Chapter 3294: A Heavenly Kings Power

With ancestor Zongs order, the news that Bai Yurou killed the White Emperor rapidly spread through the entire White Emperor city, not only leading to a great disturbance within the White Emperor clan, but also leaving many of the regular citizens in the imperial city greatly shocked.

Not only was Bai Yurou the most outstanding prodigy in the history of the White Emperor clan, but she was also a renowned expert of the Heavenly Rankings in the Wood Spirit World. She was known to be invincible at her cultivation level, possessing startling battle prowess and unrivalled talent. She was honoured as the person with the greatest potential to become a heavenly king.

And, the White Emperor had shown Bai Yurou great care and protection. Under these circumstances, how could she kill him?

As a result, as soon as the news emerged, no one from the White Emperor clan and none of the residents of White Emperor city believed this.

However, regardless of what they believed, the White Emperor clan did not hesitate at all when it came to hunting her down.

At this moment, inside White Emperor city, Bai Yurous face was covered with dried tears. Her expression was filled with sorrow and pain as she made her way out of the city as quickly as she could.

Behind her, several dozen Godkings chased at full speed. Some of them had mixed expressions, while the others were cold.

The White Emperor clan possessed three ancestors, so their clansmen were also split into three branches. The Godkings pursuing her all belonged to ancestor Zong and ancestor Yans factions.

“Stop! Yurou would never do something like that! There must be some kind of misunderstanding!”

There were also Godkings that yelled out in the White Emperor clan. Their voices spread through the entire city, speaking up for Bai Yurou.

These Godkings belonged to the White Emperors faction!

However, the White Emperor had died now, and many of the Godkings belonging to the White Emperors faction had perished in Death Valley. The remaining Godkings in the clan were unable to achieve anything against the people from ancestor Zong and ancestor Yans factions.

After all, there was also ancestor Zong, a Primordial realm expert, personally presiding over the White Emperor clan right now!

“Yurou is the hope of our White Emperor clan. Anyone who lays their hands on her is a traitor of our White Emperor clan!” An elder Godking of the White Emperors faction rose up in righteous indignation. His presence erupted, wanting to stop the Godkings that chased after Bai Yurou.

But in the next moment, several other Godkings gathered around him, completely overwhelming the elder Godking.

Afterwards, a giant hand descended from above, radiating with the pressure of the Primordial realm!

Ancestor Zong had taken action. With a cold expression, he subdued the Godking from the White Emperors faction without hesitation.

As the hand fell, the elder Godking from the White Emperors faction immediately turned into a cloud of blood, having been slain mercilessly.

Despite also being an Infinite Prime, ancestor Zongs strength was above ancestor Yans. He was at the Fifth Heavenly Layer!

Fleeing at the front, Bai Yurou witnessed the fate of the elder Godking and immediately began to shed tears in absolute sorrow. However, she said nothing at all, only gritting her teeth and fleeing out of the city desperately.

She knew that in this world where strength was everything, the weak had no right to speak up. Even if she exposed ancestor Zong to be the White Emperors murderer, no one could punish ancestor Zong given the White Emperor clans current strength.

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And, if she exposed him publicly and made ancestor Zong consider silencing the people, she might even harm some innocent clansmen of the White Emperors faction.

There were many clansmen that belonged to the White Emperor clan. The group that followed her to Death Valley were only the elites. Many of their weaker members remained in the White Emperor clan.

Suddenly, an arrow of energy shot over rapidly with a long tail, catching up with Bai Yurou like a stream of light. It pierced her left chest mercilessly, leaving behind a fist-sized hole.

With Bai Yurous strength, perhaps she could block the attack with ease at her peak condition, but she had not completely recovered from the injuries she sustained from Death Valley. She was still heavily wounded, so all of her abilities suffered a severe decline.

Spurt! Blood erupted from Bai Yurous mouth. She immediately lost her balance, slamming heavily into a building below. The entire structure collapsed.

“Bai Yurou, you cant escape!”

“The White Emperor treated you with such kindness, yet you actually brutally murdered the White Emperor while he was vulnerable. You better come back with us for punishment!

Behind her, several dozen Godkings belonging to ancestor Zong and ancestor Yans factions gathered around.

But at this moment, there was an explosion in the streets below. Chu Tianxing, elder Qing, and the others who had been hiding in the underground river the entire time immediately flew out, throwing themselves at the several dozen Godkings without any regard for their lives.

“Young miss, leave here to us. Go!”

“Its fine if we die, but you have to live on, young miss! You have to escape here alive and expose ancestor Zongs crimes!”

“Run, young miss! Only you can avenge us!”

These Godkings were all fiercely loyal. In order to cover Bai Yurous escape, they were willing to offer up their lives.

At that instant, the fifteen Godkings loyal to Bai Yurou collided with the several dozen Godkings under ancestor Zongs command. One side was heavily injured, while the other was all in peak condition. Coupled with the tremendous difference in numbers, three Godkings on Bai Yurous side immediately perished as soon as they began fighting.

“Go, young miss! Dont let us die here for nothing!” Elder Qing was also covered in blood, turning around and shrieking out at Bai Yurou.

Tears poured down Bai Yurous cheeks. She was filled with sorrow. She immediately flew away in a tottering fashion, fleeing away from the imperial city.

“Hmph, bunch of traitors!” At this moment, ancestor Zongs figure suddenly appeared. He glanced deeply in the direction that Bai Yurou fled in with a smear of fear in the depths of his eyes, but he did not go after her. Instead, he personally took action, slaying the Godkings under Bai Yurous command mercilessly.

When a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime personally killed a group of Godkings, that was obviously not much different from crushing a group of ants. Ancestor Zong unleashed a flurry of palm strikes and the laws appeared. Every time he struck out, a Godking perished.

“Leave these traitors to me. You go and bring back Bai Yurou!” Ancestor Zong ordered the Godkings.

“Yes, ancestor!” The several dozen Godkings under his command all flew out.

Meanwhile, ancestor Zong brutally overwhelmed the Godkings on Bai Yurous side. In the blink of an eye, only six people remained out of the fifteen Godkings that had returned alive from Death Valley.

This time, he struck out again. The surging energy sealed up the surroundings, directly hurtling towards Chu Tianxing.

With the approach of the great pressure, Chu Tianxing only felt like he had been immobilised. He could only stand there helplessly as he watched death approach him.

The difference between a mid Godking and a Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime was far too great, such that he could not dodge or avoid any attack from such an expert.

However, right as Chu Tianxing shut his eyes and accepted his death, a resplendent streak of light suddenly appeared, immediately turning the imperial city that was shrouded in darkness bright like daytime.

In his Space Ring, an extremely delicate, small sword suddenly flew out, immediately slashing out with a terrifying pressure that brought chills to everyone in the imperial city.

Wherever the small sword passed by, space split open, leaving behind a long, pitch-black crack. It seemed to pierce space, completely neglecting the existence of distance and appearing before ancestor Zongs chest in an instant.

The attack that ancestor Zong launched towards Chu Tianxing was reduced to nothing by the supreme sword Qi released by the small sword.

“A-a-a heavenly kings power!”

Ancestor Zongs eyes immediately narrowed, becoming filled with shock. From the small sword, he actually felt a power so great that he could not resist.

He had only ever experienced this power from experts on par with heavenly kings before.

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