Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 374: A New Power

Chapter 373: Soul Aberration

Once the middle-aged man left, the room descended into a quiet calm. The only thing that could be heard was the faint breathing of Jian Chen as he looked up at the ceiling. His Saint Weapon had been broken. Years of bitter cultivation and hard work, it had all been lost in the most dire situation of his life. This was a blow that was unbearable for him.

He wanted to go home. He wanted to enact his revenge upon the Hua Yun Sect. There was just too many things he wanted to do. But to do all of them, strength would be needed. Yet now he had degenerated to a cripple. Legends had it that even if a cripple were to reincarnate, it would still take a tremendous amount of time and effort to become an Earth Saint Master. The Gesun Kingdom was at its moment of peril as well, meaning that there was an unknown amount of time before even the Changyang clan would no longer be able to hold on. He couldnt try risking the chances of being reincarnated again.

At that moment, the doors to the room opened up as a simple looking fat man around twenty years old came walking in with simple clothing.

The fat man walked to Jian Chens side and looked at the open eyes of Jian Chen with a pleasant smile. “Ah, youre finally awake. Youve been asleep for several days already.”

The depressed Jian Chen looked as if he hadnt heard a single word from the fatty and continued to look up toward the ceiling in a daze.

Seeing the listless expression on Jian Chens face, the fatty had a suspicious look on his face. Looking up toward the ceiling, he then waved a hand over Jian Chens eyes. “Hey, are you alright? Why are you looking up there, is there anything good to look at up there?”

Jian Chen didnt reply and his pupils hadnt registered any movements either.

Scratching at his head, the fattys eyebrows creased together as he muttered, “I heard from father that you were on the verge of death, but your spirit had yet to disappear. Did your soul take some sort of damage and turn you into a vegetable?”

The fatty extended an arm out to rouse Jian Chen from his stupor, but the moment he saw the frightful wound on Jian Chens chest, his hand froze in midair. “With such a wound like this, shaking your body would definitely hurt. No no, I cant do that… Hey, are you okay or not? Can you even hear the words coming out of my mouth?” Both of the fattys eyes stared at Jian Chens face with an expectant look.

Then, Jian Chens eyes registered something as they swiveled toward the fatty before speaking softly, “Who are you?”

“Haha, so you finally speak, and youre not a vegetable after all. I was wondering if you had any questions.” The fatty beamed before introducing himself, “Hello, I am Xiu Tianyu, but everyone in the village calls me Little Fatty, so feel free to call me either name. Do you still remember your name?”

“I am Jian Chen.” Jian Chen spoke with some difficulty before turning back to look at the ceiling once more.

“Woah, so you even know your name still. Thats good, you havent suffered any retardation.” The fatty spoke with a pleasant smile as if Jian Chen not becoming a “Retard” was a good thing.

The fatty stilled as he looked at the wound on Jian Chens chest with curiosity. “Jian Chen, just what type of magical beast did you fight in order to gain those wounds? Do you want me to have my dad to bring it back? You dont need to worry, my father is extremely powerful. Hed definitely bring it back and you can have your revenge.”

“Hey, why are you quiet again, do you not like talking or what?”

“Hey hey, just whats so good looking on the ceiling that makes you stare at it so much? I built this room two years ago, is it not up to your standards or something?”

“Hey, Jian Chen, say something. Do you not like hearing me talk?”

But Jian Chen didnt say another word and continued to stare at the ceiling in a stupor while the fatty continued to speak into his ear.

“Tianyu!” A voice rang out as the previous middle-aged man from before entered the room.

“Dad, youre back! Why is he looking at the ceiling so much, he doesnt look like he has become an idiot.” The fatty began to plead to his father for an answer.

With a light voice, the man replied, “Tianyu, this man has suffered wounds that he has not healed from, let him rest for now.”

“Oh, I get it. Then Dad, Ill be leaving now.” The fatty said before leaving the room.

The middle-aged man walked toward Jian Chens bed and handed him a round looking pill. “I know youve suffered an unbearable amount of damage, but dont think about it too much for now. Just focus on your recuperation, living is the most important thing.” He spoke before inserting the white colored pill into Jian Chens mouth.

“This is a Class 8 Radiant Spirit Pill, although it cannot heal your wounds completely, itll at the very least patch up the hole in your chest.” With that, he left the room once more.

Jian Chens entire body was then enveloped by a milky white glow as the Radiant Saint Force within the pill began to leak out. The amount of Radiant Saint Force in the pill was so strong that even Jian Chen at his peak would still barely be able to match up to even a single percent.

This was the difference in “Quality”!

With Jian Chens entire body enveloped in Radiant Saint Force, his wounds began to heal at tremendous speeds, forcing even the hole in his chest to regenerate with new skin. Not too long after, the hole had been covered over by new skin.

At the same time, the internal wounds that Jian Chen had taken were starting to heal. Even the withered skin began to fall off as new tender looking skin replaced it, revealing a white and sleek shine almost. Not a single scar could be seen on his body.

In a little bit, Jian Chens body looked as if it was entirely new. Not a single wound could be seen on his body, making him seem almost perfect. Slowly, the Radiant Saint Force began to dissipate from his body.

While it looked like Jian Chen was fully healed on the surface, his internal wounds were still quite severe. The Class 8 Radiant Spirit Pill was extremely potent in nature, but there just wasnt enough “quantity”. Thus, it was not able to fully heal Jian Chen.

Despite this, Jian Chen had been moved. His previously listless eyes began to recover with emotions as he felt the changes happen within his body. With a hoarse voice, he muttered, “How would I regain my strength. I need to recover all of it, but how?”

Suddenly, Jian Chens mind felt a jolt. It was at this moment that he realized that his own mind obtained a few more things and that his own soul had grown stronger.

Sensing the changes within his body, Jian Chen was startled. Quickly calming himself down, he closed his eyes and began to envision himself inside his mind.

The mindscape of his mind was chaotic in nature. Nothing could be seen clearly, but in the center, the azure and violet lights could be seen floating around with the multicolored stone slowly revolving around them.

“These… these are the Sword Spirits, how did they get here? What even is this place?” Jian Chens eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the Sword Spirits.

Suddenly, the Sword Spirits shook as a stream of consciousness flowed from them. All of their knowledge, thoughts, and ideas began to be transmitted into Jian Chen without a single sound by a mysterious manner as if it wanted to be comprehended by Jian Chen.

“This is my consciousness?” Jian Chen realized what the two Sword Spirits were relaying to him.

Soon after, the two Sword Spirits continued to relay information to Jian Chen via the same mysterious manner.

After a while, Jian Chen understood what the circumstances were for him.

“So I died, but because of the Sword Spirits, my soul was rescued by them…”

“And now my soul is fused with the two Sword Spirits…”

Finally understanding the entire picture, he didnt know if he was happy or worried about what had occured. After conversing with the Sword Spirits, he knew that they had fused with his soul to form a special existence.

But he didnt know whether or not it was still his soul or if it was now the Sword Spirits.

After pondering it for a while, Jian Chen calmed down. While this result was extremely shocking and hard to believe, his soul had truly merged with the Sword Spirits while they retained all of their wisdom. While the two had fused, both sides were capable of independent thinking – this was truly a mysterious existence.

“Just whats going on here, how did I transform into such an odd state.” Jian Chen began to mutter to himself. To him, this situation was far too incredible.

Another stream of thought came out from the Sword Spirits once more.

“I am me, and the Sword Spirits are the Sword Spirits. They had only used such a strange method to save and preserve my life.” Jian Chen understood the meaning behind the stream of thought.


It felt as if no time had passed within his conscious. It was as if the entire area had gone still, but instead of remaining in this area, Jian Chen began to retreat from his mind after he had received the answers to his questions.

The moment Jian Chen had opened his eyes, he took in the sight around him. It was only then that Jian Chen had truly taken notice that his soul had grown inexplicably stronger. He could easily sense anything within a kilometer from his position. It was only because he was depressed at first that he felt as if there was no such change from his soul.

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