Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 391: Provocation

rious, just how did you two meet?”

Giving a quick wink to Jian Chen, he laughed and explained, “Theres no harm in telling you. Brother Jian Chen and I actually met at the Gathering of the Mercenaries. The two of us became close friends straight away. Furthermore, this brother of mine is actually the King of Mercenaries!”

“Ah, so he is the Jian Chen who won first place at the Gathering of the Mercenaries…” The three princesses looked on in shock. Their opinion of Jian Chen had changed drastically, their eyes shining strangely bright.

Seeing how the princesss eyes were starting to sparkle, Jian Chen couldnt help but give a small smile before glaring at Qin Ji. Pretending to not have seen it, Qin Jis lips curled into a small smile as he continued to eat the meal on the table with a relished gusto.

“Wah, so youre really strong, Jian Chen! If you were able to become the first place ranker at the Gathering of the Mercenaries, then that means youre stronger than our elder brother! Come, I, Situ Yan, toast you!” The princess of Funan immediately raised a glass as she spoke to Jian Chen with a chivalrous tone.

Following Situ Yans example, Qin Shuang and Qin Yubing both raised their glasses as well as they toasted Jian Chen.

Unwilling to shirk away from this, Jian Chen stood up and held up his own glass in response to the three princess kind words. Touching cups with the there, he was just about to bring it up to his own math before a loud cry came out from outside.

“Lord Xiao Han, you cant go in! Without the permission of the third prince, no one can enter the Flowing Clouds Palace…”

“Lord Xiao Han, please dont make things difficult for us. Without the third princes permission, you cannot enter this place…”

“Step aside! Who do you think I am? Visiting the third prince should warrant no notice!”

All of a sudden, a twenty-five year old youth came bursting into the palace in a grandiose manner. He wore a magnificent cyan robe and his eyebrows were creased into a fierce state, giving everyone the idea that he was the type to treat all those under the heavens as someone to be scorned.

As he entered, two more armored soldiers came running in as an attempt to block him. But because of the high status of the youth, the two soldiers didnt dare use violence in order to stop him.

“Third prince, please forgive us!” The two soldiers cried out helplessly in forgiveness.

Looking expressionlessly at the youth that had just ran in, he waved his hand at the two guards, “You two may leave!”

“Yes, third prince!” The two cried out graciously before retreating away.

Qin Ji looked at the youth hard and spoke, “What business do you have for you to just barge into my Flowing Clouds Palace?”

Laughing, Xiao Han cupped his hands in greeting, “Third prince, tomorrow is His Majestys 50th birthday. I came here today to discuss of tomorrows gift to him, if I have disturbed you, then please forgive me for my transgressions.” Looking to the side at Qin Shuang, Qin Yubing, and the princess of Funan, his expression grew flabbergasted as he cried, “Ah, the two princesses and the princess of Funan are here too? How coincidental! Dear princesses, what might you three be doing here?” Xiao Han looked at the four cups being raised in the air, but a sight like this didnt require an idiot to figure out the situation.

Xiao Hans eyes held an undisguised amount of envy, but he managed to let out a smile, “Dear princesses, could it be that you three are giving a toast to the third princes friend?”

Qin Shuang, Qin Yubing, and the princess of Funan looked at him with a look of utter loathing as if they were all equally disgusted by him.

Qin Yubing didnt even spare him another glance and turned back to Jian Chen with the cup raised, “Let us toast!” Her voice was exceedingly gentle and would cause any male to feel happy to hear it.

After her suggestion, Qin Shuang and the princess of Funan raised their glasses up with a smile.

At this sight, Xiao Hans fury burst with envy as he promptly shouted, “This cannot do! Three princesses worth their weight of gold and all of illustrious backgrounds drinking wine with a stranger? Have you lost your identity?”

Straight away, Qin Ji exploded with anger as well. His previously expressionless eyes grew icy cold as he thundered, “Xiao Han, what is the meaning of your words? Could it be that a friend of I, Qin Ji, is not worthy of drinking with these three princesses?”

Giving an apologetic smile, he spoke with a moderate tone, “Third prince, please quell your anger. What I said is nothing but the truth. These three princesses have such an illustrious background, and while the friend of the third prince is no ordinary status, he is neither anyone with any special relations. Thus, it is inappropriate for them to drink with him.”

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