Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 361: Fierce Battle

Chapter 360: Fighting a Heaven Saint Master

Within the Thousand Valley, Jian Chen had used the Illusionary Flash so he could come to the predetermined place where he and Rum Guinness had spoke of.

Not too long after he had arrived, a white figured had leaped into the area with a speed that was barely slower than the Illusionary Flash.

In a short moment, the white figure came to a stop before Jian Chens eyes before turning into the white tiger, Rum Guinness.

Rum Guinness looked at Jian Chen holding her cub with a reluctant look as from before. With another sigh, she spoke “Your strength still astounds me. Even with many people there, no person was able to stop you. Ive heard from the other humans that you are called, Jian Chen, correct?”

“En, my name is indeed Jian Chen,” Jian Chen replied.

“Then I will call you Jian Chen from here on out. Jian Chen, I can no longer use my inner energy to fight and will have to rely upon my physical strength. I cannot even assist you since the Gilligan clan will surely find me if I cause too much of a disturbance. The next few days will require me to hide away, thus, I must implore you to look after my child once again.” Rum Guinness spoke this time in a human voice, but because of her true tiger form, the voice sounded neither like a man nor a woman.

Jian Chen nodded his head seriously, “Be at peace, I will definitely look after your child. Wait until I have the ability to cure you of your dark energy.” Then, Jian Chen had another thought, “Ah, how should I come and find you later?”

Revealing a tuft of tiger hair, she dripped some blood on it, dying it completely red. Handing it over to Jian Chen, she spoke, “If you wish to find me, then have my child drip his own blood on this, it will guide you to me.”

Jian Chen carefully took the piece of fur into his hands.

“Jian Chen, the items you use to disguise yourself may protect yourself from a Heaven Saint Master, but it will do no good to those of the Saint Ruler realm or Class 7 Magical Beasts. You would do well to be careful.” The tiger spoke.

Hearing that, Jian Chen held up a hand to touch his face with a bitter smile. His disguise had been perfect and had allowed him to travel anywhere with ease. He hadnt thought that Saint Rulers would be able to ignore this completely.

With a final look toward her cub and a few words to Jian Chen, Rum Guinness disappeared.

“Wuuu… wuuuu… wuu…” The cub that Jian Chen was holding suddenly opened its eyes as it began to cry out loud. Unable to detect whether it was because of the pain of having the mother leave him or the goodbye itself, the cub began to struggle as it tried to stand up on its own power.

Jian Chen gently caressed the cubs head as if to soothe the cub into safety while showing a kind expression on his face.

Jian Chen had no desire to stay here any longer. the valley was no longer safe for him to stay, therefore the only choice was to quickly leave the area. Leaping up into the trees, Jian Chen began to borrow the tree branches to get farther and farther away.

Right behind Jian Chen, the group of men in front of the cave could only shake their heads in regret and disappointment. A Class 6 Magical Beast had been right in front of them, but it had been taken away by the Gathering of the Mercenaries winner, Jian Chen. This was something they still could not accept.

Suddenly, the strong Qi of a person could be felt from far away as someone with unbelievable strength arrived right in front of the cave.

In a flash, the sound of wind suddenly stopping could be heard as a crane haired elder appeared in midair. Floating, the elder looked down on everyone with his sharp eyes without any feelings in them as if he was a king over the mass.

“Its an Heaven Saint Master!”

The group went into an uproar as everyone began to feel the giant pressure radiating from the Heaven Saint Master. Everyone could only look up with both fear and respect reflected in their eyes at the elder.

Seeing the elder, the Moyun clansmen were all overjoyed as the leader spoke out, “Bai Yuanjin greets our ancestor.”

“We greet our ancestor.” The Moyun clansmen all followed elder Bais example and knelt down with a reverent pose.

The Heaven Saint Master took a look around before speaking calmly, “Where is the Class 6 cub?”

“Honored ancestor, the Class 6 cub was taken away from us.” Elder Bai spoke with concern toward the Heaven Saint Master expert that was floating right in front of him.

Hearing this, a flash appeared in the elders eyes, “Do you know which faction took it?”

“Ancestor, the one who took the Class 6 cub is the King of Mercenaries, Jian Chen. His strength was far too much for anyone of us to stop him.” Elder Bai spoke.

“Jian Chen, so it was him.” The ancestor of the Moyun clan furrowed his eyebrows in hesitation before a dangerous glint appeared, “Which way did Jian Chen go?”

“That way!” Elder Bai pointed off in the direction. Right now he could only hope that his ancestor would be able to catch up to Jian Chen and claim the Class 6 cub for their own clan.

The ancestor immediately flew off in the direction pointed out to him and quickly went out of sight.

“Quickly, report this back to the sect, we can only rely on the sect elders to help us.”

“Hurry up and hire some men to come over, report this to the patriarch straight away!”

The Heaven Saint Master from the Moyun clan caused an annoyance to the other powers who quickly tried to report back to their own factions.

At this moment, Jian Chen was using the Illusionary Flash to transverse across the valley. His path was not in a linear direction and had often times changed directions to throw off anyone chasing him.

Two hours later, Jian Chen had traveled several hundred kilometers. Stopping by the side of a valley, Jian Chen stopped for a moment to regain his energy. With the cub sleeping by his feet, Jian Chen began to recover his Saint Force.

With the large battle and his use of his Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen had already used up two thirds of his Saint Force. With his identity revealed and a Heaven Saint Master most likely after him, Jian Chen would need to conserve all of the strength he could to fight a Heaven Saint Master.

The dog sized tiger cub obediently lay by Jian Chens leg with a slumbering snore. His white wings were folded against his fur in a way that made them quite hard to see without looking for them.

Jian Chen sat in a cross-legged position with the Sword Spirits trying to rapidly absorb the energy within the monster cores to help Jian Chen recover. Under the disguise of the weeds, he was especially hidden from sight.

Four hours later, a boom could be heard as a gray robed man suddenly flew overhead Jian Chen and then out of sight.

Jian Chen could sense the figure fly by overhead while he was recovering his Saint Force with a nervous expression. “He is truly fast, this must be the Heaven Saint Master from the Moyun clan. I didnt think that even after changing my direction so many times, he would be able to catch up with me, its a good thing I am hidden.”

However, Jian Chens face changed as he thought, “Not good, Im sure I am already found then.” Jian Chen immediately leaped out from the weeds and used the Illusionary Flash to take him and the tiger cub away.

He had been recovering using the energy from the monster cores when the Heaven Saint Master appeared. With such a short distance, there was no way for such a high level expert to miss the ripples of energy coming from the monster cores.

Sure enough, just as Jian Chen left, the Heaven Saint Master suddenly turned around and discovered Jian Chen running away. With a renewed burst of energy, the Heaven Saint Master chased after him.

Using the Illusionary Flash, Jian Chen was quickly traveling through the Thousand Poison Valley. Since the terrain was complicated and the ground uneven, the true power of the Illusionary Flash could not be revealed and he was unable to shake off the rapidly catching up Heaven Saint Master.

Seeing the Heaven Saint Master get closer and closer, Jian Chen gained a fierce look in his eyes as he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Holding the still sleeping tiger cub in his left hand, he flew at the Heaven Saint Master and brought out his Light Wind Sword in his right hand with the azure and violet glow shining on it.

In these four hours, Jian Chen had recovered about eighty percent of his Saint Force. Now that he couldnt escape, it was better to put his all into the fight. Plus, he had never fought against a Heaven Saint Master before, so he could use this chance to test just how long he could last against one.

The Heaven Saint Master was about thirty meters away from Jian Chen and floated above him. Staring down onto Jian Chen, he looked at the tiger cub in his left hand and spoke with a slightly happy expression, “Jian Chen, I dont wish to be enemies with you. My Moyun clan is in need of that Class 6 cub, so I must ask you to resign with parting yourself from the cub. My Moyun clan will definitely reward you with a handsome prize and help you unconditionally within our scope of power.”

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