Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 39: Plans

er cores for weapons, since the students would be definitely interested.”

“Yea, thats a good idea,” Tie Ta nodded in agreement.

Jian Chen continued, “Liang Xiaole, lets split up tomorrow. If youre with other students, then you should be able to safely pass through your last day. After all, anyone who has been able to endure 2 days here must have some real skills.”

Liang Xiaole nodded wordlessly. Her expression was a bit disappointed; after all, she also knew of the 3rd regions dangers. She was unsure if Jian Chen and Tie Ta would be able to go against those magical beasts. If she continued along with them, even if Jian Chen and Tie Ta agreed to let her accompany them, she would only be a baggage that would hold them down.

The night passed without incident. Soon, the sky began to brighten. Jian Chen and Tie Ta finished their night of cultivation, and began to prepare breakfast.

After the three of them had finished eating, the sun had already gradually began to rise into the sky. They continued on their way; however, this time, they had begun walking back in the direction they had come from.

After two days of battles, the two boys had already become extremely skilled at sensing and avoiding danger, so it didnt take long for them to arrive at their destination.

Under a large tree, nine students in tattered clothing were tiredly sitting underneath, catching their breaths. They were a group of commoners mixed with some nobles. At the moment, their clothes were ripped all over the place, with some dried out bloodstains covering them as well. They also sported injuries on their bodies, and not far from them was a carcass of a magical beast lying on the ground.

“Everyone, hold on for just a bit longer. This is already the last day. After this day ends, we can leave,” a commoner student breathlessly said.

“Its unfortunate that we dont have enough Magic Stones yet, we still need five more. It looks like we still have to slaughter five more magical beasts to pass.” said a young noble. Originally, the nobles hadnt been willing to stay together with the commoners, but after encountering the savage magical beast, they were immediately scared out of their wits. Faced with life or death, who would care about peoples statuses? Protecting oneself was the greater priority. Thus, the few nobles had gradually decided to join the commoner students. After all, everyone knew there was strength in numbers. In addition, perhaps because the commoners had been raised in harsher environments, they did not show any signs of retreating when faced with savage magical beasts. This changed the arrogant nobles views of the commoners. Eventually, they had all slowly become friends.

Moreover, after constantly fighting against magical beasts, the nine of them had become more comfortable working together. Eventually, they had formed an unexpected bond that held all of them together with close relationships.

At that moment, there was a movement in the grass off in the distance.

“Everyone, be careful. A magical beast is attacking.” A student immediately reacted and loudly warned the others. Instantly, the nine of them stood up and stared with wary expressions towards the direction the sound had come from.

The grass swayed vigorously. Eventually, they saw a figure wearing beast leather swinging a large hatchet around, cutting down the weeds in his way. Right after the group noticed him, they saw that there were two other figures following behind him as well. Although their clothes were tattered, it was obvious that they were all wearing the Kargath Academy uniforms.

Perhaps because they had been traveling through the lush forest for so long, but their faces were dark, and they had random twigs in their hair. Only their general facial structures could be seen; their appearances were already indistinguishable.

Realizing that the figures were people and not magical beasts, the nine students immediately sighed in relief, and smiles slowly spread across their faces. At this point, if they could get those new people to join them, then the overall strength of their group would definitely rise. Hunting magical beasts would be much easier. In addition, all of them were smart enough to realize that these people who had stayed here for 3 days must be quite powerful.

Of course, these three people were Jian Chen, Tie Ta, and Liang Xiaole. After backtracking for half a day, they had finally discovered a group of people.

Since it was already the last of the three days, there werent many people remaining in the forest. Most of them had already ran away, and so there were very few students that were still here.

When Liang Xiaoles gaze rested on a gorgeous girl standing amongst the group of nine, she showed a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Ah! Li Sha!” Liang Xiaole shouted out with an extremely excited voice, as she immediately flew towards the gorgeous girl.

Hearing a slightly familiar voice, the girl blinked her large, shining eyes, and gazed at Liang Xiaole, who was running towards her, in slight confusion. Currently, Liang Xiaoles face was covered with quite a bit of dirt, making her look like a calico cat. Even if this girl called Li Sha did know Liang Xiaole well, it was difficult for her to recognize Liang Xiaole with her current appearance.

Liang Xiaole rushed to the girl, and excitedly hugged her tightly. In a tone filled with joy, she said, “Li Sha, I hadnt imagined that I wouldve been able to see you again here. I thought you had already left the forest.”

Hearing the overly familiar voice, the girl named Li Sha finally recognized who Liang Xiaole was. Pleasantly surprised, she said, “You…youre Xiao Le.”

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