Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 360: Fighting a Heaven Saint Master

Chapter 359: Leaked Identity

Rum Guinness nodded her head in anguish before crying, “I shall listen to you. For the sake of my child, I will live on. I will not allow such an arduous task to fall upon my child, I will definitely take revenge for my husband and look after my child grow old.”

Seeing Rum Guinness have a new resolve over her life, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. He had managed to rescue a Saint Ruler being potentially.

“The dark energy has already entered my bone marrow. The Radiant Saint Force is coincidentally the bane of it, so you will be able to force out the dark energy with it. Allow me to deal with the next step.” Rum Guinness spoke calmly towards Jian Chen afterwards.

Afterwards, Rum Guinness and Jian Chen spent two hours on trying to use the Radiant Saint Force to seal away the dark energy within her body. At the same time, the Radiant Saint Force would sometimes fail to make any progress since while the Radiant Saint Force was effective against the dark energy, it was still too weak.

Not too long after however, Rum Guinness had lost her ability to fight as a Class 7 Magical Beast since she couldnt use the energy within her now. She would have to fight using only her own physical strength, but that would be far less than before.

An hour later, Jian Chen had finally managed to allow some of the injuries on Rum Guinness body recover before preparing to take Rum Guinness out and away from here.

“Human, I can no longer use my strength to protect my child. You should take him instead.” Tears formed in Rum Guinness eyes, reluctant to part from her child just yet.

Jian Chen looked at the still sleeping cub and nodded solemnly, “You neednt worry. I will do my best for your child, and when I can reach the Seventh Class Radiant Saint Master level, I will clear away the dark energy within you.”

Emotionally, Rum Guinness looked at Jian Chen, “Human, I can sense that you mean what you say. You truly care for this mother and child. This kindness of yours is something I will never forget.”

“One more thing, since my child is a Winged Tiger God, his growth rate will be rather slow. Swallowing valuable resources will allow his growth to accelerate, and when he grows up, he will have the ability to find them for himself.”

After explaining several more things of importance, Rum Guinness had made sure to remind Jian Chen that news of her cub being a Winged Tiger God must not be revealed.

Carefully remembering every single detail given to him, Jian Chen spoke, “I know what to do, but we should leave now. The longer we idle here, the more variables there will be.”

With that, Jian Chen spent no more time and held the tiger in his left hand with a bundle of clothes covering its body. Then, with a leap, he flew outside in an attempt to escape.

“He has the Class 6 cub, dont let him escape!” Unfortunately, there had been a sharp eyed person who had immediately guessed what the bundle of clothe was.

In an instant, everyone had burst into motion. The remaining fifty Earth Saint Masters flew forward to block Jian Chens path.

A fierce killing intent appeared in Jian Chens eyes as he instantly materialized the Light Wind Sword into his hand with a glow of azure and violet to the sword. Seeing only the flash of a sword and the impeccable speed of Jian Chen, the three Earth Saint Masters who were blocking him were brought down in an instant.

The surrounding people had already been seduced by the Class 6 cub. Each one of them could only stare at the bulging bag that Jian Chen had. While they couldnt see what was inside, at this point, that wasnt necessary.

Jian Chen had been able to enter the cave without being obstructed by the white tiger. Then, the white tiger had went into the cave for a long amount of time without any sounds of battle being heard. This made everyone believe there had to be some sort of relationship between the white tiger and Jian Chen. When they saw Jian Chen dash out of the cave, it didnt take a genius to know that Jian Chen was taking the Class 6 cub with him.

Jian Chens instant takedown of three Earth Saint Masters hadnt made anyone afraid, the remaining group of Earth Saint Masters had already resolved to block him and encircle around him with their Saint Weapons.

Fending off the attacks with his sword, Jian Chens eyes grew even more fierce as the azure and violet glows of light increased in intensity as well. The sword began to blur in the air as it filled the area with its mirror images, ready to make a bloody pathway for him to escape.

By now, Jian Chen was already a Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master with even more strength than before. With the help of the Sword Spirits, he was like a wolf within a flock of sheep, no one would be able to block him.

“The cubs with him, we must stop him or else the cub will get away!”

“All Great Saint Masters retreat! Earth Saint Masters, form a circle around him! Even if he is an asura, we must not allow him to get away!”

At the commands of the higher ranking members, all of the Great Saint Masters drew back while the Earth Saint Masters flew forward.

In a flash, Jian Chen was completely surrounded by Earth Saint Masters. There were around ten of them that were also blocking Jian Chens path.

“Stand in my path and perish!” Jian Chen barked out loud as he advanced. His left hand held the cub entrusted to him by Rum Guinness, and his right hand held the Light Wind Sword. In an instant, the azure and violet light on his sword was thrust in ten different motions toward the ones that blocked his path.

By the time Jian Chen had swung his sword, very few could see that he had moved while the rest couldnt even react before the sword stabbed through their throats. For those that had brought up their Saint Weapons to block his sword, the Light Wind Sword had already stabbed straight through it and forced them to fall back with blood leaking out from their throats.

In a single instant, the ten Earth Saint Masters that went up to block Jian Chen had instantly crumbled.

In the next moment, ten more Earth Saint Masters came forward with their Saint Weapons ready to chop and block Jian Chens escape path.

With a sneer, Jian Chen activated the Heavens Stolen Fortune and increased his strength three times over. His sword flickered and blurred mid swing as a series of metallic clangs could be heard when Jian Chen blocked sword after sword. But each time his Light Wind Sword clashed with one of the swords, the swords instantly broke apart to reveal jagged edges.

With the Saint Weapons damaged, the owners instantly spat out a mouthful of blood before gasping in shock.

A few of the men had stopped when they saw the azure and violet glow. In an instant, they cried out, “His Saint Weapon has an azure and violet glow, crap! Its Jian Chen, the first place ranker of the Gathering of the Mercenaries!”

Like a stone that caused thousands of ripples, everyone instantly looked at Jian Chen in shock and disbelief. While this was thousands of miles away from Mercenary City, it was still relatively close for people to know of Jian Chens name. He was a figure whose name was like a thunderclap, and after becoming the King of Mercenaries, countless of people knew of his name. Thus, people came to know that his Saint Weapon carried an azure and violet glow to it and could easily break the Saint Weapon of a Great Saint Master. By now, the azure and violet Sword Qi was Jian Chens symbol since no other person on the Tian Yuan Continent controlled such glows. In fact, no one had ever even heard of such an energy before.

What had caused even more shock however, was the fact that it was the King of Mercenaries that had snatched the Class 6 cub. This result was enough to cause everyone to be shocked and not knowing what to do. Every single King of Mercenaries would at the very least become a Heaven Saint Master or higher. This was not someone they could afford to offend.

Once Jian Chens name had been announced, everyone began to argue louder and louder on what to do. In a moment, practically everyone in the Thousand Poison Valley knew that the King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen, was here.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed as he listened to his identity get announced to the world, there was no way for the Jiede clan and Shi family back in Mercenary City to not know about this. The amount of people here were far too many; Jian Chen had counted around a thousand, there would be no way for him to realistically deal with them all.

Without any more hesitation, Jian Chen flew forward while everyone was stunned in an attempt to escape.

“Quick, after him! It doesnt matter who he his but he has the cub!” One of the commanders called out.

“Stop him, dont let him run away! We have so many men, we must take that Class 6 cub!” The Class 6 cub was something that everyone desperately wanted, so the major powers had decided to overlook Jian Chens identity. This Class 6 cub was far too precious to give up.

The Earth Saint Masters hesitated for a moment before biting their lips in frustration and running after him. They all knew that Jian Chen was strong and did not wish to be his enemy, but they had no choice but to obey the order.

After running away for some time, Jian Chen had made use of the Illusionary Flash to increase his speed so that his pursuers could only watch Jian Chen grow further and further away.

The heads of the powers could only look on helplessly as they had some men carefully enter the cave. Unfortunately, the cave was empty. There was no class 6 cub, or even the mother.

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