Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 339: The Soul Sword Once More

Chapter 338: Zhars Condition

The next day, countless people waited for the finals to finally start. This was the day that the King of Mercenaries would be established. The bi-centurial Gathering of the Mercenaries was finally coming to a close. The news of Zhar fighting against Jian Chen had been the focus of everyones banter. Even several Heaven Saint Masters had personally came to watch the fight before trying to predict who would win. In the end, the final conclusion was that the two men were not that different in strength.

Zhar was over the age of forty five, but also below the age fifty with the strength of a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master and had the Radiant Saint Force. Because of that, he was called the undying by many since he could heal any injury he might receive. His natural advantages were plenty and he was as complex as the two other Radiant Warriors from before. Neither audience nor combatants knew of his battle skills except for the exceptionally strong armor he had. However, many people speculated that he had a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill at the very least.

Jian Chen was most likely above the age of twenty and below the age of twenty five with the strength of a First or Second Cycle Earth Saint Master. He had no known attributed Saint Force but his strikes were incredibly deadly. His sword was incredibly fast and could make it hard for a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master to dodge. Moreover, he could maintain that speed for a long period of time without feeling the side effects of this supernatural movement. And because of some sort of martial arts, his movements were incredibly fast, he had no known battle skill, but he had a single hidden secret that could shatter the Saint Weapon of a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. When he utilizes the azure and violet glows of light, his fighting strength was suddenly multiplied and many people speculated that this was definitely a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

When information regarding the twos strength had been revealed, everyone immediately took notice and within the same day people began to gamble once more. Because this was the final round, every single gambler had placed high stakes on the match. Many of the wealthier men had wagered hundreds of thousands of purple coins on the two, making the pot of the entire bet count up to over a hundred million purple coins. Because of the ambiguity over the two combatants strength, there were people that looked at Jian Chen favorably and people who looked at Zhar favorably for an almost equal outcome. Half the people had bet on Jian Chen, the other half had bet on Zhar.

“Hehehe, how lively. I would like to bet 100,000 purple coins on brother Jian Chen to win it all.” Tianmu Ling took out the appropriate sum of money to hand it over.

“I too would like to bet on brother Jian Chens victory, 500,000 purple coins!” Qin Ji strode forward and took out the money from his Space Belt.

“Id like to bet a thousand purple coins on Jian Chen, thats all I have.” Senior An brought out a smaller stack of money onto the table.

“30,000 purple coins on Jian Chen, all of my personal wealth rests upon Jian Chens shoulders.” Qin Xiao spoke out in a grand voice.

“10,000 purple coins on Jian Chen.” Dugu Feng wasnt one to be left behind and spoke to the one taking the bets with a calm look.


In the arena, Jian Chen and Zhar both stood quietly across from each other. Jian Chen stood in carefree manner in front of Zhar with his sword in hand, the point of the sword resting on the ground, yet a piercing stare was honed in on Zhar.

Zhar was a sturdily built man who was about two meters tall and had a chilling stare as he looked at Jian Chen. He had come fully prepared by wearing his silver colored armor where wisps of Radiant Saint Force could be seen revolving around it, basking the area around him in a glowing light and giving him the appearance of a holy person. The only place that had not been covered by the armor were the two spots where his eyes were. Holding his bright Saint Weapon above his head, the armored Zhar looked like a revered war god.

The two had already stood in the arena for some time before instantly bursting into action as the announcer made the call.

Suddenly, the war god like Zhar spoke from within his silver armor, “Jian Chen, although you are using some sort of special method to hide your presence, I can tell that your Saint Force is not far away from my own. With your young age, I am sure that with time, you will reach the peak of the Tian Yuan Continent. So in this battle whether I win or lose, I hope that we will remain friends and not enemies.”

Jian Chen was slightly shocked after hearing those words, but he stared at Zhar with a strange look, “Weve killed your comrades Caraga and Ka Zhafei, did you not wish to avenge them?”

Even under the helmet, there seemed to be no difference in his emotion as Zhar spoke calmly, “I admit, Caraga and Ka Zhafei both came from the same place as I, but our affiliations are with a different power. We are not friends, but instead competitors. Our relationship with each other is quite subtle, and if it was any worse, then it would have become hostile. With you and Ming Dong killing the both of them, I should thank you; in fact, youve eliminated potential enemies in my future.”

Zhar let out a long sigh, “This triple entente between the three of us has gone on for too long. Perhaps, it was time for it to be smashed apart.” Zhar said before speaking once more, “Jian Chen, no matter how this battle goes, I truly hope that we will remain friends.”

Jian Chens eyes flashed with a strange light, he knew that this was an unknown situation where he was at great risks of being dragged into a terrible battleground. With some thought, Jian Chen said, “I can only say that we will not be enemies; as for friends, that cannot be easily done with so few words.”

Zhar nodded his head, “That is true enough. If just saying these words were enough for two strangers to become friends, then the value of friendship would be absolutely worthless. Jian Chen, I know that you are determined to be first place, but do you have the strength to overcome me?”

Jian Chens eyes flashed with a strange look as he tried to understand what Zhar was trying to get at, but he opened his mouth and replied anyways, “Partially!”

Zhar laughed, “It seems that you have confidence in yourself.” With that, Zhar took out his long sword and then another silver bladed sword from within his Space Ring, “Jian Chen, if I were to use this Saint Weapon, how sure are you that you will be able to beat me?”

Jian Chen took a looked at the new weapon in Zhars hand with a bright stare, “If my guess is correct, that is a Ruler Armament.”

Without any other words, Zhar laughed once more, “Correct, this is a Ruler Armament. Jian Chen, if I were to use this, then how sure are you that you would be able to beat me?”

Jian Chen stayed mysteriously silent, giving no reply.

Continuing to speak, Zhar said, “Jian Chen, you must know that just the two of us reaching this step was not easy. The requirements for the Gathering of the Mercenaries didnt allow many of the geniuses born at the wrong time to participate, so no matter if it is you or me that desires first place, we both will not easily renounce it. With our strength being so close to each other, we will have to fight with all our power to attain first place, and since we must defeat the other in order to become first, I will indeed try my best” Zhar suddenly stopped his speech to look at Jian Chen for a brief moment, “But if you could agree to my request, I will renounce my attempt and give you the spot of first place.”

Hearing this, Jian Chen kept a calm look on his face but his mind instantly began to think back to the first words that Zhar had said. In a flash, he had came to a conclusion that there would be a possibility for him to be involved in a clash between major powers. Zhars condition was quite alluring, but for such an alluring condition, there would definitely be an equally heavy price to pay for it. Zhar must have seen Jian Chens potential as well as the relationship he had with Ming Dong or greatly desired to have the support of the powers behind the both of them. Whichever the situation was, Jian Chen would definitely not want to agree to him.

“My apologies, but I believe that this battle should be won using our own strengths, not words.” Jian Chen spoke calmly with a neutral expression.

“Jian Chen, did you not even want to hear what my request was?” Zhar asked.

“There is no need.” Jian Chen replied.

“Jian Chen, this is your chance to become first place. I am not afraid to tell you, but I am in possession of a Middle Heaven Tier Battle Skill and a Ruler Armament, did you think you could beat me?” Zhar asked.

Jian Chen had a deep smile on his face as he replied, “Zhar, if you cannot hit me, then the Ruler Armament in your hand has no use. As for the Heaven Tier Battle Skill, hehe, while they are indeed powerful they require time to employ. If you dare try to initialize your Heaven Tier Battle Skill, then I can guarantee that you will not be able to release it. My sword will strike at your throat.”

If it were not for the helmet on Zhars face, then the facial change would have been noticeable to everyone. He stared blankly at Jian Chen for a moment before laughing for a good while. This was the first time he had ever thought his words had been so useless and suffered so much by the younger generation.

After a short period of time, Zhar let out a sigh as he stared at Jian Chen in thought, “If only my son was as remarkable as you, that would be great. Even if I were to reduce my life by a hundred years, if not a thousand or even ten thousand years, I would agree!”

Jian Chen was speechless.

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