Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 396: Imperial Protector

Chapter 395: Midair Showdown

When the elder saw Jian Chen form a sword seemingly out of mid air, his face instantly blanched in shock. But without pause, he condensed his own fire red great sword and went at Jian Chen to try and slash him.

When the elder swung out, so did Jian Chen. Waving his right hand, the sword instantly shot toward the elder.


When both fire red swords collided against each other, the two swords suddenly exploded with energy, causing an explosive bang to be heard as the entire sky washed over with flames. All around the two combatants, balls of fire could be seen flying everywhere at high speeds and high temperature.


“Get back!”

“Protect His Majesty!”

The surrounding spectators instantly spread out as they flew backward while at the same time, Saint Force of every color appeared to form a protective armor for themselves and anyone of major importance.

Seeing the sudden spread of the fire, even the king of the Qinhuang Kingdom was surprised. But a white figure suddenly shot towards him as a cyan colored man brought both the king and himself into the air by using his wind attributed Saint Force. With a grab of the kings shoulder, the two of them flew away from the fire.

Movement could be seen coming from everywhere as an Earth Saint Master began to spread out his Saint Force all over the palace. Several armored soldiers immediately flew forward in a hurried manner to form a protective line.

At the same time, four elders and two middle-aged men strode forward from the crowd and circled around the ring of fire. Raising their hands, each one used a fierce blast of wind to curb and control the fire.

The sea of flames had already concealed both Jian Chen and the elder he was fighting, but even within the flames, their movements were not hindered in the slightest. Just as the flames sent flying back at them from the six men earlier, it was suddenly stopped by an invisible force just one meter away.

“Allow this old man to fight you from above!” The elder spoke as he flew five hundred meters up into the air, transforming into a speck the size of an ant. The faint element of fire could be seen enveloping his entire body.

Not willing to admit defeat, Jian Chen began to use the wind element in the world and gathered it around his body using his mind. Flying straight into the air, he quickly got within a hundred meters of the floating elder.

“What! Y-yo-you can control the wind element as well?” The elder spoke thunderstruck as he looked at the wind swivel around Jian Chens body.

The cyan colored light surrounding Jian Chens body had not gone unnoticed by the audience below. Each one of them cried out in shock, but not as loud as the several hidden Heaven Saint Masters within the crowd. It was almost as if they had seen a monster as their faces contorted in shock.

“How is this possible? He was clearly a fire attributed Saint Force cultivator, just how is he using the wind attribute?”

“Could he be a wind attributed Saint Force user instead of a fire attributed Saint Force user?”

“Impossible, there has never been anyone being able to use two different elements! He must be using some sort of strange method.”


“Jian Chen, could it be that you are able to control both the fire and wind element?” The elder questioned in astonishment.

Smiling, Jian Chen replied honestly, “Correct, I am truly able to control both the fire and wind element.”

“No, thats not possible! Just how could you control two elements? There has never been a single person who could do the same before on the continent!” The man cried out.

“There has never been anything that cannot be done. There are still many profound mysteries to the world, all that we know are merely the ones we have stepped into and understood.”

Although seeing Jian Chen take control of two elements in the world was extremely surprising, the elder calmed himself down quickly. “You speak correctly, there are still many things unknown to us in the world. It seems this old man has forgotten himself.” Pausing his breath, the fire sword appeared in his hand once more “Today, I shall find out for myself just how strong a wielder of two elements is.”

Smiling, Jian Chen raised both of his hands. Immediately, all of the pebbles within the nearby pond began to fly up as if a strange force was pulling it. Breaking through the water, the pebbles all floated around Jian Chens body ominously.

“What is the meaning of this, how did the stones suddenly fly up into the air…?”

“What power is this, how is he doing it?”

At this even stranger sight, everyone could only gasp in surprise.

Behind two Heaven Saint Master guards, the Qinhuang Kingdom king tilted his head to the sky, “This Jian Chen is truly beyond what I imagined. At such a young age, he has reached the Heaven Saint Master realm. A genius like this comes only once every thousand years.”

One of the Heaven Saint Masters looked surprised at that, “Why stop at a thousand years? A talent like his comes every ten thousand years! If his skill grows without any complication, he will be a Saint Ruler at the very least. Becoming a Saint King would be of no problem to him.”

Hearing this, the king paused in surprise. Even the princes standing behind the king were frightened at this. Struggling to maintain their composure, they looked at Qin Ji with a mixture of admiration and jealousy.

As for Qin Ji, he had personally seen Jian Chens amazing prowess with his own eyes before. His mind had already thought of Jian Chen to be stronger than what his own words could say.

By now, the Heaven Saint Master had thrown away all notions of belittling Jian Chen. Mustering all of his strength, the flames on his sword had begun to evaporate even the air around it.

Jian Chen floated in midair as steady as a mountain as the wind blew past his figure ferociously. Both of his hands had already formed a fist right in front of his chest as the pebbles floating around him began to meld into the form of a sword that radiated with azure and violet Sword Qi.

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