Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 331: The Ten Best Practitioners

Chapter 330: Threat (Three)

“We are from the Jiede clan. You may call us the third and fourth Elders!” One of the elders spoke.

Still sitting on his bed, Jian Chen cupped his hands in greeting, “Fellow elders, what business might you have with me?”

The third elder glared at Jian Chen dangerously, “Jian Chen, let me ask you. Did you kill the young lord Jiede Wukang?”

“And so what if I did?” Jian Chen spoke. He didnt bother to deny it since many men had seen him kill Jiede Wukang. Even if he denied it, then the Jiede clan would be able to find out the truth from Qin Ji or Tianmu Ling.

Straight away, the two elders exploded with killing intent as they listened to Jian Chens words. “How arrogant, to kill the young lord Wukang. Jian Chen, just which clan are you from?”

Jian Chen revealed a small smile, “I am by myself, is there a problem?”

The third and fourth elders both looked at each other for a moment before breathing a sigh of relief. Previously, they had been worried that Jian Chen would have an incredibly strong power supporting him, but now all of their fears had been cleared away. Although the two of them clearly knew that there was the risk that Jian Chen was deceiving them, his answer was what the two elders were hoping for.

“Jian Chen, is the Duanyun Sword in your hands or not.” The fourth elder gave a heavy stare toward Jian Chen.

“Duanyun Sword? Could that be the Ruler Armament in Jiede Wukangs hands? I didnt think that such a small sword would be given such a name, not bad.” Jian Chen laughed. Although the two men in front of him were Heaven Saint Masters, Jian Chen was not afraid.

“So the Duanyun Sword is still in your hands. If you hand over the Duanyun Sword, then Ill make sure to leave your body in one piece.” The third elder released a strong amount of killing intent.

Jian Chen touched the Space Ring on his hand with a smile, “Either way I will be dead. You might as well first kill me and take my Space Ring. This Space Ring has what you want, try to do as you please.”

“You arrogant child, do you really think I dare not kill you?” The third elders face grew fierce as the entire room filled with a murderous aura.

“If you dare then come and kill me.” Jian Chen laughed coldly. He was gambling on the fact that the two elders wouldnt dare make a scene in Mercenary City. He had remembered the words from the Grand Elder: No matter what happens, do not try to fight in Mercenary City or risk having no help at all.

“You…!” The third elder bellowed in anger, he was on the verge of lashing out, but in the end he finally restrained himself.

At this sight, Jian Chen had a small smile on his face. His guess was correct, even the Jiede clan wouldnt dare to strike in Mercenary City.

“It seems that this Mercenary City has people even Heaven Saint Masters are afraid of.” Jian Chen thought.

Hearing the commotion within Jian Chens room, Ming Dong walked into the room and looked at Jian Chen, “I heard some loud bangs in here, who are they?”

“Theyre from the Jiede clan.” Jian Chen calmly replied.

Ming Dong instantly realized what was happening. He knew that Jian Chen had killed Jiede Wukang and had taken his Ruler Armament. The moment he heard that they were from the Jiede clan, no other explanation was needed.

“Jian Chen, do you require help? I can call uncle Tian out to help.” Ming Dong spoke under his breath to him.

Shaking his head, Jian Chen said, “No need, this is Mercenary City. They wouldnt dare attack me here, otherwise, they would have tried earlier without trying to intimidate me,”

Ming Dong had a blank look on his face at that, “I had almost forgot that violence is forbidden here.” Turning to look at the two Jiede clan elders, he spoke with honesty, “Fellow seniors, you should go. Staying here would do nothing more but waste your time.”

The two elders had nearly died from anger from his response as their eyes burned furiously. They had no way to vent their anger since they didnt dare do anything in the city.

“You two, I killed Jiede Wukang and have his Ruler Armament. What you wished to know you now know, you may leave.” Jian Chen spoke as if he was the emperor giving an order. This grievance the Jiede clan had with him would not be resolved easily.

To disregard the two like this, the two elders from the Jiede clan grew ashen in the face. If they were not in Mercenary City, then they would have long since struck out at Jian Chen; there was no need for them to have such anger.

“Jian Chen, youll regret this.” The fourth elder gnashed his teeth together.

“Jian Chen, return the Duanyun Sword or else the Jiede clan will hunt you down no matter where you go.” The third elder promised darkly.

With a sneer, he pointed to the exit, “You two, you may go.” Right now, Jian Chen didnt bother with any other words.

The faces on the two elders grew terrifying as the third elder opened his mouth once more, “Jian Chen, do you truly wish to offend our Jiede clan?”

Jian Chen said nothing.

The fourth elder spoke, “Jian Chen, I will give you one last chance. Return the Duanyun Sword and we will no longer bother you. Even if you leave Mercenary City, we will not chase you.” The fourth elder figured out that force would not get the right answer from him; so if a tough approach did not work, a softer approach would be needed.

“You two may leave.” Jian Chen was growing impatient by now. Jiede Wukangs clan was not a low one, and with him killing Jiede Wukang, the bridge had been burned. Only an idiot would relinquish the Ruler Armament and give more power to his enemy.

“You are certain that you will not return the Duanyun Sword?” The third elder clenched his fists tightly as an unbearable anger began to course through his heart.

By this point, Jian Chen had simply closed his eyes and no longer looked at the two elders. The manners of the elders were quite lacking. The master of the house had already told them to leave, yet they still remained.

Seeing that Jian Chen was being obstinate, the fourth elder let out a breath of air before trying to calm himself down. Right now, he knew that trying to get the Ruler Armament from Jian Chen was impossible.

“Well be leaving then!” The fourth elder growled before stomping out of the room.

The third elder glared poisonously before sneering once as he left the room as well.

With a wave of his hands, he blew a gust of wind and closed the door. Sitting right beside Jian Chen, he spoke out seriously, “Jian Chen, what are you planning now? Those two elders are Heaven Saint Masters, not easy opponents to deal with by any means.”

As if he had no care in the world, Jian Chen laughed, “No worries, while in Mercenary City they wouldnt dare make a move. Next up is the finals to the competition, so well be in the city for quite some time. Even when we leave, I have a way to evade their eyes and ears.”

Ming Dong took out a book from his Space Ring and handed it to Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, this is a specialized Heaven Tier Battle Skill that was entrusted to me from uncle Tian to give to you. I was originally planning on giving it to you earlier, but seeing how painstakingly hard you were researching the Heaven Stolen Fortune, I was afraid it would impact your studies. However in this situation, it seems that I should give this to you so you can learn it as soon as possible. If you come across a Heaven Saint Master who is after your life, this will help you immensely.”

Hearing the wordsHeaven Tier Battle Skill, Jian Chens heart skipped a beat once more. A Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something that he absolutely wanted. He didnt think that he would come across 3 separate Heaven Tier Battle Skills so quickly.

Unable to contain his emotions, Jian Chen took the Heaven Tier Battle Skill. This book was called “Illusionary Flash”. It was a battle skill specialized for movement and not attacks.

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