Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 357: Winged Tiger God

Chapter 356: Class 7 Magical Beast

The single explosive roar of the white tiger had killed a dozen Earth Saint Masters, astonishing both elder Bai from the Moyun clan and even Jian Chen. The other hundreds of spectators had watched this with a growing look of horror at the tiger.

“Heavens, this tiger is terrifying! In a second, it killed a dozen Earth Saint Masters, can even a Class 6 Magical Beast achieve this?”

“There is a large difference between a Class 5 Magical Beast and a Class 6 Magical Beast that just cannot be quantified by man. Unless it a Heaven Saint Master or higher, no one can hope to go against a healthy Class 6 Magical Beast.”

“Impossible, while a Class 5 and Class 6 Magical Beast are indeed far apart, the difference cant be that big! This must be a Class 6 Magical Beast without a doubt, otherwise, a simple roar wouldnt be able to kill several Earth Saint Masters so fast.”

“Thats right, this magical beast has to be a Class 6 Magical Beast at the very most. Theres no way for so many Earth Saint Masters to be killed so quickly, especially if they were working together to divert the magical beasts attention.”

The people watching the fight were all gobsmacked as they continue to talk among each other. Each one were nervously standing around as they looked at the dead Earth Saint Masters and then the tiger. They were all just Great Saint Masters, the realm of the Earth Saint Masters was something they couldnt hope to reach. But even then, an Earth Saint Master was nothing more than a weak entity in the eyes of the white tiger, so there was no hope for them to attack it.

“To think that theres a Peak Class 6 Magical Beast in front of me, good heavens, this is an entity that only a Peak Heaven Saint Master could hope to fight…” A mercenary spoke.


The strength of the white tiger had terrified everyone. Although it had already killed a hundred people before this, those were not all Earth Saint Masters. This sudden and major development had instantly made all of the Great Saint Masters renounce any plans they had of capturing the cub and many had even decided on retreating.

The white tigers strength was truly too terrifying. Only a Heaven Saint Master would be capable of having an even match with this beast.

Elder Bai of the Moyun clan was speechless for a moment, but with the Class 6 Magical Beast cub right in front of his eyes, he was forced to retreat.

“Hurry back and report this back to the to the clan!” The elder spoke to another person from his clan.

“Yes!” The person immediately left on his horse.

In a flash, two days had gone by with more and more people coming to the Thousand Poison Valley. Rumors of the Class 6 Magical Beast were being quickly spread about so that clans even stronger than the Moyun clan were starting to show up. Practically every group had brought at least ten Earth Saint Masters, making the amount of Earth Saint Masters there over a hundred.

It was even said that the Heaven Saint Master ancestor himself had shown up not too long afterward. Evidently, even he was enticed by the allure of a Class 6 Magical Beast cub.

“Out of the way, the Sect of Dragon and Tiger is here…”

“If everyone could please move out of the way, we are from the Spirit Haven Sect…”

“The Baiyue Clan is here, move out of the way….”

“We are the Mercenaries of the War God, yield the way…”

A constant stream of strong factions came one by one to the valley when they had heard about the Class 6 Magical Beast. Each one was waiting for a chance to arise for their groups of eagerly awaiting Earth Saint Masters.

With this pace of development, the Lanming clan had already decided to not get involved. With the patriarch deciding that striving to enter the tigers cave for the cub was no longer a plan that could work and cleaned his hands of the affair.

Today, the heads of every powerful faction had gathered together in order to discuss the matter of the white tiger. While they were each Earth Saint Masters and could most likely fight a Class 6 Magical Beast, they did not want to pay a heavy price for it. Each one knew that fighting one wouldnt be too hard, but defeating it was not the main problem at hand.

“Lets see it this way, youve all seen the amazing power of the Class 6 Magical Beast for yourself. It was easily capable of destroying several Earth Saint Masters at once. Why dont we each join together to fight the Class 6 Magical Beast, then in the end, we shall all fight for the cub?” A middle-aged man from the Baiyue clan spoke.

“No, that wont do. What would we do if one of us takes advantage of the situation to steal the cub?” The captain of the Mercenaries of the War God said.

“Who would dare do such a thing? With so many people within our ranks, we could easily encircle this person.” One of the experts of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger spoke.

“Fine, well do it this way then, prepare your men.”

In a flash, the several powers had all reached a conclusion. The only group that wasnt happy was the Moyun clan since their Heaven Saint Master ancestor was not here yet. If they could only delay for time until he arrived, then they could snatch the cub without anyone hoping to go against them.

Unfortunately, every other person knew of this, so they didnt hesitate and went to mobilize their men quickly.

Jian Chen had watched the group from the tree branch above. Since the Lanming clan feared accidentally causing trouble, they all moved back. Among this gathering of experts, not a single clan was someone they could bully.

The group had already ordered fifty of their Earth Saint Masters to make a circle around the white tiger and then charge at the final moment when ready.

The tiger lazily lay where it was before with its eyes closed as if uncaring for the situation occurring around it. However, Jian Chen understood the white tiger perfectly well. While the tiger had seemed as if it wasnt weak at all and was lazing about without fear, Jian Chen had a suspicion that the tiger couldnt stand. In the past two days, the tiger hadnt moved at all as if it had run out of energy.

If the tiger truly had any fighting strength, it would have killed every single one of the humans that dared to act against its cub, but it had done nothing at all. This was the most doubtful point since an act like this was almost contradictory to a magical beasts instincts.

“Human, help my child!” At this moment, the weak sound of a voice entered Jian Chens ears.

This sudden sound had caused Jian Chen to jump up with a quivering motion before falling down from the tree branch. Looking around himself vigilantly, Jian Chen saw no one around him.

Jian Chens heart skipped erratically as he flew down to the ground. He hadnt sensed anything nearby him, so when he heard someones voice near his ear, he had been shocked beyond his wits.

“Human, I beg of you to save my child.” At the same time, the same voice could be heard within Jian Chens eardrums. The voice carried a pleading yet weak voice as if it was without energy.

Quivering for a moment, Jian Chen quickly brushed off the shock to calm himself down before realizing the sound was coming from up ahead. What was more unbelievable was that it was coming from the tiger.

“Who are you!” Jian Chens lips had barely split apart, but he was sure that the owner of the voice would be able to hear him.

“I am called Rum Guinness, the magical beast right in front of you.” The weak voice spoke. From the voice, Jian Chen could detect a feminine tone to it, but it was still very weak nonetheless.

Hearing this, Jian Chen was shocked down to his core. He never would have thought that the voice he was hearing belonged to a magical beast. It was as if there was no distinction at all between a magical beast and a human, but Jian Chen had no idea just how he could understand.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind as Jian Chens face grew stunned. “Could… could you be a Class 7 Magical Beast and not a Class 6 Magical Beast?”

Back in Kargath Academy, Jian Chen had read many books about magical beasts. He knew that Class 7 Magical Beasts could transform into a humanoid shape and speak the human tongue without any distinction.

“According to what you humans classify us as, I am indeed a Class 7 Magical Beast.” The tigers weak voice rang out once more as if it was whispering something private to Jian Chen so that only the two of them could hear.

“A Class 7 Magical Beast– thats… thats the equivalent to a Saint Ruler in the human realm.” Jian Chen was in shock as his heart went into chaos. He just couldnt believe that this tiger that was blocking the cave behind it for two days was in fact a Class 7 Magical Beast.

If news of how this was a Class 7 Magical Beast were to be spread out, then everyone would have run away. In the face of such a tiger, just who would dare try to steal the cub?

“Human, I beg you, help my child.” The tigers voice could be heard once more with a begging tone.

Quickly reigning in his shock, Jian Chen forced smile on his face as he thought out loud to himself, “You Class 7 Magical Beast ask of something impossible. I am but a mere Earth Saint Master, just how could I help you? With so many people here, you could ask any one of them.”

“Human, from everyone here, I can only trust you. The rest are unreliable, would you help my child?” The tiger asked once more.

“You dont even know me, just why do you think I am the most trustable person here?” Jian Chen was amazed at the sloppiness of this tigers reasoning.

“Intuition. We beasts have a keen sense of instinct. Without it, we would not be able to sense any other being stronger than us. My instinct does not lead me wrong, it tells me that among all humans here, the only one that I can trust is the one that will be able to protect my child from the rest. Human, will you help my child?”

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