Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 340: The Holy Land

Chapter 339: The Soul Sword Once More

The moment Ming Dong saw the Ruler Armament in Zhars hand from the outside, his face grew startled. “Crap, I didnt think he would have a Ruler Armament. His secret was cleverly hidden until now. This will be troublesome to see if Jian Chen will be able to beat him.”

The next moment, the two fighters spared no more words and waited for the match to officially start.

Two hours had passed, and if Zhar hadnt made a move, then Jian Chen would have thought that the match had long since started. He hadnt heard the call, but the time he had waited was already far too long. He had came here in the morning, and now it was almost noon.

The blazing hot sun was already high in the air and its hot golden light rays bored down, basking the entire area with a golden color.

Despite the sun blazing overhead, not a single person felt the heat. It was already winter in season, so the temperature was not unbearable. Only a few really noticed the sunlights heat, but they thought it to be more comfortable than not, unlike summer heat which everyone came to hate.

“It is now the third hour, let the competition begin!” Suddenly, the voice of the announcer could be heard.

Hearing this, Jian Chen almost felt like spitting out blood. He had no idea that he and Zhar would be standing around like idiots until the first hour past the start of the afternoon for the match to begin.

“Tai!” On the other side, Zhar had already burst into motion as his Radiant Saint Force exploded away from him. With his Ruler Armament high in the air with a divine like radiance, his entire person seemed equally divine in spirit, making him seem like a war god.

As the Ruler Armament was waved in the air, a large amount of Sword Qi suddenly flew out toward Jian Chen like a crescent moon. Its power was so strong that even while flying through the air, the crescent shaped Sword Qi began to distort.

For a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master to wield a Ruler Armament, the amount of energy that would be released would be much more than Dugu Feng.

The crescent shaped Sword Qi flew at Jian Chen who was instantly torn apart, allowing the attack to continue on. It exploded against the barrier where it disappeared like a pebble within the ocean.

Seeing how Jian Chen had been smashed apart by the crescent Sword Qi, the entire audience all gasped in shock and amazement. However, the cries were all cut short as they realized it had only been a mirror image of Jian Chen that had been hit. The real one suddenly reappeared behind Zhar with his Light Wind Sword glowing with a faint azure and violet Sword Qi before stabbing at his back.

Zhar didnt even bother to turn around and immediately swung his Ruler Armament behind him. The energy from the Ruler Armament burst outward with a shaking sensation almost as if the area around it could not handle the energy output.

Growing serious at the blow, Jian Chen could feel that the amount of power Zhar had while using the Ruler Armament was far stronger than that of Qin Ji and Dugu Feng by a good amount. Jian Chen wouldnt be able to handle a fraction of the Ruler Armaments power, let alone the entire force of it.

Taking back his sword, Jian Chen immediately used the Illusionary Flash and left behind a mirror image for the Ruler Armament to attack while reappearing behind Zhar to stab at him with his azure and violet Sword Qi once more.

Without even moving to dodge Jian Chens blow, Zhar brandished his Ruler Armament so that his Ruler Armament would strike Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had been fearful of Zhars Ruler Armament, he knew just how strong the azure and violet Sword Qi were, but the Ruler Armament was not Zhars Saint Weapon. Even if he were able to shatter the Ruler Armament, it would not diminish Zhars fighting ability too much. For the sake of his own safety, he had to take back his strike once more and dodge the Ruler Armament.

The two men continued to go at each other in a fierce exchange of blows that never connected as they dodged, making the fight seem almost silent.

Zhar knew that Jian Chens speed was far too fast so he hadnt tried to dodge Jian Chens attacks and instead tried to meet the blows head for head. His Ruler Armament was brandished in a wide area so that Jian Chen would be forced to pull back his own sword at the last moment to avoid collision.

Jian Chen was already utilizing the Illusionary Flash to the best of his ability and traveled in a circle around Zhar rapidly. In less than a few moments, the two men had exchanged multiple strikes with not a single person being able to do a thing to the other.

The formidable amount of power coming from Zhars Ruler Armament struck fear into Jian Chens heart. He also knew that he didnt dare risk for a mutually assured destruction with Zhar because he wasnt sure if the Ruler Armament would be able to able to cut him in half. With the amount of power that was exuding from the Ruler Armament, he didnt want to test it out.

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared in Jian Chens eyes as he dashed backward while stabbing at Zhar with the azure and violet Sword Qi infused Light Wind Sword in every position. The armor that Zhar was wearing was strong enough that even Ming Dong would normally be helpless against it. Jian Chens regular strikes wouldnt be enough to dent it, so he needed to borrow the power of the azure and violet Sword Qi.

With an angry shout, Zhar brought his Ruler Armament up close to him so that the Light Wind Sword would be useless against it and scatter all of the Sword Qi away.

“Hmph, I, Jian Chen, doubt that I would be unable to deal with this situation.” He snorted before revealing an eye full of rage that made it seem as if they contained fire instead. In an instant, the Light Wind Sword separated from his hand and transformed into a silver ray of light that shot toward Zhar with impeccable speed. The Light Wind Sword seemed to have almost reached the speed of “light,” making it almost impossible for anyone to see.

At this moment, Jian Chen was using most of his soul to utilize the Soul Sword. The flight of the Light Wind Sword would have astounded the entire audience to a new level if seen by them even as the sword began to conceal itself within a faint mist.


Before Zhar could even react, the Light Wind Sword had already struck against his armor, but because Jian Chen had underestimated just how strong the defenses were, the sword had only left behind a small trace of damage.

Although Zhar had suffered no injuries, the Light Wind Sword had still traveled at an incredible speed and pushed him back a few steps with a large amount of force. The moment he had seen the silver streak of light, his face instantly slackened with shock as he cried out, “Just how is this possible? You…just what did you use to hit me?”

Because of Jian Chens efforts, the Light Wind Sword had flew at a speed and direction that made it impossible for Zhar to take notice, so he was completely unaware of what had been used to hit him.

Jian Chen ignored Zhars surprised outcry and slowly closed his eyes, to sense the existence of his Light Wind Sword. Using his spirit to control the Light Wind Sword, he and the sword achieved a harmonized state of mind. He was the sword, and the sword was he; the two beings were one and not two.

Just as Jian Chen had delved into this state of mind, the azure and violet Sword Spirits suddenly began to shake within his dantian. The Multicolored Stone also began to shake as if it were extremely happy like an overly excited child.

“Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding….”

A series of echoes could be heard as Zhars body continued to dance in a strange motion. With each step he took he was driven back so that he staggered in a new direction each second, several times, he was on the verge of falling to the ground. It was evident to see that he was in a bad position.

On his armor, a chain of firework like sparks could be seen as they lit up his Radiant Saint Armor and left several impressions in it.

“Just what in the world is happening… what trickery is this….?” Zhar cried out in shock and anger. Jian Chen and his sword were now one and with him placing all of his strength on controlling the Light Wind Sword, its speed was practically invisible to the naked eye. Even though Zhar was being constantly assaulted by strikes, he couldnt see just what was hitting him.

The Light Wind Sword continued to rain down on Zhars body with an unbelievable amount of strength. Each strike rocked his body making him unsteady. At last, Zhar stabbed his Ruler Armament into the ground to anchor his position while allowing the invisible strikes to continue to pelter him unobstructed.

His Radiant Saint Armor was valiantly durable and was comparable to even Shi Xiangrans defensive barrier. No matter how many strikes hit him, they did no damage to him at all.

“Just what in the heavens is this…” Zhar stared in bafflement toward the immobile Jian Chen. He had no idea how many times he had spoken those words now, but it went without saying that he was extremely curious to know just what trickery Jian Chen was doing.

Outside of the arena, every single person gasped in shock with their eyes wide open as they watched the show happening right in front of them. All they could see was the stationary Jian Chen who seemed like a stone statue and Zhar who was twenty meters away with his Ruler Armament stabbed deep into the ground. His hands were clenched onto the Ruler Armament while a series of sparks flashed across his armor.

This strange show left everyone absolutely mystified on how exactly this situation came to be and what was causing it.

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