Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 355: The Strong White Tiger

Chapter 354: Class 6 Magical Beast

“Langener, your way of thinking is far too simple. We dont understand this Yang Yutian at all. If he has a strong background, then this would certainly bode well for our Lanming clan. But you didnt think this through, in the case that this Yang Yutian has offended a terrible enemy, then our Lanmin will be dragged into this situation. Although our Lanming clan is extremely high in position in regards to Thacia City, that is still a small area in comparison to the Tian Yuan Continent where we are nothing more than an insect to be stamped on. We simply cannot afford to be caught up in any trouble, so I do not approve of betting on Lanyings happiness for this.”

“Your words have merit; the identity of this Yang Yutian is still unclear. Right now, we are unable to predict whether or not this betrothal will bring fortune or destruction, this is far too risky.”

“Dont think of this situation so pessimistically, as the proverbs say,To find treasure, you must take hold of it from the jaws of trouble.” Just how do you expect to catch the cub of a tiger without ever entering the cave? If we do not take this risk, our Lanming clan will forever be holed up within this small Thacia City. This is an opportunity for our clan. Young individuals with a strength like this are rare to see on the continent, but each one of them are unparalleled geniuses with a future like no other. This is the Lanming clans chance to rise.”


Several men stood around in a circle as they each debated about the matter of betrothing Lanying to Jian Chen. Some were in favor of this idea, some were not. But each one of them had a logical explanation for their reasons, so even after an entire day, they had not reached a conclusion.

“Thats enough. Everyone please settle down, we are getting nowhere with this. Why dont we listen to the patriarchs words?” A man spoke.

Immediately, everyones eyes turned to look at the patriarch of the Lanming clan.

The patriarch looked at everyone with an expressionless face for a moment before speaking, “Each and every single one of you should think about it for a moment. Do you really think an Earth Saint Master would be that easy to rope in? This youth is a strong individual with a proud air. Although he is undoubtedly not a low ranking figure, he is also not a person that our small Lanming clan would be able to grab hold of. We dont even know how long he will stay in our Thacia City; but thats enough. We shall talk no more about this. I shall take the matter in my own hands, if you still have enough time to think, then think about what action we shall take toward the Blackwind Bandits. Hmph, to dare move against our precious pearl, if we dont take action against these bandits, I would be ashamed to continue living in Thacia City.”

“Yes, patriarch!” Everyone spoke up at once. The patriarchs might within the clan was far too high, and when he spoke, not a single one would dare to not listen.


The next morning, Jian Chen told some servants of the Lanming clan before heading out of the clan compound and walking out onto the streets to roam around the city.

Thacia City was a Second Class City, so the amount of people walking in and out was quite high. The city streets were filled with richly dressed people as well as many different burly looking mercenaries. The scars on the streets were remnants from when the carriages rolled over it, showing what state the city was in.

“Out of the way, everyone get out of the way!” Suddenly, a group of twenty mercenaries on mounts flew out from behind and continued to run like the wind much to the amazement of everyone watching.

“That has to be the Black Wolf Mercenaries! Seeing how much of a hurry theyre in, something must have happened to them.” A bystander spoke up to the person next to him.

“Dont you know? Yesterday night, a piece of information could be heard. According to these rumors, a Class 6 Magical beast was spotted 500 kilometers away on Thousand Poison Valley. While its heavily injured, its fighting strength is still stronger than that of a Class 5 magical Beast. With the Black Wolf Mercenaries running like this, Im sure its because they tried to kill it. Whoever could kill a Class 6 Magical beast would definitely earn a plentiful profit.” The other person spoke.

“You jest! Saying theres a Class 6 Magical Beast thats heavily injured, just where do you get off?” The first person cried out in doubt.

The mercenary had a helpless look on his face, “Despite it being an injured magical beast, its still quite hard to deal with. With my trifling Saint Master strength, itd be impossible for me to even run away. Ill sit this situation out, otherwise, I wont live for long.”

From not too far away, Jian Chens ears began to prick up at the sound of the topic of the two men. Walking toward them, he spoke, “Fellow brothers, is what you say about this Class 6 Magical Beast true?”

“Of course its true. I came from that place last night, a large group of people have already gathered there. Practically everyone is a Great Saint Master with just a few Earth Saint Master. Do you think this is false?” The second mercenary spoke with a face that made it seem unlikely to be untruthful.

At that moment, another hurried cry could be heard from ahead as a group of thirty began to rush to the outsides of the city gates while on horseback.

“That must be the Golden Unicorn Mercenaries, if you look up front, those are the captain and vice captains. It seems like theyre heading for the Thousand Poison Valley.”

Just as the Golden Unicorn Mercenaries rushed out, another group of men eagerly followed.

“Thats one of the strongest clans of Thacia City, the Huo Niao clan.” Another person cried out in shock.

“Even the patriarch of the clan is there, hes one of the strongest three men in Thacia City. For an Earth Saint Master like him to run out in such a hurry, could something big have happened?” Another person spoke out.

Not even seconds after the Huo Niao clan had left, another group of horseback members flew towards the gate in a hurry. When Jian Chen saw these men, he had a shocked look on his face. This was because the person leading up front was the patriarch of the Lanming clan.

The moment the Lanming clan were about to run past Jian Chen, he walked out to block their path. Just as the Lanming clan were about to cry out in fury, when they saw it was Jian Chen that had blocked them, the angry scowls on their faces disappeared in an instant and were replaced with smiles and polite greetings.

Even the patriarch had a smile on his face, “Little brother, so youre here?”

“Patriarch, seeing how much of a hurry you are in, did something happen?” Jian Chen asked.

The patriarch nodded his head, “Correct, yesterday night we came across some news that a heavily injured Class 6 Magical Beast appeared at Thousand Poison Valley 500 kilometers away. Were on our way to that area now in fact. Earlier this morning, we had sent someone to invite you over, but there was no sign of you. With little time to spare, we could only have our servants tell you the message when you returned so that you could catch up with us later. Little brother, are you interested in coming with us to the Thousand Poison Valley?”

“So this was the reason?” Jian Chen muttered before finally replying to the patriarchs question.

Afterward, another person let Jian Chen ride his horse before sharing a horse with another person.

Without any more words, the group began to travel toward the Thousand Poison Valley, leaving behind a group of confused mercenaries who stared at the receding figure of Jian Chen. “Just who is that person to have even the patriarch of the Lanming clan be so polite to him? Ai, if I had known earlier I would have tried to be friendlier with him.”

While Jian Chen and the Lanming clan continued to travel toward the valley in a mad rush, the patriarch continued to explain to Jian Chen all of the information he knew.

With Class 3 Magical Beast mounts, everyone quickly exited the city and continued on the roads with haste. After an hour, they had finally reached the place where they could see a gigantic mountain peak whose peaks were hidden by the clouds and fog. Each mountain peak was around 4000 meters tall, and a faint layer of poisonous fog could be seen swirling around.

On the outskirts of the valley, a group of a thousand people were already gathered densely on a flat clearing with tents everywhere.

The Lanming clan stopped a little ways away from the clearing before the patriarch handed Jian Chen a bottle, “Little brother, this is an antidote to this poison. Although the poison isnt too strong it will limit our strength, if one spends their time too long here, the effects will show, so we may as well protect ourselves from it.”

Nodding his head, Jian Chen took a pill and then swallowed it as easily as eating a soybean.

The Lanming clan had everyone in their group swallow the pill before dismounting. Leaving behind two soldiers, everyone began to enter the poisonous valley.

Walking into a very dense area, it began to grow hard to differentiate just what direction they were walking in. But because there was a path made for them by the footprints of the ones before, all they had to do was follow this path in a straight line without deviation.

The weakest members there were all of the Great Saint Master realm, but their speed was still fast. Not too long after, their group finally reached the apex where they finally stopped in their paths. That was because there was already several hundred men gathered there with serious looks on their faces.

Jian Chen leaped nimbly on top of a tree branch and began to look up ahead only to see an entirely white tiger lazily sitting around with its eyes closed while protecting the cave behind it. The tiger wasnt too big, only three meters long with white fur all over, contradicting the information from the mercenary in Thacia City. Right in front of the tiger was a giant pool of blood where hundreds of corpses littered the ground with their lifeless poses. Among these bodies was an Earth Saint Master.

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