Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 432: The Traveler Returning Home (One)

Chapter 431: Returning to the East

“What was that mysterious item if it could let someone escape more than fifteen kilometers away?” Jian Chen questioned with confusion. He was truly curious on what method the elder patriarch had used to escape from the area. Just what was that jade piece he had crushed?

Jian Chen began to think about the elder patriarchs words, “Guardian clan? It seems that the Yangji Sect is truly as he said. Theres something thats not as it seems, but no matter what faction that has me as their enemy, it is nothing significant. The Saint Rulers of the world are seclusive by habit and would not come out of hiding to come to such a small area for a personal vendetta. The chances of them coming here are far too low to consider.”

After thinking considering what happened, Jian Chen began to calm down. Looking at the desolate area beneath him, Jian Chen immediately thought about the shattered Saint Weapon of Sans and immediately flared with killing intent. “Yangji Sect, as of today, you are no more. The debt that your sect owed has been paid back a thousand times over.” Jian Chen boomed before closing his eyes as dozens of trees exploded. They filled the air with the azure and violet splinters before raining down everywhere, all around the disciples of the Yangji Sect. There were so many splinters that the entire sky was almost covered. They shot down with the intensity of a barrage of arrows.

There was no way for the remaining disciples to defend themselves against such a strong attack. In an instant, they all died from the barrage before they had time to even think about just what debt they were involved in. Some of the men barely had time to even cry out in pain before their deaths.

The entire area was a slaughter ground, and with Jian Chens omnipresence ability to detect anything within fifteen kilometers, no one was outside of his perception. Even an ant could be detected by him, so the disciples had no chance of escaping with their lives intact. The wooden splinters locked onto each disciple and provided them no chance of survival.

Even the current patriarch and several other Earth Saint Masters were able to barely survive. In an instant, they tried to surround their bodies with Saint Force, but the splinters shattered it and perforated their bodies with holes, much to their shock.

Within several moments, the entire Yangji Sects mountain was littered with the corpses of a thousand disciples. Each corpse possessed a multitude of holes that bled blood which dripped onto the ground below, causing a giant bloody river to form. The scent of blood quickly wafted into the air.

The glow in Jian Chens eyes began to slowly recede back to his normal eye color. As he regarded the sight in front of him, Jian Chen waved his hand and watched as the Space Rings of several of the higher ranking members floated up to him. With a quick count, Jian Chen grabbed all nineteen Space Rings with his hands.

Afterward, Jian Chen scoured the entire area for any cultivation manuals and monster cores. To Jian Chen, cultivation methods were a source of money and even the monster cores could be considered to be useful. Although it was not like the Pingyang Kingdom in terms of wealth, it was not that far off either. Each monster core from every level totaled up to 40,000. Included in this sum, were two Class 6 Monster Cores, three hundred Class 5 Monster Cores, and the rest were Class 4 and under.

Shortly after collecting every single monster core, Jian Chen let out a sigh. A few years ago, he had desperately fought magical beasts for their monster cores. Now after exterminating an entire sect, he had a bounty far more than he could count. This would surely help Jian Chen increase his strength.

Jian Chen began to calm down and flew toward the cracked stone fortress. Before the elder patriarch could use his Heaven Tier Battle Skill, Jian Chen had manipulated the earth elements into protecting the mother and son duo so that they would be unaffected by the battle. At such a distance, the Heaven Tier Battle Skill would have been enough to utterly destroy their bodies; this was something that he could not allow.

At a thought, the stone fortress cracked open without a sound, revealing the hidden mother and son. Both were extremely pale and were struggling to remain standing.

“Aunty, Sans, I have avenged you.” Jian Chen spoke to them both with a guilty expression. Because of him, Sans had been brought into this mess.

The mother and Sans looked at the sight in front of them with wide open eyes. The entire area was flatter and more desolate than they had seen before. There was a large fissure in the middle of the earth without any buildings in sight. Scars of battle could be seen inflicted everywhere, and just a decent distance away, a giant pile of corpses could be seen bleeding profusely.

At such a sight, both commoners couldnt speak a single word. This was a shocking sight that neither of the two could ever predict. Jian Chen was somehow strong enough to cause the entire Yangji Sect to fall into ruins. For such a calamitous event to happen here, was this even the work of a man?

Still in utter shock at Jian Chens domineering strength, it was only now that they had both realized that his strength was far beyond anything they could possibly imagine.

“Aunty, Sans, let us return to the Gesun Kingdom. I will let you live in peace without any worry being able to come your way. I will not allow anyone within the Gesun Kingdom to bully you either.” Jian Chen spoke kindly.

Snapping out of her shock, the mother shook her head with a grateful look, “My lord, I appreciate your kindness. Youve helped us far beyond than what we deserve, but we cannot keep imposing trouble on you. Weve already inconvenienced you enough. Ive already decided to leave with Sans to a faraway village to live our lives.”

“How could I let that happen? Aunty, please come with me. I, Jian Chen, vow to you. I will definitely have you live a peaceful and fortuitous life.” Jian Chen spoke in a hurry. He couldnt let the family of Kendall live in such poverty again.

It was only after this second attempt that the mother and son accepted to return with him to the Gesun Kingdom, much to Jian Chens relief. Taking them through the air, the three of them left the Holy Yangji Mountain.

After they had left, the hidden disciples that had somehow managed to escape the slaughter wandered aimlessly around the ruins. The sect did not completely fall, several disciples had been fortunate enough to be outside the fifteen kilometer range before the massacre could even happen.

Despite several disciples still being alive, all of the higher ranking members had been completely annihilated, and the elder patriarch had escaped through some unknown means. The Yangji Sect was truly dead in all but name.

The Yangji Sect was also the number one sect within the Qiangan kingdom. Many people constantly stood by the gates to the Holy Yangji Mountain in hopes of becoming a disciple. Because of this constant stream of hopefuls, they had all heard of the ear-popping explosions that had taken place at the peak of the mountain. Already, many people were starting to point up at the no longer cloudy peak.

“Just what fortune did the Yangji Sect come across for them to set off firecrackers one after another?”

“Thats not right. I could clearly see the Holy Yangji Mountain go up in flames just a while ago. Take a look, even the clouds nearby have turned black.”

“Did something happen to the Yangji Sect? I feel as if some sort of challenger has caused trouble for them.”

“Have you gone senile? The Yangji Sect is far too strong, even the Qiangan Kingdom cannot compete with them.”

“The Yangji Sect is indeed the strongest sect in the kingdom; they even have the ears of the king. Within our Qiangan Kingdom, just who would dare challenge them?”

Many of the people who were trying to become disciples of the Yangji Sect had started to guess and conjecture at what had truly happened.

“Take a look, theres someone flying from the mountain! Thats a Heaven Saint Master!” Suddenly, someone with sharp eyes pointed out a figure in shock.

“For a Heaven Saint Master to fly out of the Holy Yangji Sect, does that mean something has happened at the peak?” An intelligent person made the connection between the two events.

“Since theres no one standing guard here, we should head up to take a look.”

Afterward, the crowd of people at the foot of the mountain quickly scaled the mountains. Upon reaching the gates, everyone instantly made a full stop with their eyes wide open at the shocking sight in front of them.

“The Yangji Sect has been destroyed!” After seemingly half the day, someone cried out in utter shock, startling everyone.

Such news like this could not be stifled. Like wildfire, news that the Yangji Sect had been destroyed spread through the Qiangan Kingdom.

That was no concern to Jian Chen as they continued to fly through the air for a couple of hours back to the eastern stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom.

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