Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 345: Cultivation in the Holy Land

Chapter 344: Entering the Holy Land

Judging from the news given to Jian Chen from the second miss of the Tianqin clan, the Heavenly Enchantress was a legendary figure on the Tian Yuan Continent. She was capable of causing a nation to fall with her beauty that was deemed extremely unique. Her ability with the zither was peerless and possessed the Zither of the Demonic Cry that could bring any other expert of the zither to shame with her songs. Even her opponents would be entranced by the melodic songs and would have their souls erased before their bodies would follow suit.

Aside from that, the Heavenly Enchantress had prevented a war between two countries with a single ballad over the battlefield, causing the hundred thousand soldiers on both sides to fall asleep for three days and three nights; a truly fearful feat.

The Heavenly Enchantress had became a Saint a long time ago as well as being a Saint Ruler. A person like this was already standing at the top of the continent and overlook the others. What Jian Chen hadnt imagined was that he would be able to see the once in a generation Saint Ruler the Heavenly Enchantress. This was something that had moved Jian Chens emotions.

Afterall, a Saint Ruler was right in front of him, even more than that, but this woman was a living legend.

The Heavenly Enchantress had her facial features hidden, but it did nothing to hide the outline and her body. Not only was she quite tall, but her beautiful body was indescribable. One could choke from her beauty, as it seemed as if she was not meant for this world. And even Jian Chen had found it hard to move his eyes away from her the moment he locked onto her as if she was the only person in the world. The surrounding world seemed to have lost its color while she was the only focal point left.

Then, the Heavenly Enchantress had discovered Jian Chens gaze and turned to look at him with a surprised look on her face as she spoke with a heavenly voice, “Elders, this must be the King of Mercenaries, correct?”

The Eight Elder laughed, “The Heavenly Enchantress guesses correctly, he is called Jian Chen and is our King of Mercenaries. Although he is only a First Cycle Earth Saint Master, his fighting strength is not weak at all.”

Nodding her head, the Heavenly Enchantress spoke no more as if she lost her interest in him. Switching her gaze over to the memorial tablets, her eyes suddenly grew distracted.

Seeing just how the elders were speaking to the Heavenly Enchantress as if they were her equal, Jian Chen was astonished. He couldnt help but think to the words the Thirteenth Elder had said. The holy land was a place that only Saint Rulers could enter, and if one who was not a Saint Ruler wanted to enter, then they would have to be the King of Mercenaries.

“Then does this mean these elders here are all Saint Rulers at the very least? Even the one Thirteenth Elder who had been in the armory is a Saint Ruler too then.” Jian Chen thought to himself in shock. For there to be ten Saint Rulers, Mercenary City was far too strong to believe then.

Afterwards, the elders came up one after another to introduce themselves to Jian Chen. As Jain Chen grew to understand their identities, he realized that aside from the first two elders, the rest were all affiliated with other powers but had a friendly relation with Mercenary City.

Right now, aside from Jian Chen, there was 26 people of both genders. The vast majority of the people there were past the age of 70, but there were still a few 40 years old men. Yet, the person with the most attention was the Heavenly Enchantress who stood within a group of people that made her seem as if she was the crane amongst the chickens.

Right now, there was still one more hour remaining when another person had flown through the air and joined with everyone else.

This person was a youth who wore an expensive looking white robe. His age was about 20 years old. He was also extraordinarily handsome on a scale far different than Jian Chen. However, while he was handsome, his face had a slight feminine aspect to it while Jian Chen had a masculine expression.

The youth had a smiling expression that emitted light as he walked towards the Heavenly Enchantress and cupped his hands together, “Heavenly Enchantress, it has been 50 years yet youve grown even more beautiful than before.” The youth spoke as if infatuated with eyes that did nothing to show his adoration for her.

The Heavenly Enchantress eyes narrowed as a look of disgust could be seen. Not even looking at the youth, she spoke, “I thank Bijian Wang for his compliments.”

As if ignoring the attitude the Heavenly Enchantress was showing towards himself, the youth walked towards the Heavenly Enchantress with an infatuated expression towards her as he spoke once more, “Heavenly Enchantress, weve known each other for two hundred years by now, when will you invite me to your Three Sacred Isles for a tour? Ive heard that the Three Sacred Isles is a paradise on earth without any strife and only a group of harmonious fishermen. This place has long since distanced itself with war as well. Ive long since awaited for such a place, I, Bijian, have not fought for so long for such a reason!”

Each one of the elders looked on at this conversation with a helpless face. They all knew that Bijian had admired the Heavenly Enchantress. Back when Bijian had been a middle aged man, when he had came across the Heavenly Enchantress, it had been love at first sight. Using a secret method, he had managed to rejuvenate his face back to his youth so that he could win her affection.

Unfortunately for the love starved wolf, the Heavenly Enchantress had ignored Bijians enthusiastic attempts in trying to win her love. As time went on however, she had eventually came to loathe him.

“My apologies, Bijian Wang, my Three Sacred Isles is accepting no one.” Her voice was as cold as ice now.

As if encouraged, Bijian Wang had an innocent look on his face, “Heavenly Enchantress, could it be that even I am an outsider too?”

“Naturally!” Spoke the Heavenly Enchantress without taking a second to think while simultaneously giving no face.

Seeing the icy cold attitude of the Heavenly Enchantress, Bijian Wang had a helpless look on his face as he faced the skies and sighed. Afterwards, he walked by the Heavenly Enchantress side without another sound. In his pursuit of her, even after so long without success, he did not give up.

At that moment, the space on the platform suddenly began to tremble as a large amount of energy could felt gathering slowly within.

“The time has come, the holy land is about to open.” An elder of Mercenary City spoke.

Everyones gaze was sucked towards the space where the energy inside was growing richer and richer in density as well as intensity. At last, the space suddenly seemed as if it was starting to distort.

A few moments later, the large amount of energy already gathered there had reached a limit, causing the space to rip apart to reveal a three feet wide door made of chaotic space that could not be seen through.

“The gate to the holy land has opened, everyone please walk in.” An elder of Mercenary City spoke with a respectful tone before walking slowly towards the gate and then disappearing into the chaos.

Suddenly, the other elders of Mercenary City bowed towards the gate to the holy land before disappearing inside.

When all of the elders from Mercenary City had entered through the gate, the Saint Rulers from outside the city bowed respectfully at the gate before walking through it as well.

Jian Chen was the last one to enter, although he had no idea why everyone had bowed at the gate before entering, but he too followed suit and gave a bow to the gate before stepping into the chaotic gate to the holy land.

Just as Jian Chen had reappeared, he had found himself standing on a bright ray of light. The atmosphere in this area was far different than before, as it felt as if it was rather moist.

Taking a look around, Jian Chen was startled to find out there was no sky to be seen in this area. The entire area a hundred meters above was a single slab of stone that extended as far as he could see as if it was scooped from the stomach of a mountain. And right in the middle of the ceiling, a single crystal could be seen overhead with a dim light that seemed to fluctuate with energy.

The Eight Elder walked up to Jian Chens side, prompting Jian Chen to ask in wonder, “Eighth Elder, is this the holy land?”

The Eight Elder nodded his head, “Thats correct, this is the holy land. I am sure that you can see that we are within the stomach of a mountain; the holy land is indeed here. The founder of Mercenary City, Mo Tianyun himself had created a single space within the city as a way to reach the holy land. That would come to be known as the gate to the holy land, and aside from that method, there is no alternative route to get here.”

Jian Chen took a look at the holy land, he had no idea that Mo Tianyun would somehow be connected to the holy land.

Just then, the Eighth Elder looked at the floating crystal suspended overhead and slowly raised his hand as if he was being attracted by a sudden force of attraction. Slowly, the crystal began to slowly float towards the elders hand before finally making contact with it.

Observing the item, Jian Chen could see that it was a conical shaped crystal around the size of a thumb and yet sparkled with a bright light from its transparent body. The energy that flowed from it was remarkably pure as if the entire crystal itself was completely pure without a single taint.

“Eighth Elder, just what is this object?” Jian Chen couldnt help but ask curiously.

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