Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 425: Saving a Life

Chapter 424: Kendall?

“Absolutely not!” The king had a serious look on his face. “The owner of this cave belonged to an Imperial Protector of our Qiangan Kingdom a thousand years ago. At the end of his lifespan, he died while meditating in the cave. But before he died, he had laid down an array to protect the caves entrance, meaning that no one has ever been able to enter the cave for a thousand years.”

Jian Chen was silent for a moment as his eyes shined brightly, but a look of hesitation still remained on his face. He was deeply intrigued by the words of the king, and if his words were true and there was a cave of a Saint Ruler, there would definitely be a Ruler Armament and skeleton within the cave.

These two distinct things were filled with the energy of a Saint Ruler who died in a seated meditation. Every Saint Ruler at the Ninth Heavenly Layer would leave behind a tremendous amount of energy within their skeleton and would also leave behind their Saint Weapon. Both of these were priceless treasures within the Tian Yuan Continent and even the strongest clans wouldnt have such an item.

However, there was a huge barrier in the words of the Qiangan Kingdoms king in regards to the cave. With no one being able to enter for a thousand years, Jian Chen couldnt guarantee that it would remain in its pristine state after so long. If there was another expert that had managed to enter and take away the precious goods within it, it would be his loss.

Seeing Jian Chens hesitation, the king instantly knew what he was thinking about and grew anxious. Whether he could protect the Qiangan Kingdom or not depended on if Jian Chen was interested enough in this Saint Rulers cave.

“Senior, the cave of a Saint Ruler would most definitely contain many precious items that even I am not aware of. I use this secret in exchange for the safety of my kingdom. You are at no disadvantage for this, and this is a secret that only the king of the Qiangan Kingdom and the royal ancestor knows. If you kill the both of us, then you will never know the location of the Saint Rulers cave.” The king spoke anxiously, trying to convince him quickly.

Jian Chen continued to debate with himself for an even longer amount of time before at last succumbing to his curiosity. Agreeing with the Qiangan Kingdoms king, he spoke, “If what you tell me about the cave is true, I will agree to spare your Qiangan Kingdom.”

“Senior, you must promise me that you will not make trouble for my Qiangan Kingdom in the future. As long as my Qiangan Kingdom is safe, I will tell you the location of this cave.” The king was no idiot and spoke again to make sure of the safety of his kingdom. He was worried that after Jian Chen entered the cave, he would later find some other excuse to attack the Qiangan Kingdom.

Jian Chen naturally understood the kings concerns and nodded without hesitation, “I will agree to your conditions.”

Hearing this, the king let out a sigh in relief. Although the cave of the Saint Ruler was top secret, it did not supercede the importance of his kingdom. There was no need to safeguard a secret if it meant his kingdom were to be destroyed. Furthermore, this cave had a strong array formation that prevented anyone from entering. Qian Yun had tried to enter many times before but to no avail. Thus this secret was one they could not use or had no need of. If they couldnt use it or collect the treasures within it, it was a useless thing to protect and negligible in comparison to their kingdom.

Afterward, Jian Chen followed the king into his study and was given a map. “Senior, the location of the cave is located here. There will be an array formation protecting the cave from entry. I entrust this map to you and hope that you will abide by our agreement.”

Jian Chen took the map and looked it over carefully. He realized that instead of the cave being located at the center of the kingdom, it was in fact several hundred thousand kilometers southwest in a mountain range.

Putting away the map, Jian Chen spoke, “I hope that you are not lying to me. If I find out this map is false, I will not forgive this mistake.”

“Please do not worry, senior. This map is definitely authentic. My royal ancestor has visited this cave many times before but was never able to enter.” The king swore.

Jian Chen wasted no words with him and left the area. He benefitted greatly from the Qiangan Kingdom. He had no idea that he would be able to obtain such a secret that was the cave of a Saint Ruler. This was a secret that would make every clan on the continent fight over to obtain.

After Jian Chen had left, the pale faced Qian Yun walked into the room with a badly bruised look. There was blood all over his clothes, completely voiding him from his previously scholarly look.

The king of the Qiangan Kingdom looked at Qian Yun with concern, “Royal ancestor, are you fine?”

Qian Yun sat down in a nearby chair and spoke dimly, “Ai, this sin of mine has involved the Qiangan Kingdom, regrettably.”

“Royal ancestor, please do not say such words. Our Qiangan Kingdom did not have enough people to protect it, thats all.” The king spoke in consolation.

Qian Yun sighed, “Qian Feng, The cave of Khenaton has been revealed, meaning we no longer need to safeguard its secrets. The array formation will do its job. Even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would find it difficult to enter it, we cannot allow this to just be given to the Gesun Kingdom. When I am healed, I shall go report this to the clans.”

“Royal ancestor, would this not anger that expert?” The king spoke in concern.

Hearing this, Qian Yuns eyes flashed coldly, “This is a secret we cannot tell those clans foolishly, but I will exchange it for that mans life.”


After Jian Chen left the imperial palace, he began to travel back to the Gesun Kingdom. Although he had originally come here with the intent of destroying the palace, instead he had profited from this venture for the future.

An hour later, a small city could be seen, this was the Second Class City Jian Chen stayed in last time.

Seeing the Second Class City, Jian Chen couldnt help but think back to the inn he had stayed in and the shop owner. At that time when he first saw the mother and son, he had felt that the two looked quite similar to someone he had seen before.

As Jian Chen floated overhead, he began to descend down into the city right in front of a crowded street.

The originally noisy street instantly became quiet. A Heaven Saint Master appearing on the streets caused a giant tremor of shock throughout, causing everyone to stare at Jian Chen. There was surprise and respect reflected in their eyes. Out of the 700 million population of the Qiangan Kingdom, there was only eight Heaven Saint Masters. Thus, the chances of a Heaven Saint Master coming to this Second Class City was extremely rare; it would be lucky if one came every hundred years. So when Jian Chen descended down from the skies, everyone couldnt help but be surprised.

Jian Chen looked around for a moment before wrapping himself up with the wind element and disappearing from the streets in a fast blur of speed.

It had only been a little over two hours since Jian Chen had left the city so it didnt take long for Jian Chen to arrive back at the inn he had stayed at.

Walking into the inn, Jian Chen was stunned at what he saw. The inn was in disarray with all of the tables and stools broken into splintered pieces with bloodstains everywhere. Sitting at one of the counters, the shop owner of the inn was holding her head between her hands while crying out in grief. On her clothes, several footprints could be seen.

Quickly walking forward, Jian Chen squatted down to where the shop owner was. “Shopkeeper, what has happened? Who did all of this?”

Tilting her head up, the shop owners puffy red eyes were brimming with tears. Upon recognizing Jian Chen, her face registered him with shock and fury before quickly restraining her emotions. Immediately kowtowing her head to him, she pleaded, “My lord, I beg of you, you must help my son. Please help rescue my son!”

Jian Chen helped the shop owner up and spoke, “Shopkeeper, what happened here?”

“My lord, this was the work of the Yangji Sect. After being bullied last night, the Yangji Sect came back earlier today for revenge. As they were smashing up the place, my son tried to stop them but was taken back with them as a result.” The shop owner cried out in grief.

Hearing this, Jian Chens face grew grim as he realized the folly of his actions. Because of him, the inn had been involved.

“My son, my poor child! You cannot let anything happen to you! You are of my flesh and bone, if you die before your mother, then your mother doesnt wish to live any longer! Kendall, wretched Kendall, where did you go?! After leaving for so many years, our child has been taken by the Yangji Sect! You conscience lacking Kendall, if you dont return, then dont even bother thinking about your wife and child!” The shop owner wailed with helplessness.

Upon hearing the name of Kendall, Jian Chen immediately froze up as he looked at the shop owner in alarm. “What did you say? Kendall, did you just say Kendall?”

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