Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 375: Recovery of Jian Chen

Chapter 374: A New Power

“So my soul has grown even stronger now.” Jian Chen thought with surprise. However, he wasnt completely happy. Even after his soul had grown stronger, the only thing that had changed was his ability to perceive things, nothing else.

Suddenly, Jian Chens entire body trembled slightly as he closed his eyes and began to meditate. All sorts of energy from his surroundings was felt through Jian Chens perception; at this moment, Jian Chens world had exploded with beautiful colors from every spectrum.

He could see just about any color imaginable to the human eye. There was the faint glow of white, the dark color of black, the dull shine of red, the heavy shade of yellow, the rich blue and the lively green.

Seeing such a rich world of color, Jian Chen was stunned. These colors were the six elements of the world that he was never able to perceive before. In the past, aside from the Radiant Saint Force or the world energy, he couldnt detect any other element.

But now, he could sense the other five elements along with the Radiant Saint Force. With such a sight like this, Jian Chen couldnt help but think that he was dreaming.

“Could this be what happened when the Sword Spirits fused with my soul?” Jian Chen thought to himself as a way to try and explain just what could cause such a phenomenon like this.

Slowly opening his eyes, Jian Chen began to move his right hand. Opening and closing his fingers, Jian Chen suddenly realized that the room was rather hot in temperature before a flash of red light began to gather around his hands. In a moment, a faint sea of fire could be seen on it.

In disbelief, Jian Chen looked at the miniature sea of flames in his hands with a thunderstruck expression as if he couldnt believe what had just happened.

Despite the flames being so close to Jian Chens hands to the point of contact, he felt no heat at all. It was almost as if the flames were an illusion and not real.

“Fire! Theres a fire, fireeee!” Suddenly, a frantic shout could be heard from outside the room. Jolting him out of his inner thoughts, Jian Chen suddenly realized the room had suddenly burst into flames.

In his moment of stupor, the flames gathered in his hand had disappeared. When he was in such a state, he had nearly forgotten just how flammable this room was.

“Bang!” The door to the room was abruptly kicked apart as the simple clothed wearing fatty charged straight into the room with a frantic cry, “No no no, theres a fire! Come on, Jian Chen, we have to get out!” As if he was flying, the fatty flew toward Jian Chens bed and carried him out of the room.

In a moment, the flames from the room began to soar high into the sky as if devouring the heavens.

“Put out the fire! Hurry, someone get some water!” Several shouts rang through the air as a dozen simple clothed villagers came running forth with buckets of water.

“Tianyu, what happened? Just how in the world did a fire start?” Suddenly, the father of the fatty appeared out of nowhere as he addressed the flames eating away at the house.

Wailing, the fatty looked toward his father with a wretched but innocent face, “Dad, I dont know either. Everything was perfect! Just how could the house catch on fire, there wasnt even any light sources anywhere!”

Hearing that, the fathers eyes turned toward Jian Chen with a leveled stare, but he said nothing.

The fattys eyes swiveled toward Jian Chen as if he had come to a conclusion as well. With a gasp, he cried, “Dear gods, Jian Chen, dont tell me youre suicidal!”

Jian Chen stood up by himself with some difficulty. Although his wounds looked like they were healed on the surface, anyone that looked at him would know that any small movement caused Jian Chen a tremendous amount of pain.

“I am terribly sorry, this was not intentional.” Jian Chen let out a small smile on his face, indicating that his mood had improved a bit from earlier.

“Oh my my, Jian Chen. I beg you a thousand times over, dont be depressed! Youre so young, you cant go kill yourself! You absolutely must continue to live!” The fatty fretted as he looked at Jian Chen, thinking that he had done something foolish in his moment of depression.

At the sight of the fatty fretting over him, Jian Chen couldnt help but let out a small smile, “Dont worry, I wont kill myself.”

After making sure that Jian Chen was not pretending, the father laughed, “It seems youve already gotten over it.”

“Quick, put out the fire!”

“Faster with the water, everyone move faster!”

At this moment, the villagers were still bringing bucket after bucket toward the fire in an effort to combat it.

Walking forward to stop the villagers, the middle-aged man spoke, “There is no need to be so panicked. Please rest for now. Whether it burns or not, we will have to rebuild it anyways.”

“If you say so uncle Xiu Mi, then well take our time.” The villagers immediately stopped their frantic movements and addressed the man with a respectful greeting.

“Ai, my poor house. It seems that I have to rebuild it once more.” The fatty wailed.

At this, Jian Chen felt extremely embarrassed. In such a careless moment, he had accidentally set the house he was in on fire. This made him feel apologetic.

“I am truly sorry. When I recover, please allow me to help you rebuild.” Jian Chen spoke apologetically.

The fattys eyes sparkled on his face as he replied, “Okay then. Dont you forget it then; when you get better, the two of us will build a house even bigger than the last one.” As soon as he finished speaking, the fatty suddenly looked behind him in surprise, “Grandfather! Jian Chen, look! My grandfather is back!”

Turning around slowly, Jian Chen could only see a hoe wielding elder walking from some distance away. He looked rather ordinary like anyone else around his age. A single piece of straw held his hair together and even his clothes were of ordinary make. Both of his legs and the clothes around them were covered with dirt as if he had spent the entire day working the fields and had just returned home like a farmer would.

“Grandfather, the person father rescued has finally woken up. Let me introduce you, his name is Jian Chen!” The fatty cried out in a hurry to greet his grandfather.

The elder looked at Jian Chen for a moment before turning back to the fatty with a kindly smile, “Little Fatty, why is your house on fire?”

The fatty looked at Jian Chen as well, “Jian Chen had wanted to kill himself in his depression, but everythings okay now. He has accepted life!”

After hearing such a statement, Jian Chen had nearly fell to the ground in shock. This fattys words held nothing back and were based off of his own judgment. It was as if he was still a child, something that was odd compared to his current age.

After he heard the fattys words, the elder began to laugh as he walked up to Jian Chen. With a kindly smile, he spoke, “Youngster, those who do not die are bound to come across fortune. Take this Spirit Pill and eat it. It should heal your inner organs to some degree at the very least.” Out of nowhere, the elder took out a pill and gave it to Jian Chen.

Seeing the elder take out another pill, the fattys father had a shocked look on his face, “Haha, Jian Chen, this is a Class 8 Spirit Pill – an especially rare treasure. It seems that my father has seen fit to give you two.”

“I thank the elder, but this item is far too precious for me to accept.” Jian Chen spoke respectfully. He knew just how rare and precious Radiant Spirit Pills were since they were made by Radiant Saint Masters by using their own Saint Force. A single pill like this was far more than what Jian Chen could accomplish.

The elder laughed, “This item has little use for me here. It is coincidental than you were in need of it, so take it and recover as soon as you can.”

After some hesitation, Jian Chen submitted and took the pill from the elder. Carefully putting it away safely, he knew that this pill was far too expensive for him to lose.

“Little fatty, go and find a room for Jian Chen to rest in.” After that, the elder threw down his hoe and headed to another house not too far away.

Looking at the retreating back of the elder with a complicated look, Jian Chen didnt know what to think.

“Jian Chen, lets go and find you a new room.” The fatty spoke as he walked away.

Soon enough, Jian Chen found himself in another bed. He needed to rest as little fatty had said, so he sat down on the bed and began to sleep.

After a while, Jian Chen managed to calm himself down and tried to control the Radiant Saint Force around him to heal. The Class 8 Spirit Pill was far too precious for him to eat just yet.

Just as Jian Chen began to think, a milky white ball of light began to form around him. Feeling the speed of the Radiant Saint Force gathering, Jian Chen couldnt help but smile faintly. Perhaps it was because of the mutation to his soul, but he felt that his control over the Radiant Saint Force had grown stronger and stronger. Even after controlling it to such an extent, he didnt feel strained at all.

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