Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 336: Two Moves

the Sword Qi on the Light Wind Sword had been scattered for the most part. A kaleidoscopic picture of Sword Qi flew out and impacted against the barrier without a single scratch on it before the Sword Qi disappeared from reality.

Although Jian Chens sword had most of its Sword Qi scattered, the azure and violet Sword Qi was not affected. Just as those two and Caragas Radiant Saint Force made contact, Caragas sword became like a rotten piece of wood that instantly chipped away as the Light Wind Sword left behind a two finger wide hole in it.

Feeling the damage from his Saint Weapon, Caraga stifled a shout as his face went white and he spat out some blood.

Mere seconds after Jian Chens sword had smashed against Caragas sword, Jian Chen continued up with a second strike with his sword in a split second. While the strike had only been for a moment, the power and speed in which it had struck out was inconceivable.

Caraga could feel the damage done to his Saint Weapon with a shocked expression, As the azure and violet Sword Qi flashed in between his eyes again, he immediately remembered his surroundings and quickly increased the distance between him and Jian Chen.

However Jian Chen had somehow managed to get behind Caraga while holding his sword in an elegant like position without moving.

Outside of the arena, everyone began to point wildly at the scene with loud chattering of amazement at the initial strike.

“Who do you think will win…?”

“Of course itll be Caraga….”

“Its definitely Caraga, Ive heard that he and Ka Zhafei are extremely close. Even Ka Zhafei was a Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master, Caragas strength is definitely just as strong, but Im not sure if he has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill or not…”

“But Jian Chens strength isnt bad either. Hes quite young, what age do you guys think? I would say twenty years old, he couldnt have been cultivating for that long…”

“Thats right, Jian Chen couldnt have been cultivating for more than a dozen to twenty years. I can also see that he is an attributeless Saint Force cultivator as well. He cannot compete with Caraga who is a Radiant Saint Force attributed cultivator. He is also called the undying by most and is incredibly strong, who could possible kill him….?”

Suddenly, the chatter immediately stopped as everyone saw the bright red line on Caragas neck. The red line began to grow wider before the entire neck seemed to be completely red. Even before the line could become completely red, everyone had already came to the conclusion that the line was blood.

Like a water fountain, blood began to spill from Caragas neck as he fell to the ground. His neck already had a pool of blood forming beneath his body. Then, his head rolled away from the body, causing the blood to pour from his neck in a steady stream, covering the entire arena with blood.

Outside of the arena, everyone had gone into a mute shock as they stared at the scene in the arena with wide eyes and looks of amazement.

For someone strong with a Radiant Saint Force like Caraga, it was unexpected for him to be beheaded by the young looking Jian Chen as soon as the match had started. This was such a wide gap in skill everyone found it almost hard to believe.

As if ignoring everyone else, the moment the announcement was revealed, Jian Chen walked out of the Space Gate and into the staging area where everyone was staring at him with wide eyes as if they had no idea whether or not someone was coming back.

“What a fast sword, for him to stab outward in less than a single second, this type of strength is far too much! It seems that his sword has a secret regarding those two strange lights if it could cut a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Masters weapon.” A Heaven Saint Master elder spoke in admiration.

Leaving the arena, Jian Chen had found it hard to contain his excitement. This wasnt excitement from winning, but excitement from seeing his azure and violet Sword Qi growing in strength once more. Though, everyone had seen the glows.

Jian Chen had been able to behead Caraga, so Ming Dong naturally congratulated him. The other competitors outlook on Jian Chen had now changed by a lot. They all replaced Caraga with him as the number one person here. Everyone had a strange fear of him now almost as if he were a bigger threat than Ming Dong. Jian Chens beheading slash of Caraga took less than a second, practically faster than a thunderclap. Even they hadnt seen what had transpired inside the arena since Jian Chens speed was just far too fast for them to notice.

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