Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 367: Whereabouts Revealed

of one of the guards as he looked underneath the bed.

It was very spacious below the bed, and despite the tiger cubs attempt to hide, its snowy white fur was far too eye-catching to escape detection.

“Captain, Ive found something!” The guard cried out instantly.

Straight away, the captain came into the room with a grace face, “What is it?”

“Captain, take a look under the bed.” The guard crawled down and pointed.

Crawling onto the ground to take a look, the captain soon discovered the white tiger cub that was desperately trying to hide.

“Quickly, notify overseer Linde!” The captains face grew shocked as he ordered the soldier next to him.

In a flash, the overseer Linde was notified and the moment he saw the white tiger cub, his face grew unnaturally grim as he barked, “Take positions, search the perimeter! In the case you find someone suspicious, apprehend him immediately!”

“Yes!” The guards all replied with equally serious expressions.

Soon after, the white tiger cub had been brought to Linde who then rushed it toward the patriarchs room. On the way, the white tiger cub had clearly shown its disapproval of Linde by biting and scratching at his arms and chest with a growling sound.

Although the white tiger cub was not an ordinary beast and belonged to the ancient race of the Winged Tiger God, it had only just been born. Right now it was as frail as a newborn infant. Walking was already a hard task, and it did not have enough strength to protect itself.

Within the main halls, the entirety of the upper ranking members of the Huangpu clan had already gathered. Each one with them had a serious expression as they turned to look at the growling white tiger cub in the patriarchs hands.

“Have you made your investigations? Who raised this tiger cub?” The Huangpu patriarch asked the entire group of people in front of him.

The twenty men in front of him shook their heads slowly before Linde spoke, “Patriarch, Ive already made inquiries. Within our Huangpu clan, not a single member has raised this beast, all of them havent even heard of such a magical beast before.”

“Since its like that, then this magical beast must be the one the city lord is looking for. Linde, go and report this matter to the city lords mansion straight away.” The patriarch spoke gravely.


Even after the city lord had heard the information, the entire city dared not rest. An elder was immediately dispatched to the Huangpu clan, and even the patriarch dared not to say anything out of line to him.

This elder was the third brother of the Shi family who had been waiting in the city lords mansion for any information. Upon hearing that the cub had been found, the third brother had a small smile on his face, “An entire body of snowy white fur, less than a meter tall and has wings. It appears that this is the tiger that Jian Chen left behind. Haha, Jian Chen, you should know by now. Ive already cast an inescapable net across the entire Moonlight City, you cannot escape.”


After an entire day, Jian Chen had already transversed the entire Moonlight City on the magical beast mount. The situation had been as he expected, all four gates were being tightly watched and even the inhabitants were being interrogated. Everyone had been forced to wash their faces in order to leave the city, thus removing any idea Jian Chen had to escape the city with a disguise. His regular appearance had already been drawn and distributed throughout the city, so even if Jian Chen were to use his regular face, he would be spotted instantly.

Jian Chen had rented a room within an inn and had given the Class 2 Magical Beast mount to a waiter to look after. After waiting for nightfall, he slipped out of the inn without a word and leaped back toward the Huangpu compound without being detected. Like a silent shadow jumping over the wall, he carefully ran toward the room where he had hidden the tiger cub.

Creeping into the room, Jian Chen knelt down beside the floor and took out a night pearl from his Space Belt to light up the room. But the moment he looked underneath the bed, it was empty! The white tiger cub was nowhere to be seen.

Jian Chens face blanched as he immediately looked around the room with the night pearl giving him light. As he looked, he could see a series of footsteps on the dusty ground.

Jian Chens heart began to beat wildly as he mind came to a single conclusion: the white tiger cub had been captured.

Within the semi illuminated room, Jian Chen clenched his fists tightly as his eyebrows furrowed together. Leaving the room, he immediately raced for the center hall of the compound.

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