Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 366: Inescapable Net (Four)

began to divide up his things. The Ruler Armaments, Heaven Tier Battle Skill and several other precious objects went into one Space Ring while the other Space Ring contained several sets of clothes, some monster cores, and money.

Then, Jian Chen swapped out his Space Ring for the other one. The Space Ring with his more precious items went into a small box which he began to find a hiding place for it.

Since there were eight Heaven Saint Masters surrounding the city, it was difficult to predict if he would survive or not, so he needed to prepare himself. One plan was to hide the more precious items in a Space Ring and place it in a concealed area. Even if he were to die, Jian Chen had no desire to see the items be recovered by either the Jiede clan or Shi family.

If he were to escape from this calamity, after everything had blown over, he could come back and retrieve the items.

After locking the items within the box, Jian Chen thought for a moment before hurriedly opening the box up once more. Taking the Duanyun Sword and the Seal of Treasure Mountain out, he placed them in a third Space Ring. He knew that the third brother of the Shi family had a method to find the Ruler Armaments, so he needed to separate them from the other precious items.

Nightfall came by quickly, leaving the garden empty. Jian Chen lightly opened the doors and escaped outside with the white tiger. In a moment, he came across the well used by the inhabitants of the building. Taking the Space Ring with the box in it, he tossed it into the well and headed back toward the room he was staying in. Leaping onto the beams of the building, Jian Chen released a sharp amount of Sword Qi from his fingertips and dug a small finger sized hole for the other Space Ring to be placed.

Placing the Space Ring with the Ruler Armaments into this hole, Jian Chen filled the hole back up, making it extremely hard to notice and utterly impossible for even the gods to know.

After all of this was done, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. Even if he were to be discovered, it would still not be easy for either of the two families.

At daybreak, Jian Chen changed his face again. He then hugged the obedient, little white tiger against his chest and lightly rubbed its head as he said in a low voice, “Litle tiger, I need to go scout around to figure out the situation, and cant bring you with me. You have to listen well, and obediently stay here. Dont go running around, alright?”

The tiger cubs bright eyes stared up at Jian Chen, leaving him unsure of whether or not his words were understood.

Ignoring the issue, Jian Chen took out several milk bottles and left the tiger cub on the bed before leaving the room.

Jian Chen discreetly made his way onto the streets from the manor. By walking from the alleyway onto the main street, he made it seem like he was just another passerby. He then began to inspect the houses to see what type of area he was in.

On the gates to the villa, a large board could be seen hanging overhead with the words, “Huangpu Trading”. Evidently, this area was heavily reliant on trading.

Remembering the name of the villa, Jian Chen left the area and began to wander around the city.

A First Class City was far bigger and more luxurious than a Second Class City. When one entered a First Class City, one would be able to see several rich and strong looking mercenaries that were clearly not seen in such concentrated amounts anywhere else.

Suddenly, a loud noise could be heard as a squadron of armored soldiers visited store after store as if searching for something. On the road, they continued to question everyone in such a manner that caused everyone to grumble in annoyance and confusion.

Just then, a soldier blocked Jian Chens path, “Have you seen a person carrying a pure white magical beast anywhere?”

“I have not.” Jian Chens face didnt betray any emotions as he replied.

“You may go. Remember, if you are to see either a snowy white magical beast or a man with perhaps an unnatural bulge, you are to immediately report this to the city lord!” The soldiers face carried a serious look as he stared at Jian Chen.

“Yes, understood. If I see such a thing, I will make sure to notify the city lord straight away.” Jian Chen replied.

After that, the soldier didnt pay anymore attention to Jian Chen and left him to interrogate someone else.

After walking down three streets, Jian Chen could see the same soldiers visit every single store or home and block off people to interrogate them.

Carelessly, Jian Chen wandered the streets before finally coming across the city gates. Instead of a steady stream of people walking in or out, there was a large congestion of merchants and travelers.

Walking to the higher levels of one of the nearby restaurants, Jian Chen could only see a large amount of soldiers guarding the city gates with several large vats of water. With each person that tried to enter or leave, the soldiers would use a wet rag to scrub at their faces. Even the rich and powerful were not exempt from this treatment, much to their anger.

Seeing this, Jian Chen couldnt help but smile bitterly. Right now this city was under the complete control of the Jiede clan and the Shi family. With this, they had set out an inescapable net all over the city.

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