concern when she saw the white-haired old man seated in the centre of the secret room. She arrived before him in a single step and dropped to the ground. Her face was sorrowful as she sobbed. “Great grandfather, ancestor Yan and ancestor Zong have already betrayed the sect-”

Bai Yurou suddenly stopped. She seemed to realise that something was amiss. Her eyes became wide open, gazing at the old man in great fear and disbelief before reaching over with her trembling hands and touching him gently.

With that touch, Bai Yurou immediately became sheet-white. Her face was devoid of any blood. Tears poured out of her eyes uncontrollably.

The old man before her no longer possessed any signs of life. He had already turned into a cold corpse.

“Great grandfather!” Bai Yurou called out and threw herself at the old man, sobbing away. She was devastated.

The old man was the pillar of support for the White Emperor clan—the White Emperor!


At this moment, a great rumble rang out and the door to the secret room exploded. An old man in black appeared at the entrance coldly with a few Godkings.

The old man in black gave off the presence of a Primordial realm expert. He was the third Primordial realm expert of the White Emperor clan apart from the White Emperor and ancestor Yan—ancestor Zong!

The Godkings standing behind ancestor Zong were all crucial members of the White Emperor clan too!

“Its you, ancestor Zong!” Bai Yurou turned towards ancestor Zong teary-eyed. The White Emperor was heavily injured, but not to the point where he would die. Despite that, the White Emperor had perished in his own sealed, secret room, which immediately made her think of ancestor Zong.

“How dare you, Bai Yurou! You killed the White Emperor!” ancestor Zong stared at Bai Yurou coldly and bellowed.

Bai Yurou stared at ancestor Zong with fuming hatred. The senior right before her eyes who had always commanded great respect had now become a mortal enemy who she loathed every sight of.

The Godkings all belonged to ancestor Zongs faction. Given the situation, she knew it was useless no matter what she said. She immediately collected the White Emperors body as quickly as she could before vanishing from the secret room with a heart full of anger and sadness.

Ancestor Zongs expression was cold. He said indifferently, “This secret room was personally set up by the White Emperor. Bai Yurou knows the secret technique that the White Emperor taught her, so she could move around here freely. Let the sect know that Bai Yurou killed the White Emperor and immediately mobilise the entire White Emperor clan to capture her.”

“Bai Yurou killed the White Emperor? Ancestor Zong, p-probably no one would believe that even if you try to spread it,” one of the important members of the clan said hesitantly.

“We dont need anyone to believe it. We just need a viable reason,” ancestor Zong said coldly.

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