Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 402: Chang Wuji

Chapter 401: Advent of the Furious

After confirming things, Jian Chens face grew extremely dark. The killing intent that was originally within the inn had instantly exploded outward to cover the streets, causing even those on the outside to suddenly find it hard to breathe. It was almost as if the entire temperature nearby had gone down by several degrees and dunked them all within a pool of icy water. This effect on them had been so extreme that it caused even their spirits to shake.

The five Imperial Advisors all gave each other a baffled look, they had never seen such a strong amount of killing intent come out from Jian Chen before and had no idea what to do.

“Big brother…” Jian Chens eyes grew redder as if blood was starting to gather within it. With a growl, he tossed the man aside and instantly flew out of the inn with the wind element in the world accelerating his speed away from the place. As he flew into the sky, a cyan colored glow appeared around his body and shot him straight forward before disappearing from sight completely.

“Imperial Protector!” The five Imperial Advisors cried out. Each one bolted from their stools with serious face. Seeing Jian Chens reaction to what the previous person said, each one of them could guess that there was a connection between Jian Chen and the man who had all of his limbs cut off.

“You five go help the Gesun Kingdom fight off the four allied kingdoms! Protect everyone from the Changyang clan!” Straight away, the five men could hear Jian Chens icy voice call out to them.

Jian Chens announcement caused them to feel speechless. With a helpless look to each other, Xiao Tian spoke out, “Lets go to the Gesun Kingdom then.”

“Mrrr… mmrrrrrr…” Jian Chens sudden departure had caused the tiger cub to be hurt. Unable to continue eating the barbequed beef on the table, the tiger cub instantly leaped down from the table and sped towards the doors. Both of its eyes began to well up with tears as it cried out desolately. The scene was like a mother abandoning its child, causing everyone watching to have an unbearable feeling of pity.

Seeing how pitiful the tiger cub was, the five Imperial Advisors looked on with a disturbed expression. Walking up to it, Xiao Tian wrapped the tiger cub around his chest before looking back to the others, “Let us go.”

After walking out the inn, the five Imperial Advisors flew off into the sky, leaving the rest of the inn speechless.

Jian Chen was wrapped up in a layer of wind, causing his body to fly off at a speeding light that was easily seen even in the daytime. Right now, his travel speed had reached an all time high as he flew toward the Pingyang Kingdoms stronghold.

Within Jian Chens mind, he couldnt help but think back to his eldest brother Changyang Hu. A brother like that was an absolutely unforgettable person. While Jian Chen had been no help to Changyang Hu at all back in Kargath Academy, his eldest brother had helped him out whenever possible. This was a tried testament to just how much Changyang Hu cared about him. Aside from his father and mother and his second sister, Changyang Mingyue, Changyang Hu was the fourth person to matter to him. Although Jian Chen had left his home to travel for many years, in the end, he was still Jian Chen. His personality had undergone no change, and the people he cared about were still those closest to him.

“Big brother, absolutely nothing can happen to you! I, Jian Chen, pledge that I will raze the Pingyang Kingdom to the ground if even a single hair is harmed! Ill let the four kingdoms be the offerings!” Jian Chens eyes radiated with blood lust and a large amount of killing intent as he flew forward.

There were six kingdoms surrounding the Gesun Kingdom; the Qiangan Kingdom, the Pingyang Kingdom and the Gesun Kingdom were connected to each other like a triangle. He crossed over the Qiangan Kingdoms stronghold and flew another 3000 kilometers toward the Pingyang Kingdoms stronghold.

In a distance, the stronghold of the Pingyang Kingdom could already be seen by Jian Chen. On the eighty meter tall stronghold walls were a myriad of stone faced soldiers. There were about two million soldiers stationed within the stronghold, and from the skies, the tents stretched across the grounds like a continuous blanket. There were plenty of soldiers that were also patrolling around the stronghold wearing their armor.

Another million soldiers had already gathered outside the northern Gesun Kingdom stronghold. While that was a huge number ready for a full on assault, there was still the two million soldiers left as a reserve just in case there was a need.

Floating in the air several kilometers away from the Pingyang Kingdom. In his eyes, there was grief as his body began to shake and tremble violently.

Just fifteen kilometers away, a limbless and bloody body could be seen tied to the stronghold walls. His clothes were dyed red with blood, and even his hair had became a greasy red along with the rope restricting his body.

Despite being over a dozen kilometers away, Jian Chens omnipresence ability was enough to allow him see this. Despite all the years that had passed, Changyang Hu still looked the same as when Jian Chen had left. The only difference now was that his face was as pale as paper and his eyes were closed; whether he was alive or not, Jian Chen didnt know.

Seeing how desolate Changyang Hu was, Jian Chens eyes began to dilate in fury and bloodlust. His levitating figure began to tremble even more violently, feeling as if he was going to drop down from the skies at any moment.

In the past, Jian Chen had wished to himself many times over that he could see his family members once more. At that time, it would have given hope and joy.

In the past, he had also thought about returning to Kargath Academy and let his elder brother see his strength. He had never imagined that his triumphant return to his homeland and family would be met with a heart wrenching tragedy that he couldnt bare to accept.

“Eldest brother!” Jian Chen howled in grief before his eyes flashed red and a large amount of killing intent began to billow outward in a single wave of emotions like a cloud. The air around Jian Chen turned cyan in color before he instantly flew toward the stronghold walls.

The two million guards standing watch over at the stronghold had jolted with surprise. All of the soldiers within the tents immediately charged out and stared at the incoming figure of Jian Chen.

“Bang bang bang bang bang…” Several drums could be heard from within the stronghold, signifying that an enemy was invading and that the entire stronghold should prepare itself.

On top of the city walls, an armored middle-aged man walked out from a nearby building. Seeing the flying figure of Jian Chen, his face blanched for a moment before barking out an order, “Release the arrows!”

At the command, several whizzing sounds could be heard in the air as several large crossbolts were shot from the stronghold.

Jian Chens eyes flashed with a violet light as he began to control the world itself. The crossbolts flying at him several kilometers away began to slow down in speed noticeably. Not too long later, the crossbolts froze up in midair—much to the shock of the soldiers watching. Every single one of the crossbolts began to revolve in suspension before an azure and violet flash of light enveloped them. In the next second, they were sent flying back at the stronghold with a speed even faster than when they were first shot.

The soldiers looking on from the walls cried out in shock. Before the commander could bark out another order, the crossbolts pierced into the stronghold walls.

“Bang bang bang bang…”

Following the series of explosions, the walls of the stronghold could be seen with several holes and plumes of smoke coming out of it. Several of the more unfortunate soldiers had been struck through the chest with the arrow, and the structural foundation of several buildings had been compromised.

By this point, Jian Chen had already arrived at Changyang Hus side. With great sorrow and tears, Jian Chen cut apart at the rope holding his brother. It was with great pain that he held Changyang Hu to his chest.

“Eldest brother!” Seeing how Changyang Hu was unconscious, Jian Chen called out in grief once more. With his eldest brother a cripple in physique, there was no way Jian Chen would have been able to accept this.

Hurriedly taking out one of the Radiant Spirit Pills he had taken from the cave during his time in the Gathering of the Mercenaries, he forcefully fed the pill to Changyang Hu to preserve his life. His eldest brother was still alive, but because of the blood loss, he was barely hanging on by a thread.

Taking out a gem from his Space Ring, the commander of the army immediately crushed it before jumping down the walls. With his strength as an Earth Saint Master, he stood no chance at all against a Heaven Saint Master, so the only chance in preserving his life was to flee.

“Fire, fire! Shoot him down!” Several soldiers began to cry out before shooting the crossbows at Jian Chen. One by one, the iron crossbolts began to fire at Jian Chen like moths to the flame and covering the entire sky with iron.

But Jian Chens ire had already climbed up to the peak. In this moment, his eyes had flashed a dangerous azure and violet color before his mind force encompassed the entire area around him.

The crossbolts were unable to advance any closer to his body and froze up in midair. Slowly turning around, they ricocheted back towards the soldiers with the azure and violet light reinforcing its speed.

Cries of misery could be heard as soldiers fell to the ground by the mass. With the azure and violet Sword Qi reinforcing the crossbolts, there was no way for any of the soldiers to defend themselves.

Jian Chen continued to control the crossbolts with his mind, slaughtering every single one of the soldiers in his sight. In a short moment, several hundred thousand soldiers garrisoned in the stronghold had been massacred.

Afterward, the azure and violet Sword Qi that were around the crossbolts began to converge in front of Jian Chen before forming a ten meter long sword. Grabbing hold of it, Jian Chen instantly swung it at the stronghold.

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