Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 40: Exchanging Weapons/p>

irm Tie Tas extraordinary strength. Otherwise, why else would he just casually hand over two Class 1 Magic Stones? This place wasnt like outside; before entering the forest, the school administration had already confiscated any devices the students had. They had even patted the students bodies down to thoroughly check. There was absolutely no way the Magic Stone couldve been brought in from the outside. The only way that Magic Stones could be gained inside the forest was to hunt magical beasts.

However, there was just one thing the people couldnt understand. If Tie Ta and Jian Chen had the strengths to hunt magical beasts, why didnt they want to stay in the forest for all 3 days? After all, the academys rules clearly dictated that they could only pass if they stayed for 3 days and paid up two Class 1 Magic Stones. If only one was fulfilled, they wouldnt pass.

“Could it be that they dont care about the rewards? Or perhaps they had lied about leaving, and actually just didnt want to kill magical beasts together with the few of us?” Everyone could not help but think of these possibilities. When considering these thoughts, a few of the people immediately began to gaze at Jian Chen and Tie Ta with expressions of discontent.

Jian Chen did not pay any mind to their expressions. He looked at the Liang Xiaole and the girl she was hugging, and said, “Liang Xiaole, since youve found your friend now, why dont you just stick with this group? They have more people too.”

Liang Xiaole slowly separated from the girl, and looked back at Jian Chen and Tie Ta. She nodded, “Then you two have to be careful.”

Afterwards, Tie Ta and Jian Chen didnt bother wasting any time, and immediately left the area.

After the two of them had left, the girl called Li Sha asked in a resentful tone, “Xiao Le, who are they? Theyre so arrogant that they dont even think they should be with us.”

“Li Sha, youre mistaken. Its not that they dont want to be together with you guys; they really do want to leave here.” Liang Xiaole explained.

“That cant be!” Li Sha exclaimed in disbelief. “Li Sha, the fact that they could casually give away a Class 1 Magic Stone means that the two of them have the strength to kill magical beasts. Plus, when they were trading the two magical stones away for the weapon, it was obvious that they were planning on continuing to fight. How could they possible be leaving this place?”

“Thats right, Xiao Le, youve been tricked by them.” A youth standing on the side added.

Liang Xiaole smiled, “Theyre definitely leaving this place, but they didnt explain it clearly to you guys. They want to leave the second region, and move on to the third region to hunt the Class 2 Magical Beasts.”

“What! Liang Xiaole, what kind of joke are you trying to pull? Its impossible for the two of them to go to the third region to hunt Class 2 Magical Beasts!”

“Could it be that their strengths have already reached Saint level? But that cant be right either. If they had reached the Saint level, then there would be no need to change weapons.”

“Those two are really reckless, to want to go to the third region.”

“Theyre definitely seeking death.”


Immediately following Liang Xiaoles words, the group of people immediately broke into chaos as they began to discuss in a frenzy amongst each other. None of them thought that Jian Chen and Tie Ta would be able to survive the third region.

Li Sha pulled at Liang Xiaoles hands, and in a clearly disbelieving tone, she asked, “Xiao Le, they arent really crazy enough to run over to the third region, right?”

Liang Xiaole nodded, “Thats right, they really did go to the third region. Li Sha, you cannot underestimate the two of them, theyre really formidable.” Liang Xiaole said with conviction.

“Could it be that the two of them really are Saints?” Li Sha asked in shock. The school administration had clearly declared that all students that were Saints had to enter the third region. There was no way they couldve appeared in the second region.

Liang Xiaole shook her head, “No, their powers havent reached Saint level yet, because they still havent condensed their Saint Weapons.”

Hearing this, Li Shas shock grew even more pronounced. Without reaching Saint level, surviving in the second region was already difficult enough, let alone being in the third region. After all, the magical beasts in the third region were Class 2 Magical Beasts, which werent any small amount stronger than Class 1 Magical Beasts. The two classes could not even be compared.

Li Sha and Liang Xiaole were close friends. Therefore, Liang Xiaole didnt feel the need to hide anything from Li Sha. In a soft voice, she said, “Li Sha, Ill just tell you this. Yesterday, I personally witnessed the two of them kill 70+ magical beasts by themselves.”

Li Sha was beyond shocked by this, as she exclaimed, “What! Xiao Le, are you joking? The two of them killed 70+ magical beasts by themselves in one day?” Li Sha was so astonished that she couldnt contain her voice. She had gradually become louder and louder, until the other 8 people were able to hear her quite clearly. In that instant, all of their expressions changed at the thought of Jian Chen and Tie Ta achieving what Liang Xiaole had said, and their expressions were beyond disbelief.

“Li Sha, what did you say? Which two people were able to kill 70+ Class 1 Magical Beasts in a day?” A youth asked. He could not accept the possibility that “the two people” were actually Jian Chen and Tie Ta, whom they had just met.

Li Sha tried to calm her breathing, and grasped at her chest before pointing to Liang Xiaole. In a trembling voice, she said, “Xiao Le said that she personally witnessed the two people just now kill 70+ magical beasts in one day.” Li Shas tone reflected the fact that she thought such a possibility was inconceivable.

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