Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 389: The Road Home

Chapter 388: A Strong Body

After four hours, Ziying and Qingsuo had refined the energy from the Duanyun Sword and transformed it into Chaotic Force which made its way into Jian Chens dantian.

The two wisps of smoke, the Chaotic Force, weaved around Jian Chens dantian. Although it was there, he couldnt feel tremendous power from the Chaotic Force. Not even a single speck could be felt, giving him the impression that this gas was almost useless.

Despite all of this, Jian Chen didnt dare underestimate its power. He could understand perfectly well that these two strands of Chaotic Force were formed from the energy of Ruler Armaments. Perhaps, the power of the Chaotic Force was so far outside Jian Chens depth of perception that he couldnt possibly understand the abilities of it.

After Ziying and Qingsuo had refined the energy from the Ruler Armaments into Chaotic Force they went back into Jian Ches mind to rest. This left only Jian Chen sitting on his bed to study the Chaotic Force within his body.

“The Chaotic Force is so strong that if one wishes to cultivate with it, one will need the Chaotic Body first. Without a strong enough body, a regular body will not be able to handle the Chaotic Force circulating from within. This means that the Chaotic Force is completely useless for me to use right now.” Jian Chen thought with furrowed eyebrows.

“Since this is the case, I will use some of the Chaotic Force to refine my body and grow stronger. Although the Chaotic Force is not enough for me to create a Chaotic Body, it will at the very least allow me to make my current body stronger.” Jian Chen thought to himself before quickly coming to a conclusion.

After this conclusion, Jian Chen immediately began to use some of the Chaotic Force to refine his body. Fortunately he had cultivated with the Azulet Sword Laws for some time, so he had a large amount of experience cultivating with it. Although there was a sparse amount of the Chaotic Force, it was still strong enough for him.

Willing a single strand of Chaotic Force to leave his dantian, Jian Chen finally began to feel the intensity of it as it began to travel throughout. As soon as it started to spread, he began to feel weak as if his entire body was made from tofu. Wherever the Chaotic Force traveled, Jian Chens body wracked with unbearable pain. His meridians threatened to break, and his inner organs began to fail, even his blood vessels were starting to tear.

Despite it not being a large concentration of Chaotic Force, it was still a foreign type of energy that Jian Chens body couldnt handle. Jian Chen had used the Azulet Sword Laws to cultivate his body, but it was the very first time he had encountered such a pain from doing so.

On the bed, Jian Chens body constantly trembled as his face grew as pale as paper. Beads of sweat continued to drip down his face in large concentration, and his normally handsome face had twisted up from all of the pain with the occasional muscle spasms.

Finally, a muffled sound of pain escaped from Jian Chens throat. He could no longer hold back the intensity of the pain as it had already far surpassed his pain tolerance a thousand times over. The intense feeling of pain tormented his nerves and mind; even he could not withstand it and finally fainted from the pain.

“Ah, master, just why would you use the Chaotic Force to temper your body now? Your body as it is is not yet adequate, this… this would only serve to make you suffer. Master, you must endure this!” Suddenly, Qingsuos voice suddenly called out in a hurried manner.

“Master, you must stay determined! Although the Chaotic Force is destroying your body, it is also recreating it! After this one time, the next few times will be easier to manage.” Ziyings voice could be heard as well.

Gritting his teeth in pain, Jian Chen couldnt even say a word in response because of the pain. Not even a single syllable could be uttered coherently.

As the tiny wisp of Chaotic Force continued to travel through his body, Jian Chen felt as if miniature explosions were happening all throughout his entire body. The pain caused his muscles to break and blood to come out of his pores, dying his entire body red.

In a flash, the Chaotic Force had spread throughout every part of his body, and he had already lost a third of his energy.

Sighing, Jian Chen prepared to use the Radiant Saint Force to heal his body when Ziyings voice popped up in his mind, “Master, dont stop yet.”

Clenching his teeth, he gave up the idea of resting and continued to try and withstand the circulation of the Chaotic Force through his body.

After a while, the pain in Jian Chens body began to alleviate as the Chaotic Force made its third circulation around his body before disappearing.

Seemingly as if he had lost all his energy, Jian Chen fell down to the bed below as if he was a pile of mud.

“Master, youve managed to take the first step. After experiencing pain for the first time, you will have an easier time cultivating the Chaotic Force in the future. Naturally, the time the Chaotic Force was in your body will not be as intense as before.” Ziying and Qingsuos voice both spoke with some joy.

But Jian Chen was powerless to respond. Laying back on the bed, he thought about the pain he had just experienced with some terror. This pain was something that he couldnt possibly endure again.

After resting for a moment to regain some energy, he began to use the Radiant Saint Force within the world to treat his wounds.

By now Jian Chens mind ability was extraordinarily strong. His ability to control the Radiant Saint Force was far better than before, so the entire room basked in the milky white glow. However, since it was daytime, the light wasnt all too obvious and would escape any regular persons notice.

This time, Jian Chen had only spent two hours before his body was fully recovered since the healing effect was far stronger than before.

Jian Chen stood up from his bed and inspected his body. This time, he could feel that his body was definitely stronger than before, but however much stronger he was now, he didnt know.

Noticing that his body and clothes were drenched in blood, Jian Chen took out a towel and wiped himself clean before putting on a new pair of white robes and leaving the room.

Right now it was already noon. Spreading out his senses, Jian Chen quickly found out where Little Fatty was and soared over to him.

Because Jian Chen was flying toward Little Fatty in the direction he was facing, the fatty quickly noticed Jian Chen. Stopping what he was doing, Little Fatty looked at Jian Chen respectfully, “Jian Chen, flying in the air must be great, huh.”

Smiling, Jian Chen replied, “Little Fatty, you have an amazing father and grandfather. I believe that you will be able to reach the Heaven Saint Master realm soon enough.”

“Its far too early to see. I heard my father say that he was 56 years old when he became a Heaven Saint Master. Im only 21 years old, that means Ive still 30 years to go.” Little Fatty spoke somewhat subdued. He was still only a Primary Great Saint Master that had only made the breakthrough a month ago. However, being a Great Saint Master at the age of 21 was the sign of a genius within the Tian Yuan Continent; furthermore, he had done so by painstakingly cultivating by himself without any other resources.

Slapping Little Fattys shoulder, he consoled him, “Little Fatty, dont be discouraged. Your current prowess is already great, in the outside world, the amount of people that reached the Great Saint Master realm at your age can be counted on your fingers.”

At the very mention of the outside world, Little Fattys eyes lit up straight away. His eyes stared into Jian Chen as he asked, “Really? Jian Chen, then I would be considered amazing in the outside world?”

“Eh… thats… Little Fatty, Ill tell you about that later. I came to find you for your help.” Jian Chen quickly avoided the subject.

“Whats the problem? Speak, Jian Chen, Ill definitely help you.” Little Fatty immediately stood straight up and pledged.

Taking a few steps back, Jian Chen spoke honestly, “Little Fatty, use your Saint Weapon to strike me.”

“Wha—attack you?” Little Fatty was stunned at the request.

“Thats right. Little Fatty, even if you strike me, you dont have to worry since it wont do much damage.” Jian Chen spoke seriously.

Little Fatty began to hesitate for a moment, but when he thought about how Jian Chen was a Heaven Saint Master, his heart began to calm down. “Fine then, but you cant hit me! Im not a match for you by any means.” With that, Little Fattys Saint Weapon appeared in his hand in the form of a pitch-black battleaxe.

Seeing this, Jian Chen looked at Little Fatty with some surprise, “Little Fatty, dont tell me you have a dark attributed Saint Force?”

He nodded his head, “Thats right. My father told me that the dark attribute is a rarely seen thing, but my grandfather has the same attribute as well.”

“Elder Xiu is also a dark attribute cultivator?” Jian Chen thought, but he was quickly cut out from his thoughts as Little Fatty spoke, “Jian Chen, be careful, Im going to strike.” Little Fattys battleaxe began to glow a dangerous dark color before he charged straight for Jian Chen.

Because Little Fatty was under the misunderstanding that Jian Chen had wanted to test his own strength, he didnt hold back his strength at all and swung his axe.

There was only a flash of dark light as Little Fattys axe ripped through the sky and smashed against Jian Chens shoulder. The violent amount of Saint Force rippled through his Saint Weapon before ripping apart Jian Chens clothes at the shoulders, revealing the pale white skin underneath.

Seeing how Jian Chen hadnt dodged at all and received the full blunt of the attack, Little Fattys face grew white as he cried, “Jian Chen, why didnt you dodge?” In the next moment, his eyes widened as he look on in disbelief. That was because he had noticed that Jian Chen had received no damage at all despite putting up no defense. At the very most, there was a faint impression on his shoulder.

“Just… how is that possible? Am I going blind or something?” Little Fatty couldnt believe his eyes. He had swung with all of his might, but his strike hadnt even managed to break the skin.

“Hahahaha…” Seeing just how he had taken no damage at all, Jian Chen began to laugh with a great smile. His heart had soared with joy at this. A Chaotic Body was extremely strong. His body had become extremely strong after tempering it with just a single wisp of Chaotic Force. If he continued to temper his body like this, an Earth Saint Master or even a Heaven Saint Master would not be able to harm him.

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