Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 342: The Departure of Ming Dong

even more strength than what the Tianqin clan could afford to provoke. Qin Ji especially had a very extraordinary identity..

After the meal when everyone had left, Jian Chen and Ming Dong both returned to Jian Chens room where Ming Dong spoke, “In two days, uncle Tian and I will go bring my father and mother here so I will be gone for some time.”

“That is no problem, be at ease. In three days, I will be leaving to enter the holy land for half a year.” Jian Chen laughed as he waved his hand in a casual manner.

Sitting by Jian Chens side, Ming Dong asked, “Jian Chen, Ive known you for quite some time, but I dont know where your family is, did you wish for me to bring some news to them?”

Jian Chens expression immediately grew conflicted. Some thoughts hidden away in his brain were brought out by this question.

“Ive left my home for a good amount of time by now, but I dont know whether or not my mother is faring well. There is also my elder brother Changyang Hu and second sister Changyang Mingyue who have both cared for me always. Changyang Mingyue surely must have married by now, what a shame that I wasnt able to attend the ceremony.” Jian Chen thought dejectedly. At this thought, he had suddenly realized just how much he desired to return home and see his family once more, it had been far too long since he had left his home.

Seeing the dejected Jian Chen, Ming Dong had an indescribable look in his eye. From Jian Chens expression, he could see that something was weighing down on him.

Placing a hand on Jian Chens shoulder, Ming Dong spoke lightly, “Jian Chen, whats wrong? If theres any trouble, go ahead and tell me. I, Ming Dong, will definitely find a way to help you. If I cant, then I will definitely ask uncle Tian to.”

Ming Dongs words had shaken Jian Chen awake from his thoughts. Shaking his head, Jian Chen replied, “No, theres nothing, Im just remembering some old memories, thats all.” Jian Chen needed power to deal with the Hua Yun Sect. Although he knew that asking Ming Dong and uncle Tian for help would easily resolve the matter, and probably touch upon the crisis Gesun Kingdom was currently facing as well, , Jian Chen did not wish to go about this route.

The Hua Yun Sect had forced him to run away from his home when he was only fifteen years old. To Jian Chen, this had carved an unforgettable amount of hatred for them into him. Jian Chen desired to finish this affair with his own power. He did not want any outside power to help him with his revenge.

With a mental sigh, Jian Chen took the Heavens Stolen Fortune out from his Space Ring and said, “Ming Dong, your house isnt that far away from the Gesun Kingdom, so I hope that during your return trip, you could hand this over to Changyang Ba of the Changyang clan in Lore City.”

Originally, Jian Chen planned on giving the Advanced Heaven Tier Battle Skill Nine Cloud Movement to Ming Dong to give to the Changyang clan, but after some thought, he decided to instead give them the Heavens Stolen Fortune. This was because a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was far too precious. He was afraid that if news were to spread that an Advanced Heaven Tier Battle Skill was at the Changyang clan, there would be trouble.

While the Changyang clan was not weak, they werent strong enough to protect two Heaven Tier Battle Skills, especially since one of them was an Advanced Heaven Tier Battle Skill. So, Jian Chen finally decided to let Ming Dong bring the Heavens Stolen Fortune back with him because of the special characteristic of the battle skill: when activated, no person would be able to tell that it was a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. This was a battle skill that directly increased ones strength; it was hard to tell that it was anything special, as it could conceal itself very well, unlike other Heaven Tier Battle Skills, which would display astounding power as soon as they were activated.

Ming Dong took the Heavens Stolen Fortune with a serious look as he spoke, “Dont worry, Jian Chen. Ill definitely bring this back to Changyang Ba of the Changyang clan.”

“Remember, you must keep that this is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill a secret!”


Ming Dongs departure was sudden, by the second day, he had left Mercenary City with a respectful farewell.

At the same time, Qin Xiao, Qin Jue and the other Tianqin clansmen followed the Grand Elder out of Mercenary City. Although they didnt wait for Tian Zhou, the Grand Elder had concluded that Tian Zhou must have met an unexpected situation, and with only a sad sigh, he said no more about the manner. He knew that gathering tokens within the isolated space was the goal, and even if he found out that Tian Zhou had been killed by someone, he would not be able to find them.

Even Dugu Feng had said farewell to Jian Chen as he took the Ruler Armament along with some other elders out of Mercenary City, leaving only Jian Chen behind.

Because Jian Chen would be residing within the holy land for half the year, he had already dispatched Senior An and Yun Zheng on a mission for the Flame Mercenaries. They were to go to the Gesun Kingdom and ensure that the Changyang clan would be given assistance. Although the distance from here to the Gesun Kingdom was quite large, this would not be a problem for the two.

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